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"I can finally feel the existence of mana… This is amazing…' Vincent couldn't hide his excitement as he continued his meditation to feel the presence of mana in his surroundings.

In the past, he can only know the existence of mana as a mere unit of measurement. He couldn't feel or sense the mana at all.

Or perhaps, he could somehow sense it but he doesn't know that it was actually mana.

Anyway, he can still recall how his mana slowly increased from 1.0 to 1.10, 1.20, 1.30 until it reached 1.90 units.

Almost a year had passed and he managed to increase his mana by almost a single unit just by eating those precious meats that his grandfather would bring him.

What made him even happier was the continuous notification he has been receiving ever since he managed to freely absorb the mana in his core.

That's right, during the past hour, Raizen taught him about the existence of a core. It's not an organ inside the body but it's the place where the Mana, which is also called the Essence of the World, gathers.

At first, he thought that it would be very difficult for him to do with his lack of understanding of mana but he was surprised to learn how easy it was.

It's probably because he's only starting, or perhaps it's because of the existence of his System that allowed him to feel its existence in his surroundings.

'This is a relaxing sensation. But grandpa said I should feel otherwise… Hmm. Can I increase the pace for a bit? I should be able to take a bit more mana. Anyway, I don't feel any exhaustion or pain like what he told me I should be experiencing…'

Vincent felt himself out for a little bit more. But after confirming that he has a very good condition, he decided to push his limits.

It started very weakly but as he gets used to it, he decided to just let the mana gets absorbed by his pores and gathered them at the center of his body.

'Grandpa mentioned how Mana can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you utilize it… I think I now understand what he meant.'

As soon as the surge of mana flowed right into his body, Vincent can tell that it is slowly tempering him… It's not just some pain or body ache he was experiencing!

'Wait… It's tempering my body?!' Vincent felt a bit alarmed as soon as he realized what was happening.

Raizen told him about this before he meditated but this wasn't supposed to happen!

'Isn't this Mana Baptism?! Grandpa said that it should only happen in another year or so once I have absorbed enough mana! This is too fast!'

Vincent felt a bit concerned about Mana Baptism. After all, this thing could fail!

Raizen mentioned that it will help all the Practitioners utilize or control Mana if they completed the Baptism. However, if it fails, it would become difficult to further pursue his career as a Mage or any profession that involves mana.

'Tsk! I can't fail this!'

There are common cases where people would not pass the Baptism but they can still use their mana… However, that would limit his capability and that is not what he wanted!

He recently learned that these unfortunate people would be called Apprentices. They were people with the ability to utilize mana but did not complete the Baptism which would ultimately mean a dead end in their path.

'I can't be stuck as an Apprentice forever!'

Vincent was determined to complete the tempering of Mana within his body at all costs!


"Ugh~ This… I thought he was just having some enlightenment. Isn't this Mana Baptism?"

Raizen was suddenly dumbfounded as soon as he realized what was happening. The mana in the surroundings started gathering in the room alerting everyone in the village who could feel the presence of mana.

Soon, the village chief and the others noticed where it was coming from and they quickly looked for Raizen.

"Old Raizen, what's going on here?"

"Is there a problem with your Core? Do you need any help?"

They then voiced their concern as they looked at him worriedly.

"No, I'm sorry for the disturbance… It is my grandson. He accidentally reached the Baptism stage." Raizen apologized with a helpless smile.

He even stealthily walks out of the house to ensure that he won't disrupt his grandson. He's really worried about the outcome of this baptism.

"What? He's already undergoing baptism? Isn't that too fast?" Clara can recall that she only managed to experience the baptism when she was twelve years old. She even failed in the end.

As for the others, they weren't able to experience the baptism at all as it still requires a certain talent or affinity with mana.

Within this village, she recalls that only five of them could somehow use a little bit of mana.

It seems that there is a new addition to that. After all, even if Vincent fails with his Baptism, he can still use a bit of it which can be very helpful in whatever common profession he would like to pursue.

"We will no longer disturb you then…" The village chief no longer said any words as he left with his group.

As for the kids, or Vincent's playmates, who were curious about his condition, Raizen assured them that he was fine and that there was nothing to worry about.

After they all left, he can only smile helplessly as he didn't really expect this situation to happen.

Raizen then looked at his small room nervously as he prayed to the goddesses that he knows for the safety and success of his grandson.


As he was still making his prayer, he suddenly felt a powerful wave of mana covering their entire village before vanishing without any traces!

"T-this is!"

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