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It was an explosion of mana.

It wasn"t destructive but it could cause some dizziness to the people who weren't used to it. Nevertheless, this wasn't important! What's important is that it's a sign of the successful completion of Mana Baptism!

Raizen quickly entered the room to look at his grandson's condition.

"Good… good…" The old man repeated as he saw Vincent looking at him with grateful eyes. His eyes also contained a lot of confidence showing how he succeeded with his baptism…

"Grandpa… I think that you're not a good teacher. You said it would take me a few years."

"Cough! Cough! What did you say? Ha! Did that Mana Baptism make you arrogant?"

"Ahh… Haha. I'm just kidding, grandpa… Thank you so much for teaching me. I guess I'm just special so it didn't go as you thought it would be. Ehem... Right, is there anything else you want to teach me since I already succeeded?"

Vincent immediately changed his tone. He recalled that although he learned a lot from his grandfather in the past few hours, he knows that there are things that his grandfather had kept to himself.

"What? Aren't you hurrying too much? Just stabilize your mana for now. Make sure not to carelessly use it. Since you just formed a real core, you can't play with the other kids for now, unless you can control it to an acceptable degree. For that, I will test you in a few days."

"Yes, grandpa! I will return to my room now."


Raizen nodded at this after seeing how obedient he was. Anyway, he had to make sure to advance his plans as well since he showed such a terrifying talent. It would be such a waste if he stayed here in this village forever.

He can only hope that Vincent won't get too attached to the people here. He wanted him to live a different life after all. Of course, he would still respect whatever his decision was and only give a piece of advice in the end.

With that in mind, Raizen decided to leave the house again to hunt in a different location. This is time, however, he didn't wear his normal clothes but he also took out his leather armguard and shinguard he kept underneath his bed.

"Haa~ It's been several years since I used this… Whatever, I need to find better materials for my grandson."

Raizen muttered as he quietly left the house with his hunting equipment and his cane.


After Vincent returned to his room, he immediately checked all the notifications he ignored before.

[ Your mana has increased. ]

[ Your mana has increased. ]

There were several of this kind so even though he hadn't seen his unit of mana yet, he knows that it increased a lot this time.

[ Congratulations! You have exceeded your Mana Threshold! ]

[ Mana: 10.10/10.00 ]

[ You have triggered the Mana Bath. You will receive a boost in your Mana Source. ]

[ You have completed the Mana Bath. ]

[ Your mana has increased. ]

[ Mana: 20/20 ]


Vincent couldn't contain his laughter as soon as he read all the notifications he just received!

His meager amount of mana has increased by over 10 times!

,m "Twenty points! Just like that! Haha! No wonder I feel so much better!"

Vincent is very excited. He can now try to use his Appraisal Ability! Perhaps this time, he can also enhance his items several times! Maybe he can even try to reach +5 or more!


He then noticed some of the words used by the system, his Mana Bath seem to be the Mana Baptism that he just had. As for the Mana Source, it is most likely the Core that his grandfather mentioned.

Although it was addressed differently, he can still guess this with so many clues.

Furthermore, Vincent also confirmed that his Item Awakening System had given him hidden quests or missions that he can complete to be rewarded.

Unfortunately, he can't see these missions so he can only try to continuously improve himself to trigger them.

It's a shame not to see these missions but he's still very satisfied with this as it would always give him a pleasant surprise.

"Hmm… It seems grandfather has left again… I can continue to experiment now."

Vincent muttered as he looked in the direction where Raizen went into.

After a moment, he took out his Dirty Wool Shirt +1 again.

Since this is his first item to enhance, it somehow held a sentimental value to him although not too much.

[ No Enhancement Stones found. Do you want to Enhance this item with Mana? ]

As soon as he triggered his Item Enhancement skill, this notification window immediately appeared in front of him.

He decided not to enhance it yet as he first decided to use his Basic Item Appraisal skill!

That's right! He wanted to be able to tell what are the changes with his Enhancement!

[ Do you want to Appraise the item? ]


As soon as he answered, he checked his current statistics.

[ Mana: 18/20 ]

Just like what the description of the skill says, it indeed took 2 units of mana to appraise an item.

Soon, the complete detail of the Dirty Wool Shirt appeared in front of him.

[ Dirty Wool Shirt ]

[ Quality: Poor

Number of Enhancements: 1/10

Durability: 22/22

Description: An outer garment normally worn by commoners. It has a decent ability to absorb moisture.

Remarks: No special properties found. Durability will be upgraded in every enhancement. ]

"So this is it…"

Vincent went silent for a while as he analyzed the content of the new window that popped out.

Finally, he would be able to see the statistics or the changes whenever he completes an enhancement!

With that in mind, he no longer hesitated as he enhanced the wool shirt.

[ Enhancement Successful. ]

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