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Vincent saw all of their sufferings as he felt his heart aching…

It"s probably because they are people he knows and was kind to him so seeing them get treated like this somehow hurts him.

He's unsure whether it's his own feelings or it is because of the previous owner of this body.

Nevertheless, he hates it.

"Grandpa, what should we do now?" He asked. He knows that he can't do anything at this moment aside from escaping to a safer place. However, can they really do that?

"We have to escape, Vincent. But I only have enough strength to bring you away. Once these Celestials get serious, this valley will be disintegrated… This might be the last time you'll see your friends."

"T-this… They're so powerful?"

He couldn't help but be surprised as he realized how scary these Celestials can be.

No wonder they have such a title with them!

Then, he suddenly felt something off from his grandfather. It was as if something was gathering around him. It had changed his aura as if he was looking at a different person.


All of a sudden, the spear-wielding Celestial was thrown to the tree destroying five of them before she finally stopped. No one knows if she's dead or was only unconscious.

Her two enemies were just too strong!

"Hahaha! You look dumbfounded, Kai. Did you really think that the Celestial helping you can defeat those two? You're dreaming!"

The man from the Troy Clan laughed after seeing the defeated face of his opponent. He can see Kai's shocked and despairing expression so he couldn't help but feel elated.

"This is impossible… She's a Celestial Being who survived the Second Rapture! There's no way your new Celestial can fight her." Kai, who was still holding on to his book, uttered in disbelief.

He's fully aware of the strength of the Celestial with him. This is why he couldn't understand how she was being suppressed in speed, strength, and technique. She couldn't even properly unleash her real strength as it is always being disrupted by the two!

Perhaps, if she could release all her strength, this valley will turn into dust and the fight will be over in a few seconds!

"Gahahaha! So you really can't understand what's going on, huh! Hehe… I won't blame you, Kai… I won't."

The young man from the Troy Clan laughed hysterically.

There are many cases where a single Celestial can suppress two or more other Celestials. So Kai's disbelief about the situation wasn't that surprising at all. Especially after knowing that this Celestial survived the Second Rapture, a tragedy that killed thousands of Celestials at once.

This is why Joran, the man from the Troy Clan, could understand his disbelief and be delighted at the same time because he knows the real reason why.

Hearing his laugh, Kai only gritted his teeth… Though he's also a warrior, he knows that he's not a match against the three of them. Just one of the Celestials can already deal with him.

"Do not worry, Kai. Before I kill you… I will let you know why you died at the hands of the 'declining' clan, the Troy Clan! You two, remove your headgear..."

Joran's last words were directed to the two Celestials with him.

Soon, the two female Celestials removed their helmet as they both showed their pretty faces.


Vincent suddenly noticed that his grandfather's cane dropped to the ground.

This is the first time Vincent saw him carelessly drop it. He knows that his grandfather treasures this cane and he had always kept its condition really good and cleaned it every day.

Aside from that, the mysterious energy gathering around him had also vanished as soon as the two Celestials showed their faces.

'What now?'

Vincent looked afar but he couldn't really tell how beautiful they are. He can only barely see that they have white hair and fair skin. It shouldn't be to the point that his grandfather will be aroused from such a view, right?

He wanted to ask what was going on. However, he also noticed that the village chief and others stood rooted on their spot as soon as the Celestials revealed their faces.

It was as if they are no longer planning to evacuate at all.

'Since they are no longer fighting, shouldn't we use this time to escape? Is it really that shocking? Is it their first time to see beautiful women?'

Vincent thought to himself.

Well, to be fair, there are indeed not a lot of women who can be called pretty within their village.

Most of them were average-looking women except for his Teacher Clara who can easily stand out amongst everyone. If Millie grew up well, she might be included as one of the pretty girls of the town too.

As Vincent's thoughts started wandering, he heard Kai's words as he couldn't believe what he saw…

"Numbered! Numbered Celestials! How can the Troy Family have them?! Answer me, Joran! How can these Celestials follow you?! You are the traitors of this Country! I can't believe this… T-this is unfair…"

It was as if Kai was going crazy, he continued to utter some words that Vincent couldn't properly hear.

'Numbered Celestial? Is this some type of Celestial?' Vincent had no idea what it was, but its name sounded important so he made sure to remember this name and ask his grandfather about it later on.

"Grandpa, are we still going to escape? Is everything safe now?" Vincent asked as he finally managed to get Raizen's attention.

"R-right… There's no need to escape, Vincent. That other Celestial won't be able to release its true might so there won't be a destructive battle. It should be over. No matter how strong that Spear-Wielding Celestial was, it can't match a couple of Numbered Celestial."

Vincent nodded at this as he watched the scene outside the village.

Everything happened so quickly after this revelation.

Joran swiftly approached Kai and stabbed him in his heart.

The latter already lost the will to fight so it ended so easily… Joran took the book in Kai's possession and retrieved the unconscious Celestial as well.

Everyone in the village, including the village chief who was planning to mediate, remained silent during the whole process.

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