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Raizen spent almost an hour educating Vincent about the existence of other professions around the world.

After several years, Vincent has finally been able to understand some part of the history of this world.

There weren"t just Celestial Beings, Barbarians, Mana Practitioners, Savage Beasts, and Dungeons around the world, there are also Soul Cultivators who are most popularly known as Aura Knights.

However, what's even more interesting about this is that the Celestial Beings had supposedly introduced the existence of Mana Cultivation and Soul Cultivation Techniques. After introducing these Techniques, humans started to prosper and became the rulers of this world.

"Where did the Celestials come from? And why are they following the orders of some humans if they are really strong?" Vincent asked in confusion.

If they are really that capable, why would they even bother following the orders of some influential humans?

"I'm not sure, Vincent… I did not have the right to know these things… However, I heard that the large and powerful human clans managed to create some kind of contract with a few Celestials Beings. It seems to be a give-and-take relationship between the two. As for the content of the contract, I'm unaware of it."

"Hmm… So only a few of them decided to work for them, huh… This means that there are still a lot of Celestial Beings freely roaming around?"

"You can say so… However, they will not normally interact with people. They will normally act like a normal traveler if they don't wear their armors. That's what I heard…" Raizen replied as he reminisced about the past.

Vincent shivered after thinking about it. He's already aware of how powerful they are and if they are indeed freely roaming around the world, it feels a lot more dangerous to travel around the world.

"Haa~ Don't worry too much… Before the appearance of those three Celestials brought by Joran and Kai, I'd never met a Celestial Being actively fighting for over five decades. Unless you get involved with the people of such prestigious clans, I don't think you'll randomly meet them on the streets."

"I see…" Vincent wasn't convinced but he should still be able to trust his grandpa's words.

He then recalled the unusual capsule hidden in the underground chamber beneath the flower field. He quickly mentioned it to Raizen but unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have any idea about the capsule's content as well.

"We found it inside a dungeon. We first thought that it was a coffin, or perhaps, a treasure box… However, we can't open it using our mana or soul's aura. It's more difficult to even try breaking it open… Ugh! That thing gave us so much headache… Anyway, August and I decided to keep it for ourselves in case we discover how to open it someday."

Obviously, they were unable to discover the method of how to open that capsule up until now.

'So that's it… I wonder what's inside that thing.'

A while ago, Vincent didn't dare to touch it since he was afraid that it might suddenly activate or something unusual might happen. He knows that he was still too weak if he compares himself to his grandfather after all. So he decided to wait for him instead.

However, now that he confirmed that it wasn't as dangerous as he thought it could be, he's now quite interested in checking whether he could Enhance or Appraise that Capsule.

Once he used his Appraisal Skill successfully, he's hoping that the details he'll see will also include the contents of the capsule itself.

"Alright, grandpa… Take a rest for now. I'll guard this place." Vincent said as he had already planned to check the capsule.

"Hmm… Just don't leave this field. You won't get detected here because this land is quite special. The Savage Beasts will not enter as well."

"Really? Is there some kind of magic going on here? No wonder you're not worried about getting followed here." Vincent curiously asked.

"Hmph. Though I am not a match against the Unnumbered Celestial, I'm still confident with my feet. And yeah… I think it's related to the Capsule. That thing seems to be expelling the Savage Beasts and creating a barrier to protect its surroundings... Ugh, I'm getting dizzy… Let me rest now."

Vincent then made sure everyone was comfortably resting before leaving the cabin.

Soon, he appeared in front of the mysterious Capsule within the underground chamber.

'Let's see how tough this is first…'

He then took out his small dagger. It is a gift he received from his grandfather and it is made of special materials so he treasures it a lot.

[ Silver Ruin Dagger ]

[ Quality: Uncommon

Number of Enhancements: 5 / 10

Durability: 50 / 50

Pierce: 10

Description: A serpentine shape double-edged blade forged from new silver.

Remarks: Special Pierce Attribute found. Durability and Pierce attributes will be upgraded in every enhancement. ]

Vincent's Silver Ruin Dagger +5 is his finest weapon right now.

Currently, Vincent's maximum mana has now reached 80 Units.

It is quite a lot.

With his current mana, he can actually try enhancing it to +6 since it only requires 50 units of mana for every enhancement at this stage.

However, ever since he reached +5 enhancement, he can now experience 'Enhancement Failure', and unfortunately, he failed most of the time and the others that he tried to forcefully reach +6 were destroyed in the process.

It appears that the barrier between the +5 and +6 is not easy to break.


Vincent then threw the dagger into the capsule to see what a +5 weapon can do about its defense…

As expected, the silver dagger just bounced off without leaving any scratch at all. He expected that he wouldn't do much to damage it but seeing how he's unable to leave a scratch at all, he can only sigh in defeat.

Without any more hesitation, he decided to use his Appraisal skill to see what really is this capsule.

[ Do you want to appraise this item? ]



,m [ Appraisal has been successful. ]

[ You have discovered a Cryogenic Sleep Chamber.]

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