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"Vincent, listen to me…"

Raizen said weakly which greatly alarmed Vincent.

"This feels like a death flag…'

"Grandpa… I will be listening to all your words later. You have to remain strong. You're not dying. You just lost a limb. We will stop the bleeding and you'll be just fine." Vincent immediately said.

However, he had forgotten that the fight he had just come from wasn't an easy one. It was against a Celestial Being and he had suffered serious internal injuries.

Raizen decided not to point this out as he replied weakly.

"I know, I know… That woman from the Lucius Clan has probably left already, however, it's better to stay here for a while. And since we annoyed her a lot, she had probably destroyed the village by now and killed everyone who hasn't been able to escape in time."

"Then… How about Millie and others' parents? Do you think they escaped?"

At this question, Raizen remained silent.

"I understand… But isn't this a bit too irrational? Did they really plan to kill everyone in the village just because their relative died here in our vicinity? Isn't that too unfair?"

Vincent couldn't help but complain about such ridiculous actions by the Lucius Clan. It was too unjustifiable. They are just bullying them!

He had never thought that it would escalate to this degree.

'They will pay for this…' Vincent muttered as everyone in the village had already gotten closer to him over the past few years.

Though he couldn't remember all their names, they have been kind to him and treated him like their own son.

'But… What can I do? I only have this Enhancement Skill and a few Tier 1 Mana Arts…' Vincent sighed knowing how weak he is. He knows that his system can probably do a lot more things but it takes a lot of time or grinding to level up his skill!


Vincent sighed. He still couldn't believe how everything happened so fast. His strong and dependable grandfather was now in such a vulnerable state while the situation of their village and others was probably even worst.

"We fetched some water, Vincent… What should we do with this?" Kiefer and the others said as they used a clean robe to transport the water.

"Good… Hold it like that while I clean grandpa's injuries."

Vincent said as he looked at the other external wounds of his grandfather. The missing left arm may be the most critical one but the many small injuries on his body would still accumulate. This is why he needed to clean it immediately before he gets an infection.

After some time, Millie and the others were left stunned seeing how professionally he handled those wounds.

Some of them didn't even dare to look directly after seeing so much blood.

"Grandpa… You need a rest. As for your cane, I'll try to fix it someday." Vincent said as he took the cane from his grandfather.

"I understand… Ugh… You did well cleaning my wounds. I never thought you that… Anyway, there is a cabin at the foot of that mountain. We should stay there." Raizen said as he clutched the bandage on his left shoulder.

After hearing this, no one asked any more questions as they helped each other to get to the cabin.

Soon, they found a large cabin at the foot of the mountain surrounded by trees. The place also seems to be well-maintained as if someone is taking care of it.

"Are there any people inside?" Vincent asked as he looks around.

"There's no one here… It's only me and the Village Chief who knows about this place."

After Raizen said that, they no longer hesitated as they entered the cabin.

It is quite a spacious cabin with a fireplace enough to warm them up. Though there isn't food or any supplies inside, there are still beds, tables, and other pieces of furniture inside.

Finally, everyone could have a proper rest.

The children immediately found a place to lie down where they could have a good sleep.

"Vincent… Take care of your friends. I know you have similar age to them but I also know how mature you are."

? "G-grandpa… I'm only nine… Turning ten this year. Don't you think I'm still too young to take responsibility?! Just get better and take care of us… or at least, we'll help each other, okay?" Vincent reasoned out.

He can't accept such a heavy responsibility. Aside from that, there might be some others who had also escaped so they can't lose hope yet.

"Grandpa, if you still have some energy, just tell me what really happened? How did you fight and survive against the Celestial? Even the Village Chief, he's not simple too… Isn't it about time for you to reveal your real background?"

Vincent recalled the powerful burst of aura before. He was able to tell that some of them came from the enemies from the Lucius clan while the other two came from the Chief and his Grandfather.

He wouldn't make a mistake in that.

Aside from him being connected to the Star Garden Sect where his parents came from, his grandpa must have his own story.

At first, Raizen didn't want to say anything about it.

However, after he pestered him for a while, the old man finally gave up and told him everything he wanted to know.

"I was just a normal traveler before…"

Raizen started to tell his story in his younger days.

Apparently, Raizen and August became friends after completing an A-Class Mission. They have explored many dungeons together and discovered numerous Magic Treasures.

Finally, he also introduced his identity as someone qualified to be called an Aura Knight.

"Aura Knight? You've never told me anything about them before." Vincent furrowed his brows as he tried to recall whether there was such a thing in his lessons.

However, there are no Aura Knights in his memories at all.

"Aura Knights… They are people who aren't just relying on the world's mana to break the shackles of their mortal bodies… They aren't using any Mana Cultivation Techniques but instead, uses Soul Cultivation Techniques."

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