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Cheat Pharmicist's Slow Life ~Making a Drug Store in Another World~

Chapter 1 - Transfer to Another World and the Drug Discovery Skill

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Transfer to Another World and the Drug Discovery Skill

Ah – I want to skip out on work.

Skip out on it forever.

While I was thinking like that as I walked to work, before I knew it, I was in a forest.

“? This is, where…?”


Even though the place I was at was a business park so there should be office buildings looming above.

Right now, instead of office buildings, there were trees that I had never seen before looming above in my surroundings.

I can also hear the cries of animals that I had never heard before.

When I looked down it should have been asphalt, but right now its dirt, dirt, dirt, and also dead leaves.

I’m standing on ground that’s just brimming with nature.

… A dream? It can’t be that I didn’t want to go to work so bad that I’ve logged in to a world of my delusions…

That’s surely it.

Smack; I tried hitting my face.

“— Ow!?”

It’s a dream anyway, I thought, so I wound up and slugged myself; I regret it.

So, that means that this place here isn’t a dream or a delusions, but reality?


When I looked where the weird cry came from, there was a pig raising a cry like a cat.

“A pig…? Or are you a cat?”

When I looked at the mystery animal seriously, words floated up in my head.

[Nyaaton: A cat like a pig. It is a popular food ingredient.]

N. Is this a Status–?

Even though I haven’t seen this before.

A strange animal, trees I’ve never seen before, and above all that, I was walking in the city when it suddenly became a natural landscape–.

“Is this maybe another world…?”

This is somehow that; I have come to another world before I knew it.

“- Well then!”

I made a small guts pose and relished in delight.

Uneasy sleep due to worrying about oversleeping, overcrowded trains, and work that I hate; farewell to all of it!

Un, because it can’t be helped, right?

It’s not like I particularly came here on purpose.

It was out of my control.

I also don’t know how to return.

Although I wouldn’t try to even if I did.

“Oops, this isn’t a time to be delighted.”

It’s dangerous like this. This is a forest.

I imagine that it’s easy to encounter monsters and dangerous beasts.


My shoulders hunch up in fright.

Just now, I heard something that sounded like the growl of some beast from somewhere.

It happened right away?

The encounter is way too soon.

That’s right, this kind of situation should be the template where I have some sort of awesome skill.

I looked at myself with full confidence.

[Kirio Reiji: Age 24. Otherworlder]

I don’t have a skill? Just when I was about to give up, there was another line.

[Skill: Appraisal, Drug Discovery]

… That’s it?

No magic, or fighting type skills…?

While becoming depressed inside, I once again increased the caution I had eased up on.

The growl I heard just now repeated itself over and over again.

When I first heard it I didn’t realize it because I was froze up, but when I listen carefully, it’s a cry that somehow sounds anguished.


I timidly peek towards the voice through the underbrush.

Over there was a large white wolf lying down.

There’s a lot of blood on the silvery fur, and its eyes were shut tightly in agony.

Blood was running from a wound.

I don’t know if it get caught in some trap, or if someone attacked it.

“Oi, are you okay?”

The wolf opened its eyes painfully at my voice, then closed them once again.

I probably don’t have any responsibility to purposefully help an unfamiliar beast.

But I don’t want to let it die.

“Isn’t there something, like medicine or –”

Even if I search my bag, there’s nothing I can use.

I spotted a worn bag pinned underneath the wolf.

It’s slung around the wolf’s shoulder, so it’s definitely the wolf’s.

“Excuse me.”

When I pulled the bag out and looked through it, I found a small bottle about the size of a human index finger.

There was an indescribably colored liquid, like green and blue mixed together, in it.

[Potion: A normal potion. Easily heals hemorrhaging and surface wounds.]

“A potion! This is it!”

A potion is a major item that heals HP.

I opened the bottle and brought it to the wolf’s mouth.

Its nose twitched, and its eyes suddenly popped open.


Rather than being surprised when it saw me, it was more surprised when it saw the potion in my hand.

“Here. It’s your potion. O-pen. O-“

Is it unable to understand that I want it to open its mouth? It completely looked the other way.

It stretched out its tail in order to knock down the potion.

I avoided it.

“That’s dangerous. Wai- what are you doing? It’s something you prepared, right?”

Wait, can a wolf even drink it on its own? Well, whatever.

It might be suspicious because a human like me is offering it.

Is there a way I can dispel its misunderstandings and get it to drink…?

If it’s like this, I’ll drink it to show that it’s something you can drink.

I brought the bottle to my mouth.

The smell drifted out.

“E, uwa – it stinks-!? — The potion stinks-!!”

The otherworld’s potion super stinks!!

A stink that will shock you!!

To the level that your survival instincts would reject it!!

“… …”

I gently replace the lid on the small bottle.

“— That’s gross-!”

They say that good medicine is bitter, but before you can consider that, it’s simply too smelly.

I don’t want to put it in my mouth.

Even with the lid shut it’s still a little smelly.

Thanks to the shock of it being so overwhelmingly stinky, I realize that it’s reached the level of being interesting.

The other world’s potion is stinkinteresting.

If I were to put it into a formula, it would be like this.

[Smell + surprise = stinkinteresting]

But I wonder what kind of smell that was.

Like an old dust cloth that’s used to wipe up milk, blended with the smell of grass, and a strong linger …

I remember that most characters would drink it when they’re in trouble in the middle of battle in RPGs.

It was probably very unpleasant for those characters…

It this world was actually a game, then there would definitely be ‘Potion Carriers.’

Characters that don’t participate because they’re carrying potions inside a dungeon.

Every once in a while there wouldn’t be any companions within 5 meters; there would be that kind of situation.

Because I was engrossed in the stinkinteresting potion, bam, the wolf’s tail struck down the potion.

“A–, it will be bad if you don’t drink it, right? What should I do… It’s so stinkinteresting that I do understand, though.”


The white wolf started breathing painfully once again.

If this goes on, then the wolf will–.

Just when I was feeling pessimistic, a thought sprang into my head.

That’s right – Drug Discovery Skill.

Couldn’t I make it if I have that?

“Wait a second.”

The wolf might not understand, but I said those words and searched the surroundings.

It would be good if Drug Discovery is a skill that could make medicine.

Happily, I’m in the middle of a forest.

There should be herbs and nuts that can become medicine.

I appraised the flowering plants and trees that appeared in my sight one after another.

“There were some.”

I gathered a number of medicinal ingredients.

I picked a number of plants I had never seen the names of before, and cut off the roots, stems, and leaves.

I, who had never even cooked that much, was worried whether I’d be able to make the medicine, but the refinement method, or “how to make it” seems to also be part of Drug Discovery, so I naturally understood it.

I crushed the roots, stalks, and leaves and crushed them, putting the mash into the plastic bottle of water I had in my bag.

After that, I tightened the cap and shook it.

Will just this make medicine…?

While I was half doubting it, a faint light glowed from the water.

[Mineral Water]

[ (Excellent) Potion: a very excellent potion. Extremely effective for stopping hemorrhages and healing external wounds.]

“I – I did it-!”

The water that had been slightly clouded and green with leaf mash added to it was now semi-transparent.

When I look at it, it kind of looks like a sports drink.

When I looked at the weakened wolf, it was also looking at me… or like, it was watching the plastic bottle.


Its eyes brightened, and stompstompstomp, it suddenly came running over.

… It was standing on just its two back legs.

“—You can stand!?”

While I was surprised, the wolf took the bottle from my hands and poured it down its throat.

You can even use your hands properly…


As if it suddenly remembered its leg was injured, the wolf got faint and sat back down.

Did the pain fade? It’s no longer groaning in pain.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I didn’t think it could be made so easily myself.

I, who had neither the knowledge nor the technique, was able to safely make it in an easy manner.

Drug Discovery Skill is frightening.

I also have the Appraisal Skill, so I was able to immediately tell if it was a success or a failure, and if it had any harmful effects.

I tried tasting it and drank a mouthful from the bottle.


It’s slightly sweet, and the aftertaste is crisp.

It’s normally good.

“This taste, if I relate it to something I’ve drank before … it’s like a sports drink…!?”

While I was being shocked, the wolf slowly rose to its four legs.

… So it’s not on two legs.

“Are you alright now?”

Of course the wolf didn’t reply to my question.

It circled around me and leapt onto my lap.

It has a large body, so I was pushed down.


A small wolf barked on top of my chest.

Its body glowed, and its fur gradually disappeared, and its large mouth also became smaller.

The white wolf changed into a wolf-eared and wolf-tailed, silver-haired beautiful girl with a protruding tooth like a fang.

“Heh? A girl…?”

I looked at it again with Status.

[Werewolf: a demihuman that can take the form of a person and a wolf.]

So this girl is a werewolf.

I had a more violent image of werewolves, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

She stared right at me with her blue eyes.

“Gratitude, Noela, gives. Thank you. I thought I, die.”

Swish, swish? the girl named Noela spoke as her tail wagged.

“… Nice to meet…you …?”

“That, what is it. What is it, that, really tasty.”

“It’s a potion.”

She completely didn’t hear me, and Noela drew her head closer and closer, sniffing as her nose twitched.

“Wait, your head is too close; I said your head is too close.”

The beastgirl, Noela, pressed my shoulders roughly to the ground and, staring at me closely, she licked my lips.

“Dowaaaah!? What!? What are you doing!?”

Panicking, I went to get out from under Noela, but I can’t.

S,so strong! I can’t underestimate a werewolf!

The beastgirl completely didn’t care about my panicking.

“Tastes good. Mouth, tastes good.”

I totally don’t understand you.

As I was bewildered, she once again licked my lips.

“Hey, uwa, wai, stop it—”

Ku-, as soon as I came to another world, I was pushed down by a beastgirl and forcefully had my lips licked–!

Is she a kissing demon, this werewolf?

“Tastes good, tastes good.”

Looks like she liked the taste.

I see.

I had just drank the potion, and so it’s on my lips.

“This! The potion from just now – the ‘tastes good’ taste is in this, so!”

When I pointed at the bottle rolling on the ground, Noela displayed the agility of a beast as she leapt.

Chomp chomp.

She’s fighting fiercely, unable to open the bottle.

Chomp chomp…



The beast ears on top of Noela’s head dropped down in disappointment.

I stood, said, “Hand it over,” and twisted off the cap of the bottle.

When I handed it back, gulp gulp, Noela began to drink it loudly.

That isn’t something that’s so great you have to gulp it down; I smiled wryly.

But she’s drinking it like it’s really delicious.

“It’s technically medicine though, naa. Well, as long as you’re healthy, I’m relieved.”

“Tastes good. Tastes good.”

“You can stand on two legs even as a wolf, huh? When you came running at me all of a sudden I was startled.”

“? Noela, when a wolf, two legs, can’t stand.”

Noela shook her head side to side.

That… then she did it unconsciously?

“I’m going to go to the city now, so I’ll split up from Noela here.”

“Noela, will go! Master(aruji), together, will go.”


With a nod, Noela pointed at me.

“Master. Master, saved Noela’s life. Noela, gratitude gives.”

“So I’m ‘Master.’ Head of the family, is that the kind of Master you mean…?”

I didn’t intend to force a favor from her, but I know nothing about this world, so it’s probably better to have Noela guide me around.

“Noella, together, will go.”

Noela repeated her broken speech.

It seems she’s set in her intentions.

“… I understand. Then, I’ll be in your care.”

When I stuck my hand out, Noela grabbed my hand tightly with both hands and shook it up and down happily.

Swishswishswish – her tail is also swaying vigorously from side to side.

She’s more like a dog than a wolf.

“Sorry that this is sudden, but where is the closest city? I want you to show me there.”

“Master, this way.”

Noela set out walking while holding my hand.

With a werewolf girl as my companion, this is how my other world life started.

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