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Vincent looked at Ronan who seemed like a warrior before shifting his gaze to the four "knights".

If he's not mistaken, these fully-armored knights were Automatons as well… Although it's also possible that they were equipped with anti-probing artifacts, Vincent believes that it was unlikely for them to have that.

"We'll leave it to you, Ronan…" Vincent said as they boarded the carriage.

Turhan and Dianne watched them leave the manor before going back to meet Collette. It seems that they have also discovered an opportunity in this place so Vincent can only wish for their luck.

Inside the carriage, Vincent asked Faviona about the other Peaks of the organization…

In the end, he learned that because of the terrain in this territory, the Star Garden Peak has decided to build all their bases on top of a mountain or plateau. Another reason for this is perhaps they could easily observe the sky when they were in a higher spot.

Faviona also mentioned that they may find some villages around these Peaks but they wouldn't be visiting these places as it could be dangerous.

"Is it lawless inside the village?" Vincent curiously asked.

"Not really… But the authorities would not bother checking the Automatons in these villages. Some could be really dangerous to people so we have to avoid them…"

"Hmm… Illegal Automatons?" Vincent guessed.

Faviona nodded at this as she immediately explained…

"Because they're not within the protection of the peaks, these villagers have to protect themselves. There are cases where they have to modify their automatons to the extreme to fight against Savage Beasts or Magic Beasts roaming around their village from time to time… Well, I'm not sure of the details since I only heard it from other Alchemists."

Vincent nodded in understanding.

"Is there a chance we get to meet Sage Vivian before we go to the Main Peak?" He asked after a few moments.

"That's possible… She's leaving in one of the Peaks that we'll be passing by in two days. We can rest there if you want… I don't think we're in a hurry so I think we can even stay there for a few days."

Vincent agreed to this as Faviona informed Ronan about their plans…

As they traveled, Vincent realized that the number of Beasts in this place is quite large. It was as if the Star Garden Peak wasn't periodically eliminating them. Even though they are using a common road, the Savage Beasts were still everywhere and the knights had to fight most of the time.

After six hours of travel, Vincent couldn't help but ask Ronan if they needed help…

It appears that the estimated time given to them includes the time it takes to kill these Beasts to continue on their journey.

"My Silver Knights should be more than enough, Sir Vincent. However, if you insist on fighting, you are certainly free to do so. I can't stop you from that after all. Ahh, you're probably bored right now… The next waves of Beasts should be handled by your side… Is that alright?" Ronan asked respectfully.

"Yes… We'll make it a lot faster." Vincent replied with a confident tone.

He actually wanted to join the battle from the very start but because he was curious about the silver knight automatons, he decided to just watch them for a while.

He studied their movements and observed Ronan as well from time to time so he knows that it was extremely easy for this man to control those four Automatons. It even feels like they were sentient beings with the way they move.

Now that he finished his observation, he wanted to capture a few beasts around here since he had never seen them before...

Most of the beasts here were some form of insects!

There were no Cinder Rabbits, Stonebreaker Wolves, Red-Winged Serpents, Bronze Bears, or Demon-Eyed Goats that are commonly seen in the mountains and forests in the Black Tower's territory.

What he was seeing was Volatile Wasp, Abstract Lacewing, Infernal Millipede, Arctic Locust, and Giant Velvet Scarab to name a few…

These bug-type beasts were quite difficult to deal with by using swords and arrows since they were fighting in numbers…

However, the Silver Knights have special magic weapons as well so even though they're also using swords, they were able to steadily kill the bug beasts… Furthermore, they don't care if some tiny bugs managed to enter their armor since they weren't humans in the first place.

They don't have flesh and they're made of silver… As long as the bugs weren't metal-eating beasts, they wouldn't be in too much trouble facing the attacks head-on.

After about fifteen minutes, the buzzing noises in the sky can be heard as a swarm of Arctic Locusts started targeting their carriage…

Perhaps, if their horses weren't automatons as well, they would really get delayed in their journey.

"Alright… I'll make my move…" Vincent immediately said as he came out of the carriage.

He didn't have many items that can deal with a swarm of bugs but since he already knows that fire element is effective against them, Vincent made his choice…

He first wore his Celestial Armor to ensure that no bugs would sneak attack him before pulling out a rifle!

That's right… It is one of his latest creations! Because of the recent problems he faced, he had inspiration and made a few types of bullets.

Since he already made Silver Bullets that were targeted at Werewolves, he had decided to make a few more types of bullets that target a certain types of enemies.

This time, he pulled out a magazine that was filled with Midnight Sea Pearl bullets!

It must be remembered, that these pearls were abundant in his territory after their successful battle against the Sea Race…

Furthermore, because it has Corruption Attribute, Vincent really wants to use it as some sort of weapon. He knows how powerful this corruption was so he wanted to make use of it.

After a long series of experiments, he realized that using these pearls as a necklace-type magic tool is very ineffective since it slowly corrupts the wearer as well.

It was just too dangerous…

In the end, he decided to use the broken pieces of the Pearl as a bullet after modifying them…


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