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Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 13: Fisherman

Chapter 13: Fisherman

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After the Poisonous Dragon Grass was found, the Flower Fox Ferret started making a hissing sound to indicate there was danger approaching. The Flower Fox Ferret’s fur rose and its back became arched like a bow.


At that moment, Fang Yuan heard a sound from a pile of white rocks and a black long animal came crawling out with half of its body raised. It showed hostility while showing its purple-red coloured tongue.

"Is this....a snake?"

He was shocked by the sudden presence of the snake.

This snake was about 3 feet long and as wide as a thumb. The black scales on it was glittering. What caught his eye was its white tail which was like a pearl necklace. Its fangs were sharp and there was a big bulge on top of its head. The bulge was like a purple pearl showing a bit of glitter.

"Pearl Tail Snake?"

Fang Yuan recalled what Master Wenxin mentioned and linked the different types of the very poisonous living matter that existed in the Clear Spirit Mountain. "Definitely....not a normal Pearl Tail Snake as this black one is way longer. Plus, the black one has an additional bulge on top of its head....perhaps because of mutation?"

He was very sure that this black snake was neither a spiritual animal nor just a normal Pearl Tail Snake.


At that moment, the Flower Fox Ferret showed its claws and started moving forward.

Seeing a white furred Flower Fox Ferret, this mutated Peal Tail Snake seemed to be afraid of the Flower Fox Ferret. It then curled into a circle, with its head popping out.

"Yes....Flower Fox Ferrets are naturally enemies with snakes. Since this ferret is a Spiritual beast and has the effects of the spiritual tea, it should be able to defeat the snake...."

Pearl Tail Snake was extremely poisonous and Fang Yuan was definitely no match for the snake with just his knife and the antidote. He immediately went to hide and anxiously oversaw the situation.

Both beasts stared at each other for a while. Suddenly, the Flower Fox Ferret moved a few steps.


The Pearl Tail Snake started spitting out translucent liquid, like shooting an arrow, from its fangs.

"Spitting poison?"

Fang Yuan was watching frantically at the side, knowing that he was unlikely to dodge away from the poison if he was the one dueling.

At that moment, the Flower Fox Ferret was in mid-air and dodged away from the poison quickly like the speed of lightning. The Flower Fox Ferret then moved to the pile of white rocks and then clenched onto the neck of the Pearl Tail Snake using its front claws. The tail of the Pearl Tail Snake was left wrapping around and the Flower Fox Ferret, showing its sharp teeth, took this chance to take a bite around the neck.


The head of the Pearl Tail Snake dropped with just one bite from the Flower Fox Ferret.

"Well done!"

Fang Yuan came over and celebrated.

He went to look for the place where the poison landed from the Pearl Tail Snake. The place became burnt, with the rocks being disintegrated into pieces.

"Not bad Flower Fox Ferret!"

Fang Yuan complimented the Flower Fox Ferret and carefully kept the Poisonous Dragon Grass. "Combine this with the Three Star Grass, a leaf and this Pearl Tail Snake....The ingredients for Master’s ‘Yama’s Order’ would be complete!"

The name of this medicine sounded scary, but in fact is a detoxification medicine, which can detoxify many types of poison. This medicine can even save one’s life who was almost dying from poison.

"Hey! Stop eating so much, I still need the snake!"

After the quarrel, Fang Yuan silently looked at the Flower Fox Ferret carrying the Pearl Tail Snake. The snake was bitten into half like a sugar cane. The Flower Fox Ferret dug out a purple green snake bile and swallowed it down.

"Luckily, the poisonous capsules are still inside...."

Fang Yuan went to check again and was relieved.

Knowing that even though how divine the Flower Fox Ferret was, when facing such mutated Peal Tail Snake with extreme poison, the Flower Fox Ferret was cautious when eating the Pearl Tail Snake.


"Even though this time when I enter the mountains, I cannot find the Spiritual Fertilizer but I manage to gather all the ingredients for Yama’s Order. I can start to prepare this medicine when I get back...."

On the way back home, Fang Yuan’s mood was great.

Even though the effect of Yama’s Order is very strong, the process of making it is not really complicated. Only a few types of ingredients were needed in ratio. Mixing and tanning of these ingredients would then produce the medicine. The only difficult part was getting the ingredients as they were rare.

"With this medicine, it will be much more convenient when I go travel next time...."

Fang Yuan pondered his face changed suddenly.

A broken tree appeared suddenly in front of him. The tree, which was as wide as one’s waist, was truncated at the middle portion.

This was nothing but what was strange was that a very clear palm print was on the truncated portion of the tree!

"Definitely a person, but someone with such strength?!"

Fang Yuan became alert and found some footprints of a wolf pack. "The wolves fought all the way till the Clear Spirit Mountain here?"


The white Flower Fox Ferret became tense up as well after seeing the wolves’ tracks.

"Let’s go and have a look!"

Fang Yuan was a young adult and out of curiousity, wanted to find out what happened.

The Flower Fox Ferret sniffed the ground and then went off in a direction.

Fang Yuan went after it closely but along the way, he saw even more footprints and traces of blood.

"Judging from the scene, definitely one is chasing the other...."

Fang Yuan was cautious and slowed down his footsteps even more when he heard noises coming from ahead.

"Han Shou....a traitor....."

Along with the wind blowing from the mountains, a series of human voice could be heard vaguely.

Fang Yuan didn’t dare to charge to the front. He observed his surroundings and then climbed up onto a big tree. He used the massive size of the canopy of the tree as a cover and observed from above.

He was lucky as it was just a piece of grassland further up front. He saw 2 people fighting, one in white while the other in black. Both of them didn’t seem to know that they were being watched.

"Master....I was wrong. Please spare me...."

Fang Yuan came at the wrong time as the fight seemed to be ending. The one in black was punched at the middle of his chest. He began spitting out big pool of blood and then kneeled down to beg for forgiveness.

After seeing what happened, Fang Yuan felt that his faith in great martial artists were destroyed.

" seems that skilled martial artists need not have a good character..... Previously they could fight with no regard for their lives. But the moment when he was losing he immediately knelt and beg for his life to be spared..."

Being an observer, he only thought about himself and did not think from the perspectives of these martial artists.

After the one in black kneeled down, the one in white seemed to hesitate while raising his right hand. His face turned red and started scolding loudly.

Fang Yuan could only hear the 2 words ‘traitor’ and ‘treasure’ vaguely. He couldn’t catch the rest of the sentence.

Just when he was about to leave since he thought the show had ended, something happened!

The man in black suddenly gave a strong punch to the chest of the man in white.


The sound of fractures was so deafening that Fang Yuan could hear it very clearly. The man in white then returned with another punch onto the man in black. The man in black was now injured badly, but was spitting out blood and laughing, making him looked arrogant.

"That man is ruthless!"

Fang Yuan was amazed by the comeback. "That comeback was a big turnover!"

At that moment, the man in black stumbled forward to the dead man in white and seemed to be looking for something. However, the man in black went down as well.

"What? Both parties are defeated? Looks like the man in white is more skilled than the other as he managed to injure the other one before he die!"

Fang Yuan hurried down the tree and went to the edge of the fighting zone, but didn’t dare to move any nearer.

The fight between the two and the damage they had caused scared him a little, hence he didn’t dare to move closer.

The man in black who survived was especially cunning. What if he realised that he was being watched the whole time and decided to pretend to be dead, wouldn’t it be Fang Yuan walking into his own grave if he decided to recover the bodies?

Upon consideration, Fang Yuan picked up a rock and threw it on the man in black.


There was no reaction.

He picked and threw another again!


There was no reaction still.

Fang Yuan became suspicious and picked a very large rock. He used all his strength and manage to throw it on the man in black.

The sound of a bone fracture was heard.....

"Still no reaction? Or is it because he was seriously injured?"

Fang Yuan saw a pool of blood flowing and was forming a small creek.

"Flower Fox Ferret, go and bite his neck gently!"

Fang Yuan gestured for a long time to the Flower Fox Ferret before it went forward to hold the man in black by the neck. Fang Yuan then slowly went nearer to check.

The man in white had already became a corpse. He looked simple and honest, looked like he was in his 30s.

However, the man in black, who looked okay, had a slightly sharp chin, making him look slight ruthless. At that point, his face was as white as paper. His chest had depression, along with fractured ribs and leg.

"This man is ruthless....however, he is still useful...."

Fang Yuan began searching the 2 men. He found nothing from the man in black and then cursed him silently. Flintstones, a golden leaf and 2 bottles of good medicine were found in the pocket of the man in white. These things were probably what the man in black was looking for but unfortunately, he fainted due to his serious injuries.

"This medicine should be good and well known elsewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t know this medicine personally...."

After an intensive search, Fang Yuan couldn’t find any martial arts manual that he wanted badly. He then looked at the mess the man in black made and hesitated.

He bit his teeth and decided to dig a grave to bury the man in white. He looked at the man in black again and had mixed feelings.


"Don’t....Don’t come any closer!"

He dreamt of his senior brother being covered in blood, came pleading to survive.

Han Shou screamed and then woke up from his dream.

He was lying on a wooden bed, which had a slight soft curvature to it. There were many wooden furnitures around him and the place looked simple.

To him, who had been so close to death, this place was like heaven.

"What happen? Didn’t I...."

Han Shou quivered and struggled to get up. However, he was injured so badly that there was intense pain at his chest and his leg. He couldn’t help but felt everything that happened was strange.

He could remember vividly that he was punched in the chest with great force by his senior brother, but he just couldn’t figure out why his leg was injured badly as well?

Plus, how did he end up here? What was this place?

"You are finally awake?"

The creaking sound of the door opening revealed a normal looking young adult carrying a bowl of medicine into the room. Heaving a sigh of relief, he said "The other day I was collecting medicine and found you injured by chance. I was scared to death but luckily thank god...."

He helped Han Shou to get up and wanted to feed him medicine.

Han Shou managed to sit upright. He realised his clothes and his right boot were untouched, then heaved a sigh of relief.

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