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Vincent started firing at the swarm of Arctic Locusts…

Each bullet creates a trail of fire and once these bullets bump into something, a dark mist would come out of the explosion.

The cloud of dark mist wouldn't last for long either and it would only stay in the air for about 2 to 3 seconds… Nevertheless, every Arctic Locust that was inside the range of this mist would perish… Not even their tiny cores could remain at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The swarm of bug beasts was immediately reduced by more than half before they surrounded Vincent. At this point, using the rifle would be dangerous for him as well since he can also be affected by the corruption brought by the Midnight Sea Pearl bullets.

'They're a lot quicker than I expected… However, since they've gotten near, this will be a lot easier.'

After making up his plan, Vincent used his 40-meter zone Soul Domain to slow down the Arctic Locusts… These bugs may not pierce through his Celestial Armor but they can emit some sort of cold energy that may cause problems to his armor if he didn't properly defend himself.


Vincent's domain spread out and at the same time, a floating book suddenly appeared beside him…

Ronan, who was watching Vincent closely, didn't even notice when this book appeared.

'Interesting… That book must be seen by the Sage…' Ronan thought for a moment as he noticed something unusual with the book. He can't figure it out at the moment but he knows that their Sage should be able to sense the uniqueness of this book.

As he was thinking of this, he suddenly saw this book open up and turn several pages…

Then, a powerful suction force appeared!

The source is the book and it seems like they were in some sort of vacuum… He was also affected!

Ronan felt alarmed for a moment but after a few seconds, the suction force seem to have found its target. It no longer affected the whole surroundings but only the bug beasts!

'This is incredible… There shouldn't be an Item Skill similar to this… It was as if the book was Sentient… Ugh… This should be really seen by the Sage. It's a pity I didn't bring a recording crystal.' Ronan could only sigh as he watch Vincent end the battle in just a couple of minutes.

Compared to his Silver Knight Automatons, Vincent's method is indeed a lot faster.

"That was an amazing performance, Sir Vincent. I witnessed something incredible. Thank you." Ronan said as he saw Vincent walk back to the carriage. Vincent already recalled his armor and book and appeared very relaxed in this battle.

"Thank you… It was quite helpful for me as well so I would deal with another wave of beasts."

"I understand… Right, would you mind if I ask about the name of the black scepter you're using a while ago? It was the first time I'd seen something like that." Ronan asked confusing Vincent for a moment.

"Ahhh… Do you mean the Rifle?" Vincent asked.

He then swiftly pulled out his rifle from his Inventory System.

"That's it… It was my first time seeing such a weapon. If I'm not mistaken, you're using some sort of corruption bullets so I was really curious. Even in this country, the power of corruption is not easy to obtain. However, it feels that you've already mastered it. At first, I thought that you were not even a Master Magician who had learned an elemental art… but I was wrong… You're actually a specialized magician."

Ronan replied with a bit of excitement in his tone.

On the other hand, Vincent was also surprised because Ronan actually realized that he was incapable of using Tier 3 Mana Arts!

He already has a Legendary Magic Tool with him that protects him from probing magic. However, this man can easily tell it so easily…

Ronan noticed Vincent's surprised expression so he immediately realized his mistake and explained himself.

"Oh! I didn't probe you with my Mana Sense… That would be rude. I only guessed it since you've barely emitted any form of mana while fighting… I'm guessing that you're an Aura Knight and a Mana Practitioner so I called you Specialized Magician… That's what we normally call them here."

"I see. Anyway, you are indeed correct. I'm an Aura Knight and practiced a bit of Mana Arts enough to use some Magic Tools." Vincent replied as he showed the Rifle to the curious middle-aged man.

Ronan appraised it for a while before giving it back to Vincent…

"Do you want it? You can it if you want… Let me just change the bullets… I don't have many corruption bullets after all." Vincent said seeing that Ronan really likes it.

He still has a few in his System Inventory so he didn't mind giving it as a gift. He also felt bad that this person is working alone to bring them to the Main Peak after all.

He will be stuck with them for several days so giving him a "tip" shouldn't be a huge deal. Furthermore, Vincent wanted to befriend this person as it might be helpful for his group once Ronan introduced them to various things they needed to know about this area.

"I'm indeed interested… In exchange, allow me to give you this Automaton… It is only an Iron Tier but it can definitely be useful… It has the lowest requirement among the Automatons so as long as you practice Mental Energy then you should be able to use it someday."

Ronan said as Vincent accepted a fist-size iron ball.

"Thank you! I will accept it then. You have to teach me how to use this while we're moving. Is that alright?" Vincent asked.

"Sure… if you don't mind sitting next to me…"

Vincent happily agreed as he seated next to Ronan… Although the latter is driving the carriage, it shouldn't be a huge problem for him to teach him at the same time.

Inside the carriage, Faviona couldn't help but smile seeing how Vincent easily befriended a famous person within the Star Garden Peak's territory…

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