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Raizen returned to the village as quickly as possible.

As soon as he saw the black smoke not too far from the village, he already rushed over here and left the heavy wild boars he caught to be sold to the other villagers. He only brought a couple of rabbits and wildfowls together with a bunch of herbs.

"Grandpa, what"s going on?"

Vincent already returned to their house and he was still carrying a small basket of white grapes with him.

"Ugh…Right, you're not aware of that signal yet. Teacher Clara should be telling you this after you completed her lesson."

Raizen said as he placed all the things he was carrying on the table.

Vincent just remained silent since he's really getting restless now. All the villagers started going inside their houses and made the village seem like an abandoned place.

"Listen to me, Vincent… The black smoke out there is a signal that a Celestial is nearby… Those explosions that followed must be due to a fight… Hmmm?"

As Raizen was explaining, he noticed something outside as he looked through the window.

Another black smoke just came out!

"Tsk… Multiple Celestials, huh… Why have they come here?" Raizen muttered to himself.

On the other hand, Vincent was confused about his words.

"Celestial?" He asked curiously.

He's unsure whether this Celestial is a god-like human, a mythical beast, or even a name of a powerful weapon. He has no idea at all and he wanted to know everything about it!

"Yes… However, there is no time to explain, the Village Chief will be handling this… If he can't, there will be another signal for us to escape as soon as possible."

His grandfather's voice sounded very serious.

"Take all your valuable things with you. In case the signal to escape came, we'll leave immediately."

"Y-yes, grandfather… But, if the Celestials are scary, can the village chief handle it? Isn't he a bit too old already?"

Vincent asked as he recalled the figure of the village chief. Though he seems to be a capable man, he's already in his sixties and he's mostly likely weak now.

"Vincent, Celestials are indeed extremely powerful that no normal human can fight them… However, they aren't the ones who were scary."

Raizen was about to tell him more but suddenly, a powerful explosion disrupted their conversation.

This time, it was so powerful that it seems like their village is about to collapse as well!

'Ugh… This is getting really bad… What are these Celestials?'

As Vincent was cursing the Celestials in his mind, a powerful but young voice resounded throughout the whole valley.

"Give it up! Hand over that book to me and serve me for ten—No, fifteen years! Then I will allow you to live!"

"Ha! You wish, dog of the Troy Clan! This is my family's heirloom. I'd rather burn it with me than to let scum like you get this!"

Vincent heard their conversation very clearly as they are both shouting like they have some megaphones with them. He can only guess that this is the power of mana or something he's unaware of.

Anyway, the young man, who seems to be from the Troy Clan, indeed has an unreasonable demand.

He's basically doing a daylight robbery!

As Vincent was getting really curious about what was about to happen, he immediately went to the window to see the battle.

Soon, he realized that the loud explosion a while ago was because of the man who was actually thrown just outside the village and created a small crater.

He seems to be very injured and his body was filled with bruises and blood.

However, he wasn't alone, he seemed to have a guardian with him as she helps him stand up.

That's right, the one who was helping him is an elegant female warrior, and Vincent can feel something off about her.

He couldn't tell exactly but it is perhaps due to her aura or something similar that he had an urge to kneel before her. It is quite weird as this is his first time having this type of sensation.

He then glanced in the other direction only to see that the "dog of the Troy Clan" is actually a young man who can fly!

No, he was being carried by two female warriors who had the same aura as the one guarding the injured man.

Vincent can't see the faces of the female warriors not just because they are quite far but due to their full-body armor. If not for their sexy figure, he wouldn't even guess that they were females.

Nevertheless, what truly surprised him was their sophisticated armors!

The armors weren't like those from the knights during the Medieval Era but were quite advanced if he was asked! He thought that he transmigrated to a world of sword and magic but did he make a mistake?!

Was he sent to a more advanced world and he's just unaware of it?!

"This is bad… There are three Celestial Beings. If they really fought here, our village will be wiped out."

Raizen gasped as he similarly noticed their presence just outside the village.

'So those iron ladies are the Celestials?'

"Then, should we escape now?" Vincent asked as he is ready to escape any time now.


Raizen nodded at this but Vincent noticed his grandfather's eyes looking elsewhere.

"Is that the village chief?" Vincent asked as he followed his gaze.

"He'll probably beg them to leave the village but… there's no more time."

As soon as his grandfather said this, the young man from the Troy Clan landed on the ground with the help of the two Celestials.

Without any more words, the Celestials attacked the injured man. He hasn't even gotten out of the small crater he created!

"You will die with me!" He shouted.

The Celestials brought out their weapons as they clashed outside the village!

It is a clash between two swords and one spear!


The sound was similar to the explosions they heard from afar!

'So it wasn't a grenade… They're actually swords and spear!'

Crash! Crash!

This time, the wooden houses near the battleground started crumbling because of the powerful shockwaves from each of their strikes.

"N-no! Help!"

"Run! Just run in the opposite direction!"

"Don't look back!"


The villagers started running away to save their lives. Those who were unlucky got injured as the fight between the two sides gets more and more intense.

At this rate, the villagers will be the casualty of this battle!

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