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"Vincent… Are we going to meet again?" Millie asked as she looked at her close friend. Her eyes were about to cry but she was holding it really well.

They know each other ever since they were able to go out and play outside their house. Aside from that, she was also close to Raizen since the old man would always visit their house to sell the animals or whatever he foraged in the forest.

Raizen would always talk about Vincent at that time, so she felt that she really knows Vincent well.

"Of course… I know where you guys will be going. I"m sure that your talent with mana would also Awaken in that place so I might be hearing a lot from you if that happens."

"Hmph… That's a Sword Sect, didn't you hear Grandpa Raizen?"

"I know… But it doesn't mean that they only know how to wield swords. You'll know soon enough."

Vincent said.

In truth, Millie wanted to stay with him as well since she didn't like to live in such an unknown place.

However, she knows that she's too weak. She's someone who hasn't been able to receive her Mana Baptism even though she already learned how to feel the existence of mana. This is why she decided to just go with the rest and get stronger someday.

She was also a bit influenced by what Kiefer and Kian said about revenge on the person who did something terrible to their family and friends.

"Millie~ Millie~ Are you sleeping with your eyes open?"

"Eh… Ah! I'm sorry! I was thinking of something. What is it, Kiefer?" Millie jolted as Kiefer appeared in front of her.

They were currently on a carriage after Thierry and the two pretty disciples of the Sect bought one for them. Apparently, the three would just normally walk using a different path and get themselves to experience some dangers to train their combat skills.

However, now that they are accompanied by a few kids who haven't properly trained their bodies, they have no other choice but to buy a carriage at the nearest town and use the paved road to arrive at the next city.

"It's nothing… I was just curious whether we can really learn the sword techniques of the Sword Sect."

Kiefer muttered.

The others who were listening understands his concern as they nodded in agreement.

"It should be fine. We just have to work hard. Look at Vincent, he was someone who couldn't dodge your Toad Fist, he even almost died to that. But now, you saw how strong he has gotten after a few years of training… I'm sure we can do it as well."

Millie said after recalling Vincent practicing his palm technique and movement technique in the flower field. His moves who like a ghost and his punch would create shockwaves.

It was very awesome to look at.

p "R-right…"

"He looks cool doing that."

"That's the reason I decided to join the sect anyway."

"That's true… We can't always be weak."

Vivian, Kian, Gerard, and Tristan replied.

If the small and previously weak Vincent was able to do that, they must be capable of learning the sword art as well that doesn't even require a lot of mana to practice.

With that in mind, everyone started looking forward to being part of the Primal Sword Sect.

Thierry and the two disciples who were listening to their conversation outside the carriage smiled and were also quite excited to see what the future holds for them.

'It seems that the Primal Sword Sect would be lively again.'

Thierry thought for a moment as he looked at the vast plain ahead.


Vincent continued practicing the Soul Cultivation Method that his grandfather started teaching him.

Right now, because of the 80% Success Rate increase in his next Enhancement, he decided not to use it immediately.

Unfortunately, he can't choose where to use the 80% boost. It wasn't like a voucher or something after all.

It will automatically be applied to whatever next item he enhanced. It was quite troubling but not too much.

Anyway, he decided to use it on the [ Soul-Forged Ironbark Cane +5 ]

That's right… This is the cane that his grandfather has been using.

He had actually enhanced it to +5 over the past years.

Luckily, his grandfather didn't think too much of its improvement with durability and crushing ability.

More than that, he chose to use the chance on this weapon since it is the item with the highest quality he had seen.

[ Soul-Forged Ironbark Cane +5 ]

[ Quality: Rare

Number of Enhancements: 5/10

Durability: 90/100

Crush: +40

Description: A cane that is suited for battle. It is carved from the exclusive Ironbark to form the base of the cane. It is decorated with gilded patterns and only leaves the handle untouched which has been decorated with scale-like stubs.

Remarks: Special Crush Attribute found. Durability and Crush attributes will be upgraded in every enhancement.]

This is the stat of the cane that his grandfather has been using. Its original durability was only 70 but had reached the limit of 100 after reaching its +5 state.

At this time, this is the only Rare Quality that he had ever seen.


Vincent took a deep breath after completing a cycle of his Soul Cultivation.

"This is weird… I don't know how it's helping me increase my Soul power… but it's really effective."

He couldn't help but be mesmerized by the unusual cultivation method to strengthen his soul.

It wasn't some kind of life-and-death training exercise. But instead, it was just visualization training! Vincent simply had to visualize the image of someone that his grandfather passed down using some kind of unusual method.

It is difficult but still doable as long as he remains patient and focused.

In his training, he just had to try and visualize the image that he had seen for a brief moment.

"I'm sorry, Vincent… If I'm stronger enough, I can continuously feed your soul the image of the Star Goddess. However, I'm too weak already. You have to make do with the brief image I've shown you."

Raizen said as he suppressed his urge to vomit some blood.

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