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Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 30: Spiritual Bird

Chapter 30: Spiritual Bird

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"Spiritual land..."

Fang Yuan looked ahead, his eyes full of passion.

Even the lowest grade of spiritual land was a great piece of treasure, and of course, with the rewards came the danger as well.

These spiritual grasses and flowers must have many spiritual beasts lurking around. Take for instance the previous encounter with the Pearl Tail Snake which was guarding the Poisonous Dragon Grass, there had to be many dangerous animals around all these spiritual plants.

"No risk, no rewards, right?"

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth, and looked determined, "Flower Fox Ferret, show me the way!"

The Flower Fox Ferret frequented this route, and it was safe the previous few times it came from here. As long as Fang Yuan stayed wary of the dangerous fog, he should be fine.


The Flower Fox Ferret was very clever and could lead the way in front, while Fang Yuan followed behind, focusing his inner power to his ears so that he could pick up any danger from the surroundings.

The dangerous fog no longer had the same effect as before, since Fang Yuan recalled his Master’s teachings and utilised the Meditative Tea Ceremony.

After a short while, the mountain fog dissipated and the view ahead appeared.

"That is..."

Fang Yuan witnessed the view in front of him and was in awe.

Within his vision, he could see a small green peak covered in a circle of white fog, as though the sky had curtains covering. Once he was inside, the sky was blood red, and the view of the sunset was spectacular.

"Can the wall of fog even cover the entire mountain peak?"

Fang Yuan felt weird, and if not for the Flower Fox Ferret, who was guiding him all the way, he would have been mesmerised and gotten lost.

This place was much more inconspicuous as compared to the secluded valley.


"Wait up!"

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and felt different.

"Even the air here smells fresher, and with it brings spirituality... A human being can extend his lifespan if he lives here, and if one practises martial arts here, he will experience amazing progress!"

His eyes glittered, "Based on this magical feeling, there is no doubt that this is a piece of spiritual land!"

Fang Yuan felt as though he had won the top prize.

But at this stage, he remained calm, followed the Flower Fox Ferret and ran towards the Green Peak.

Behind the Green Peak was a ridge of barren cliffs, with many black spots on it. As the sky darkened, it became increasingly hard to see.

The Flower Fox Ferret became alert, waved his paws and remained completely silent.

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and followed it to the bottom of the cliff.

"Eh? This is..."

Under the cliff was a small lake. The lake water was green as jade, and surrounding the lake was white sand all around.

At the bottom of the cliff, the smell of the spiritual fertilizer filled the air, and he became speechless as he looked at the beach ahead.

"This ’beach’... It is all made up of spiritual fertilizer, so much... so much spiritual fertilizer!"

He mumbled to himself and was happy beyond words.

He already knew how the spiritual fertilizer looked like. It was made up of translucent droplets and was everywhere around the beach. A few obvious holes seemed to be dug up by some animal, and the droplets became increasingly transparent with increasing deepness into the beach and the layer on top was pure white.

"It seems that the more transparent the spiritual fertilizer, the more effective it is... I don’t even know what formed this beach, I’ve struck gold!"

Fang Yuan’s eyes glittered. He took out his bamboo basket, rolled up his sleeves and was prepared to collect the spiritual fertilizer.


At this moment, a fist-sized white bird with red eyes landed on a neighbouring tree and began to squeak in anger.

Its squawking disturbed a neighbouring large bird, which was about 10 times the size of it, like a large eagle. It flew straight at Fang Yuan.

"Hmm? Another type of spiritual bird, this place is indeed very conducive to spiritual things!"

Fang Yuan remained calm, his right hand forming into a claw-shape, and as quick as lightning, "Eagle Claw!"


Amid a short squawk, large amounts of white feathers scattered around.

This large bird could be considered to be a mutant at best, half spiritual bird, but still not a real spiritual animal, so how could it be Fang Yuan’s match?

With one swipe, Fang Yuan’s Eagle Claw broke its neck.

"Ha ha... Flower Fox Ferret, we have an additional dish for dinner!"

Fang Yuan tossed the spiritual bird into the bamboo basket and smiled at the Flower Fox Ferret.

However, at this point in time, the Flower Fox Ferret jumped at Fang Yuan and pulled on his clothing as though it was running for its life.


Seeing how it reacted, it was obvious that it could sense that something extremely dangerous was approaching. Its fur stood up straight.

Fang Yuan decided not to care about the spiritual fertilizer at this moment, picked up his bamboo basket and disappeared like the wind.


At his back, the small white bird’s squawking increased in intensity.




All the surrounding birds in the vicinity began to squawk, one by one flapped their wings and flew down. It was the Red-eyed White birds from the previous encounter.


Fang Yuan was scared out of his wits, and channelled all his inner power to his legs, and ran for his life.

He had to run!

The Red-eyed White Birds covered the entire sky behind him!

With their numbers, even if they were half-spiritual birds, real spiritual beasts would still be no match for them!

The Flower Fox Ferret was also running for its life.

"I finally know why the Flower Fox Ferret didn’t want me to come here!"

Fang Yuan ran and his thoughts ran faster, "With their numbers, a normal person could never outrun them and would be pecked to death!"

"To the fog!"

He was a decisive person and chose to run into the fog wall.

The birds chased from above, and even though Fang Yuan had a head start and had the assistance of the inner power, he would be outrun in no time, and the only hope he had was to hide in the dense forest or fog to lose the birds.


The Flower Fox Ferret did not lie to Fang Yuan.

At his current speed, he disappeared into the fog as soon as the Red-eyed White Birds formed a large group and began to chase after them.


Having lost track of Fang Yuan, the murderer of their friend, the large group of birds could only circle around the mountain and squawk in sorrow... It could be heard around the entire spiritual land.

After venting their anger, the birds returned to their nest at the top of the cliff, and gradually quietened down.


Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and dared not to agitate the birds again. He slowly retreated out of the place.


After experiencing the spiritual energy within the spiritual land, Fang Yuan felt that the outside world was unbearable, as though the heavens and earth were polluted.

The truth was that the environment of the entire Clear Spirit Mountain was pretty good, but he still felt this way as he compared it to the spiritual land.

"Spiritual land!"

Fang Yuan eyed on the land covered by the fog, and felt emotional, "This spiritual land is all mine!"

He had no reason not to feel this way!

A natural spiritual land was a huge treasure itself, who knew what other spiritual plants might be hidden on the Green Peak, and the spiritual fertilizer, all these were enough for Fang Yuan to drool over.

"And the spiritual birds... Such big birds, the king of these birds must be a spiritual beast, and may even be a grade higher than the Flower Fox Ferret!"

Fang Yuan’s biggest wish was to own the entire Green Peak and take it as his own, then shift his spiritual tea and spiritual rice over here.

Nothing in the secluded valley could match up to this spiritual land!

"A pity... I am still not strong enough..."

Fang Yuan frowned, "With so many spiritual birds around, I’m afraid only Wu Zongs can put up a fight?"

Thinking to this point, he looked at his bamboo basket.

Other than a thin layer of spiritual fertilizer, there was a spoil of his battle!

"Ha ha... Flower Fox Ferret, didn’t you complain that the beggar chicken is not enough? We can enjoy tonight!"

Fang Yuan carefully observed the spiritual bird in his hands.

It had feathers as white as snow, but its eyes were blood red. It also had talons that glittered like a precious metal, and to top it off, a sharp beak, like a tiny eagle.

After sparring with this spiritual bird, Fang Yuan knew that it was rather strong.

Although it might seem that it could not withstand a single move from Fang Yuan, after all, Fang Yuan was a martial artist at the 5th Gate, equivalent to a deacon from the outside world!

Looking at how fast the Red-eyed White Birds attacked if it was a normal person, a peck and a claw would have been able to dig out an eye!

"What type of mutant bird is this? Why have I not heard of it before? What is it called? Red-Eyed Falcon? White-feathered crow? Red-eyed White Bird?"

Fang Yuan felt like giving it a name and decided, "Mmm... Red-Eyed White Bird sounds best, Ha ha......I am indeed talented in giving names..."

Unknowingly, the white ferret, who was also forced to adopt the name of Flower Fox Ferret, was speechless and rolled its eyes.

Of course, it only felt unjust for a short while.

The Flower Fox Ferret threw all pride away when he saw Fang Yuan cooked a meal of Beggar Bird Meat. He circled Fang Yuan like a dog trying to please its owner.

"This is creepy, you are a ferret, not a dog, so act like one and have some ferret pride!"

Fang Yuan didn’t know to cry or laugh at the scene, tore the Beggar Bird into half and threw it towards the Flower Fox Ferret.


Flower Fox Ferret pounced and munched on it, and let out a satisfying growl.

To it, what’s a little dignity worth when there’s good food?

"Mm? Is the taste that good?"

Seeing the Flower Fox Ferret, Fang Yuan took a bite off the bird, and his expression changed.

"This bird meat is more tender than a chicken; it’s fragrant and nice too. Delicious! Delicious!"

He gobbled down the bird, rubbed his tummy with satisfaction and felt warmth rising within his body. His expression changed, "This nutrition level should be comparable to a meal of the Vermillion Jade Rice right? As expected from a spiritual bird!"

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