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Finally, Joran, the vicious man from the Troy Clan, directed his attention to the small village.

All this time, he has been ignoring the people who had been affected by his fight against Kai. He either didn"t see them or he just didn't care.

Everyone tensed up after realizing this. Then, the two Celestials also gave them a cold gaze which truly scared everyone.

The two had already worn their headgears again and emitted a powerful pressure.

"Ho~ I didn't know there is a small village here… You, what do you call this village?" Joran, who had just killed another person, appears like a normal traveler seeing a village.

Vincent also noticed that he asked the Village Chief himself so it seems that he somehow recognizes the person with authority.

"Young Master, this village is called Arum Village." The village chief humbly answered.

"Arum Village… Is it because of the flower? Good name… Since I'm happy today, I will give this to you to fix your village. Try to build a sturdy house with this. Hahaha!"


With a laugh, Joran tossed a coin to the village chief before leaving with the two Celestials. He also left Kai's corpse outside the village but no one said anything.

Anyway, it seems that he's really satisfied after getting the book and the unconscious or dead Celestial. Well, that was the good thing.


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he left.

Vincent can tell the tense atmosphere throughout their little conversation.

'Finally, that farce is over.'

"Grandpa, there are some who were injured… Let's help them…"

"R-right… Let's go and help." Raizen regained the focus in his eyes as he agreed to Vincent's words.

The two then went out of their house to assist those who were unluckily hit by the rocks and soil after Kai and the Celestial fell outside their village.

Those who were trapped inside their collapsed wooden houses were still a bit luckier since they weren't heavily injured, unlike the others.

As they rescued everyone, Vincent's eyes went across the village chief and his men...

"Grandpa, do you know that coin thrown to the Village Chief? I haven't seen anything like that before."

Vincent asked as they finished helping the others. He knows about the copper coins that have a small hole in the middle. He had also seen a couple of shining silver coins before. As for the gold coins, it seems that it is something that can only be found in large cities.

"That coin? Oh, Teacher Clara hasn't reached that lesson yet? Anyway, that's a platinum coin. One of them should be worth a castle… No, that's an exaggeration. However, you can probably rent a castle for more than a year with that coin."

This answer wasn't that helpful at all. He still can't estimate the value of that platinum coin.

"Oh? Does it mean that it's worth 100 gold coins?"

Vincent just made a random guess. He has no idea at all. However, he felt that with this question, his grandfather would forcefully make an estimate using gold coins as a comparison.

He was right.

"What? No way! If that Platinum Coin has the engravings of the Celestial Throne, then it should be worth more than a thousand gold! You won't even find someone who would sell a platinum coin for a thousand gold… That would be a waste… You can exchange it for precious materials or items made by the Celestials."

Vincent was finally enlightened as he realized just how valuable the coin was.

However, just as they finished their conversation, they suddenly heard the village chief's words.

"We can't keep this Platinum Coin with us. We need someone to exchange this for at least a thousand gold coins in the nearest city. We will use the money to improve the condition of our village. Who's willing to take the job."

As soon as he said this, Vincent looked at this grandfather with a smirk…

"T-this… Our village chief just doesn't want the trouble of holding on to it. It's not like we need Celestial Items."

"That's true…"

As the two were talking with each other, the Village Chief already selected a group of strong-looking men who will complete the task to exchange the platinum coin for gold coins.

Well, Vincent was actually interested to join them since he hasn't left the vicinity of their small village yet. However, he thought that a six-year-old like him would have a better chance of survival if he stay here until he grows a bit stronger.

"Grandpa, someone's calling for you."

Vincent said as he saw Eric and two other men signaling for his grandfather to come with them. He then realized that they were actually handling Kai's body.

It appears that they wanted his grandfather's help over something.

Vincent then followed his grandfather from behind as they inspected the corpse.

"Old Raizen, this man still has a few valuables with him. However, it seems to be protected by mana so we can't carelessly touch it. Do you think you can do something about it?"

Eric asked.

These words suddenly excited Vincent.

'Items protected by mana?! And my grandfather is capable of dealing with it?! Isn't that incredible? It means that they are aware that my grandfather is special… Cool!'

Vincent's eyes lit up as he looked at the wrinkled face of his grandfather.

He's looking more and more handsome as he looks at him.


'I knew it… Perhaps he's just waiting for me to turn seven before he teaches me all about it?! I can't wait!'

As Vincent's excitement is reaching its peak, the group of men pointed at Kai's long coat, necklace, and belt.

These three items seem to be extraordinary but not valuable enough for Joran to take them.

Of course, in the eyes of normal villagers, these items were all precious treasures.

"Let me take care of these three. Hmm? There's an emblem of the Lucius Clan… So this guy is from that family… This is not good" Raizen muttered as he saw the engravings on the belt of the dead person.

Eric and the others also frowned as they have heard of this family.

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