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"It"s alright, grandpa… I should be the one asking for an apology. Instead of resting, you still have to teach me something like this…" Vincent sighed as he answered.

Unfortunately, his grandfather has no cultivation manual or something that he can use as a reference to practice.

Raizen said that he learned the Cultivation Method after he found a painting inside a dungeon. He just had to look at the said painting of the Star Goddess with an incomprehensible face and he learned the Soul Cultivation Art magically.

It was like an imprint that has happened the moment he saw the painting.

The problem was that the painting was burned down after he attempted to take it out of the Dungeon. If he knows that it has that kind of mechanism, he would've left the painting within that dungeon instead.

"Hmm… It's good that you can still cultivate your soul even though my method to pass it to you was imperfect." Raizen said after noticing that Vincent's soul is starting to get stronger.

Vincent is currently sitting on top of the rock in the middle of the flower field.

For some reason, the scent of the Wisdom Feverfew flowers calms his mind and helps him with his concentration.

It appears that even if it's not being used as an ingredient for alchemy, it could still provide some decent effects on his mind.

Well, the number of the flower is probably a factor in it as well. There are over a thousand feverfew flowers after all.

"Thanks for guiding me, grandpa. I'll study the cultivation method a little bit more. You can take a rest for now."

"Mhmm… Alright… After you're done, just grill some fish for our meal later."

p "Grilled fish? Sure. I'll take care of it."

"Right, make sure that you're still practicing your Mana… You're still young and there is more opportunity for you if you became a Mana Practitioner. The path of emitters is boundless while the path of enhancers is limited. Just look what happened to me, so keep it in mind." Raizen reminded as he looked seriously at his grandson hoping he would take his words to his heart.

"Yes, grandpa."

As soon as Raizen turned his back to leave, Vincent couldn't help but look at the cane in Raizen's right hand.

He has been itching to upgrade that cane already but he felt that if it really reached the +6 state, there would be some visible changes to it.

His cautiousness isn't completely baseless at all. If he used the games he played before as a reference, the +6 items and above would normally have additional 3D animation effects, glowing effects, or even a complete change to the item making it unrecognizable from its original form.

This is why he didn't dare to enhance the cane yet. Anyway, his grandfather said that as long as he masters the Soul Art's first stage before, then he would give the cane as a gift so he can further utilize his Soul Aura in combat.

Speaking of which, he only knows a few things about how Aura Knights fight.

'The path of emitters is boundless while the path of enhancers is limited.'

Vincent repeated what Raizen just said to him.

The path of emitters refers to the mana practitioners, while the enhancers refer to the soul arts practitioner.

They were referred to as Emitters since magicians would always use their Mana not for their bodies but for their 'magic'. Even Grand Knights, who were magicians that are adept in close combat and known for their physical prowess, doesn't really have a body like that of an Aura Knight.

The Aura Knights were actually known as Enhancers as they would use their soul cultivation to boost their physical body by developing an incredible aura. Anyway, it's not like the Soul Cultivators had other choices since most of the people who practice the Soul Arts have low-grade talent in practicing mana.

Nevertheless, Raizen told him the path of enhancers is limited because the highest achievement that an Aura Knight could attain is only a 3-Star Aura Knight.

The first stage was basically the 1-Star Aura Knight followed by 2-Star and lastly, the 3-Star Aura Knight. There were only three stages!

This is the limit one could attain as Soul Cultivator and there was no such thing as 4-Star Aura Knight!

On the other hand, the Mana Practitioners have numerous careers they could choose from. As for the two main professions they could take, that would be the Magician's Path and the Magic Knight's Path.

Magicians have six stages. The Apprentice, Journeyman, Master Magician, Adept Mage, Archmage, and Grand Magus.

Vincent even heard that from Master Magician to Adept Mage, there are also six more small stages between them in order to advance. He wasn't sure about it since Raizen didn't tackle this much considering how he was only a struggling Journeyman who was unable to master any Tier 2 Mana Arts that his Grandpa was trying to teach.

He can only master the four Tier 1 Mana Arts because of his terrible natural talent and was stuck for a while now.

Even his Mana Capacity had been stuck to 80 units because of it.

Anyway, as for the Magic Knight's path, they would start as Page, followed by Esquire, Magic Knight, Arc Knight, and Grand Knight.

'But… It feels like I'm really more suited as an Aura Knight…' Vincent muttered as he tried to visualize the image of the Star Goddess again.

It was just a blurry image of a long-haired woman but every time he tries to focus on the image and make it clearer, he would feel his soul being pressured and in turn, gets stronger.

This is an unusual and very easy cultivation method. He even thought that anyone could practice it.

However, Raizen said that Aura Knights were extremely rare. Though not as rare as Celestial Beings, Aura Knights were actually known to have the hardest cultivation method!

'It's weird… I learned it so easily. Perhaps it's my perk as a transmigrator?... and it's only effective at the beginning stages of the path I've chosen?' Vincent helplessly smiled at himself thinking how terrible was that.

If he's only good at the beginning stages of any career, then he might really have to rely on his Item Awakening System all his life!

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