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After several months had passed, Vincent"s birthday has finally arrived.

He's now seven years old and he celebrated it with his grandfather… It was a simple feast filled with various meats, soups, bread, drinks.

Well, after being in the village for a while, he knows that it wasn't really a custom to celebrate it. However, it appears that his grandfather has some other thoughts about him reaching this age.

'Finally… Grandpa, you should keep your promise… I'm seven now. You should pass on your knowledge already.' Vincent thought to himself as he looked at this grandfather with his most adorable face.

To be honest, he knows that he's quite cute for a kid after seeing his reflection in his Teacher Clara's bronze mirror. But he is also quite taller for his age perhaps because of the nutritious meals he's having.

He has short black hair, a small face, and amiable brown eyes… As for his fairer skin, it's probably because he's always inside the house instead of playing under the scorching sun.

On the other hand, his grandfather similarly has brown eyes but all his hair has turned white already. Though one could see that he's good-looking in his younger days.


Suddenly, Raizen looked at his grandson with his loving eyes and said, "You are now seven, Vincent. Time flies so quickly. I still remember when your mother brought you to me…"

Vincent smiled as he determined that it's finally starting. He patiently listened to his grandfather reminisce about the time they first met.

It seems that his parents were in deep trouble and could only hand him over to Raizen for his own safety.

'So they didn't die in an accident just like what you told me before? Someone was after them?' Vincent mused as he imagined the desperate situation of his parents before.

pan,da n<0,>v,el Although he wasn't the real Vincent now, the memories he had was real. He couldn't deny that.

"What happened to them?" He asked solemnly.

"They were killed by the barbarians… This led to the fall of their Sect which was protecting one of the few entrances of the Barbarians to our nation…"

Vincent has no idea about the geography of this nation at all and about the major forces in it. At this time, he can only remember to research these things later since they aren't that important right now.

What he needed is the truth about his existence and whether his grandfather would teach him something he needed.

"Grandpa, does it mean that we're from a fallen Sect? Are we the only survivor?"

"You are the only survivor. I wasn't part of the Star Garden Sect after all." Raizen then explained how loyal and amazing the members of the sect are.

Instead of fleeing from the Barbarians, they have decided to stay on their ground and fight to their deaths!

Vincent found it quite ridiculous. After all, if there's an opportunity to do a tactical retreat, he felt that they must do so. They can just return after they have reorganized their forces to come back strong.

Nevertheless, he was unaware of the full situation so he just listened to the story without interrupting him.

After describing the greatness of the Star Garden Sect, Raizen finally mentioned something which really piqued his interest.

"I have a surname?"

"Yes, you aren't just a commoner. Though your father was just a wandering mercenary, your mother is from the Kayser Clan. 'A Clan blessed by the stars' if people will call it. Unfortunately, this Clan together with four more families perished together with the Star Garden Sect."

Vincent took a deep breath as he absorbed the story from his grandfather.

The Star Garden Sect was created by the five families and one of them is Kayser Clan where he belongs.

They all perished because of the unusual behavior of the Barbarians that they have missed. His grandfather guessed that someone betrayed the Sect and which resulted in its downfall.

His grandpa seem to have an idea about the perpetrator but he didn't dare to voice it out.

"Vincent Kayser… Unfortunately, I can't use this surname for obvious reasons… Is that right?"

"That's correct, my dear." Raizen smiled seeing how quick-witted he was.

"However, it doesn't mean that you can't learn the Clan's—No, the Sect's path of practicing mana."

As soon as Raizen mentioned these words, Vincent's eyes lit up with excitement. This is what he has been waiting for!

He can finally learn how to practice mana!

"Hoho~ You're excited?" Raizen noticed his expression and laughed amicably.

"Y-yes… I have been curious about mana ever since that incident with the Celestials."

"Oh? That's no surprise I guess. Don't worry, you are now at the right age to learn this. Even teacher Clara praised how smart you are. I'm sure that you'll do just fine."

Raizen said as he led Vincent into his room.

"First… I will teach you what mana is… Then, I will have you experience it."


Several hours had passed after Vincent entered his Grandfather's room.

Right now, Raizen has been watching his grandson meditating in the center of his room.

"Hmm… An hour of teaching and another two hours of practice to reach this state of enlightenment? This kid is incredible."

The old man muttered as he couldn't help but admire his grandson's talent. Though he knows that his grandson is quite special, he had never expected him to be a genius practitioner of mana!

"I must help him a little bit more..."

He's excited about the young man's future as he looked at his cane with determined eyes. This cane has accompanied him for several decades already.

However, this is quite useless to him right now after he obtained the items he took from Kai. Those items has been dismantled and he made a better hunting equipment from it.

Because of that, he no longer uses the cane whenever he's out to hunt.

'Hmm... I wonder how long this kid would last.' Raizen muttered as he waited for Vincent to end his current state.

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