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"A shooting star…'

As I was about to close the window of my room, I saw a streak of light in the night sky and as a common practice when I was still a child, I made a simple wish.


I thought that nothing unexpected will happen this night, however, the shooting star seem to be getting bigger and bigger as I worriedly came out of the house.

'This is bad…'

I realized that a meteorite is getting closer to my farm!

I immediately checked the surroundings to see if my neighbors or anyone else is seeing this.

Then, I saw a silhouette of a young child still on my farm.

"Not good! Get away from there!"

I shouted at the top of my lungs as I instinctively run over to get the child away from there.


"H-hey... Are you still alive? We're only playing, right? Vincent?"

"Ahh! Look! He's breathing again!"

"Whoa! Praise the Goddess! Hey! Millie, stop! Don't call Aunt Emma! He's alive! My prayer was effective!"

"Come here, Millie. Haha! I told you, my Silent Toad Fist Technique is powerful! He went unconscious for a while… I should really trust my father and train the other techniques too."

"No! My prayer is more powerful! It can bring back the dead!"

Four children around the age of five to seven years old gathered around the unconscious kid who seem to be their playmate.

"Can you try waking him up?"

"He must be tired… As long as he's breathing, he should be just fine."

"Let's just buy him two-No, three leafy candy from Uncle Eric…"

They all seem happy and relieved upon seeing their friend breathe again.

On the other hand, the said kid opened his eyes and looked at the unfamiliar faces.

'W-what? Who are these kids? Ugh… My chest.' He suddenly felt a stinging pain in his body as he clutched his chest in hurry. Luckily, it wasn't unbearable so he shouldn't be in a critical condition…

'What happened to that child? And that meteorite… Tsk. I'm not even in a hospital…'

He's so confused right now seeing unfamiliar faces and surroundings.

He has no idea who these four kids are and there is even another one who seemed to be hurrying here.

"What? He's really alive… I almost called Aunt Emma. Vincent! You scared me there!" The fifth kid said while panting. She was out of breath as she hurriedly ran over here.

"I'm not Vincent. What's going on—Aack!"

Suddenly, he felt another pain in his head as the memories of the original owner of the body came rushing to his mind.

It took him over a minute to calm down as the five children started panicking again.

"I told you… You shouldn't have hit him too much."

"W-what? You're the one who said we should just fight it out."


"Keep quiet! We should bring Vincent to Aunt Emma. He still needs to get treated."

"N-no! I'm fine. I just want to go home." Vincent, who was previously clutching his head due to pain, said in a tired voice.

"A-are you sure?" The kid who hit him with his so-called Fist Technique asked worriedly. It seems that he's afraid that he would inform his parents about this.

"Yeah… I just want to go home. I won't inform anyone about this. Just do the same."

Vincent answered with a sigh. Fortunately, he easily convinced the children as they also don't want to be scolded by their parents.

The child who punched Vincent apologized in the end and even offered to teach the Fist Technique in exchange.

But Vincent just wanted to get away from here and return to his room. He's too confused and he just wanted to fulfill the urge of his body right now. Aside from that, he's bad at dealing with other people, especially with children.

"L-let me help you…" One of the kids called Millie decided to stay and help him.

"You--Fine…" Vincent replied as he smiled helplessly.

Apparently, he wanted to refuse her help but it seems that the original owner of this body had a crush on this child and his soul hasn't completely dissipated yet.

'Ugh… I don't know anymore… I need to take a rest first.'

Vincent doesn't want to think too much as his head is still hurting. He'll figure this out once he had fully rested and organized his thoughts.

As soon as he returned home with Millie's help. He realized that his grandfather wasn't here yet and he was most likely still hunting for their dinner later.

Based on the memories forcefully injected into his mind, his grandfather is about 80 years old but still quite capable of hunting even a wild boar. This world seems to be a lot different from what he was used to.

After reassuring Millie that he was fine and wanted to rest, she finally left him alone.

"Mhmm… I really transmigrated, huh…"

Vincent looked around the small wooden house before looking at his hands and feet.

He was a 25-year-old farmer from Earth and most likely died after trying to save someone from a meteorite…

'Right, that kid that I tried saving… I wonder what happened. Did we die together? Hmmm… But, why is there a child in the middle of my farm anyway… Ahh! Isn't that the new scarecrow that Uncle Jan brought… Crap. Did I just die for nothing?'

After recalling the new scarecrow placed by his uncle on his farm, he couldn't help but feel aggrieved with what happened to him. But at the very least, he somehow managed to transmigrate and have the body of this child.

This child's name was simply Vincent and he has no surname.

He is a 6-year-old kid who doesn't seem to have any talent at all.

He was raised by his grandfather in this remote region and he's completely unaware of anything outside this village. Well, it's probably normal considering he's too young and that there are chances they'll encounter some savage beasts once they stepped out of the village.

"Now, what…"

Vincent knows that there should be some purpose or reason why he was sent here. But Vincent is just a normal kid with an abnormal grandfather raising him.

Well, abnormal is the closest term he can define him. Vincent knows that his grandfather is different since he had already seen various old men within the village and they weren't as capable as his grandfather.

'Hmmm… That's weird, this kid doesn't seem to have any talent or secrets… Haa~ Perhaps, it's something to do with my grandpa?'

He no longer has anything in his memories that could make this kid special so he could only make a guess.

"Ahh! Wait!"

As he was browsing Vincent's memories, he realized that he actually has a necklace given to him by his grandfather when he celebrated his 5th birthday. He was told that it was from his parents and he treasured it a lot…


He immediately checked the necklace he was wearing. It is just a simple string with a gray stone as its pendant…


He was suddenly confused since based on his memories, it should be a dark blue stone. However, it actually turned gray!

Crack… Crack…

The surprise wasn't over yet as the small stone started crumbling into pieces before it turned into ashes.


[ Congratulations! You have successfully assimilated with the Item Awakening System. ]

[ You have gained access to the First Stage of the Awakening Sequence, the Item Enhancement. ]

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