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"Vincent! Come here! Help me clean this… Remove its feathers while I start a fire."

His grandfather suddenly called out as soon as he entered the house. He brought what seem like a pheasant which is more than enough for the two.

Of course, this is not just what he hunted for the whole day, the others were definitely sold to their neighbors or were traded for some condiments or vegetables that they grow.

This is the simple life they have been living within this village. It is quite similar to his farm life when he was still on Earth. However, what this place lack is entertainment. No gadgets, no TV, or even radio.

Most of the people who grew up here would just marry their neighbors as they live the same kind of life in the next generations. If bored, they will just make more children so the village can be lively again.

[ No Enhancement Stones found. Do you want to Enhance this item with Mana? ]

As soon as he touched the dead pheasant, he got the notification again. Of course, he decided to refuse it this time and continued with his work.

"So a dead creature is considered an Item and thus, it can be enhanced… Hmm… It's good to know but it's probably going to be useless.'

After cleaning it, he noticed that the fire was ready as he helped his grandfather cook their dinner.

Just like any 80-year-old man, his grandfather already seemed weak if he just based it on his appearance. He's even using a cane to help him walk… which is probably what he uses as well to hunt for some tasty food.

'This smells so good…' The rich flavor of the soup they were making wafted throughout the whole house as Vincent's stomach started grumbling.

"Oh~ Are you that hungry? Sorry, I was a bit late since this thing was a bit harder to catch now that I'm getting older."

His grandfather said as he gave a bowl of soup filled with the tender meat to Vincent.

Vincent only nodded to his grandpa as he immediately wolfed down his food. He couldn't wait to eat his fill.

As soon as he had a bite, he finally realized how lucky Vincent was!

'What's going on?! I've never tasted anything like this! So good!'

Even when he was on Earth, he had never tasted anything that could reach even half of the deliciousness this dish has.

He immediately emptied his bowl and have another.

"Grandpa Raizen! Please let us have some… Here, we got you some bread and butter… You can have it tomorrow morning before you start working again."

Clara, their neighbor working as a teacher in the village, had most likely gotten a whiff of their soup's savory aroma and immediately visited here.

His Grandpa Raizen did not reject their offer and gave them a couple of bowls of soup. Anyway, their neighbors were also taking care of Vincent whenever his grandfather is hunting, and from time to time, they've been feeding him as well.

"I feel energized!"

Vincent felt satisfied with their dinner as he noticed that his body was refreshed.

He then thought of checking out his Basic Status as he suddenly had a hunch…

'I was right…'

[ Name: Vincent ]

[ Age: 6 years old ]

[ Mana: 1/1 ]

His previously 0.1 Unit of Mana was gone as it has been filled!

It was only a single meal and his Mana has recovered thanks to the meal! Of course, he knows that 1 unit of mana is low so it's probably easily filled, however, this made him realize a few things about the law of this world.

He then checked his Item Enhancement Skill.

[ Item Enhancement Lv1 ]

[ Enhancement Exp: 1/5000 ]

'I gained an experience!' Although it's one point, it's still progress!'

"Vincent, you have a class tomorrow morning… After you clean up, you have to sleep early. There are some leftovers from the soup and I'll reheat it before I leave to hunt so you have to eat before attending your class, alright?"

"Yes, Grandpa! But, may I know what kind of animal did you catch today? It's really delicious."

Vincent asked. He wanted to start learning about this world and he had to begin with his grandfather.

After all, teacher Clara only teaches basic writing and reading aside from telling some children stories in between. There's no way he could change the topic of the class just for him to learn about the situation outside the village.

This is why he planned to start asking simple questions to his Grandpa until he learned a lot of things about this world.

"Hoho~ So you're becoming interested now, huh… That one is just wildfowl, Vincent... Though it's probably well-fed as it grew up in a good environment so it has a very rich flavor when cooked."

"J-just a wildfowl, huh. I understand. Can you catch them again, grandpa?"

The six-year-old child did his best to act adorable as he made a request. Well, there are probably other animals that can fill his mana but he wanted to try it once more just to make sure that they weren't just lucky today.

He wanted to know whether all these wildfowls can really fill his mana or if this is just a one-time thing.

"Huh? This is the first time you requested something, my dear… Of course, I'll go catch one for you!"

Luckily, his grandfather doted on him and immediately agreed to his request.

Three months quickly passed as Vincent continued exploring the limits of his system.

? During the past three months, however, he never had a chance to use his Item Appraisal Skill.

[ You have insufficient Mana to appraise the item. ]

This is the notification he has been receiving over the past three months. Unfortunately, there is nothing he could do about it.

His mana has never changed from being 1.0 at all. Although the wildfowl can refill his mana, it can't increase the limit of his mana.

He had even guided his conversations with his grandfather so the latter will discuss some things related to mana.

But he was out of luck as his grandfather would just say that he was too young and will just get hurt.

"Oh, my dear. If you want to be like your grandfather, you can wait until you're seven and we'll see if you're suitable for it or not. For now, you need to learn everything that Miss Clara teaches you." is what he would always say to avoid the topic.

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