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Raizen looked at the three people who had just entered their small village.

They are wearing expensive robes and precious pieces of jewelry on their bodies. The contrast to their poor village is so visible that they seem like walking saints.

"There's no carriage or horses nearby… Did they come here by walking? Obviously not… Then it must be--"

Raizen tried to probe the three but he was unable to sense their Mana. However, it doesn't mean that they are just ordinary people. This means that they are a lot scarier than Joran and Kai who previously came here to their village to cause trouble.

"Haa~ This is a more difficult situation." Raizen wryly smiled as he can feel that handling this matter won't be easy.

"Hmm? So the Chief already made his move."

Noticing that the Village Chief sent a messenger instead of personally welcoming the visitor, it informed the villagers that they have to be very careful this time and that the situation is very serious.

Everyone in the village stayed at their houses as the guards escorted the three guests.

No one is expecting it to happen yet but they all remained vigilant. After all, the reason for their visit is perhaps to just confirm Kai's death.

They can only pray that they won't implicate their village for the fate he met.

As for the reason why they came here so late, there are a lot of possibilities but it's most likely because Kai was together with a Celestial and no one thought that he would die during his mission or journey.

After all, only a Celestial can beat another Celestial.


Only five minutes had passed after the three people from the Lucius Clan entered the Village Chief's house, and an explosive power immediately covered the entire village.

"This is bad…" Raizen immediately made his move as he appeared in front of the seven children.

"G-grandpa, is that a Celestial?!" Vincent asked as he felt the powerful Aura.

"Yes… It's most likely a Celestial that focuses on assassination techniques or stealth. All of you should leave the village using the secret path."

"T-this… Why do we have to hide? Why are they doing this? We didn't do anything wrong to them" Millie protested as she couldn't understand why this is happening.

Raizen could only smile helplessly as he answered.

"It doesn't matter whether we did something bad or not. If they want to release their anger, we will have no choice but to face it."

Vincent is already aware of this after receiving his grandfather's teachings over the past few years.

This is actually the main reason why they did not bother to inform the Lucius Clan about Kai's death. It is because they are aware that it would just bring disaster to their village. They can only hope that the Lucius Clan wouldn't find this place but in the end, they were still fated to meet here.

"If the situation is not as bad as we thought… We'll be coming to look for you in that place. Hurry now!" Raizen raised his voice as he suddenly felt that a battle is about to happen.

"Alright… Let's go. We'll wait for you, grandfather. Be careful." Raizen said as he lead the children away.

Soon, Raizen was left in that spot as he assessed the situation on the other side.


"Your village just watched my brother die! You didn't even bother to send the corpse to us! You all deserve to die!"

The beautiful lady who was previously looking at the village with her disdainful eyes no longer hides her true personality.

"Young lady… How could you just sentence our village to death? It's not like we have the power to stop it from happening. His opponents are Two Numbered Celestials!" Chief August did his best to explain.

His wooden house was already shattered into pieces after the lady burst with power… No, it is mostly from the mysterious fully-armored female warrior behind her! Without a doubt, that warrior is a Celestial Being who specialized in Stealth.

"Ridiculous! There are no Numbered Celestials in the Troy Clan! If you will make a lie, you have to make it believable!"

She then pulled out her small blade and was about to cut off the Village Chief's head.

However, there was a sudden change in the surroundings.

The previous explosive energy that she and the Celestial used to suppress the whole village vanished without a trace.


The young lady immediately felt alarmed. The two guards she brought realized what had happened as well and quickly unsheathe their swords.

"Show yourself!" One of the guards shouted. There was no way that their young miss' suppressive aura including the Celestial's aura would dissipate just like that…

"Ugh… You, I told you I will handle this myself."

Suddenly, they heard the Village Chief speak. He was also slowly standing up as he looked behind them.

"Old August… I'm sure I've seen you about to lose your head. We both made this village… I can't just watch this place gets trashed."

Raizen spoke getting their attention.

"Who are you?" The young lady asked after seeing the mysterious old man. She immediately probed the latter and was surprised to find that he was weak.

"You… You're not even an Adept. How did you pull that off?"

"Oh… So the young miss can tell… It was just a small trick I learned when I was still traveling around the world, you don't have to be surprised." Raizen answered as he cautiously looked at the Celestial in front of him.

Normally, people would get scared just by seeing them since Mana Arts do not normally work on them.

Only the Grand Knights and the Grand Magus would normally have a chance of fighting them on even grounds.

"Hmph! Acting mysterious?! Kill him!"

The young miss no longer hesitated as he gave his order to attack.

However, he suddenly felt a powerful killing intent behind her! The old and weak Village Chief, whom she thought she could kill in a wave of her, suddenly burst out with incredible power different from the Mana Arts!

"T-this! You people aren't Mages!" The young lady finally realized what she was dealing with!

The two guards realized this as well. No wonder they barely felt some Mana from them!

"Aura Knights!"

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