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Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1182 - Bloody Battle

Chapter 1182: Bloody Battle

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They want the three of us to be bait again? Why didn’t they do something when the Emperor Beast attacked the six of us? Fang Yuan said nothing, his thoughts turning rapidly in his mind.

That’s right. The two patriarchs were rushing to cross the river previously. After all, they did not have the confidence to kill the Emperor Beast with one blow, so they naturally had to protect their own interests first. Now that the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss is within reach, they’re finally going to get rid of us.

He sneered.

To the two patriarchs, the Emperor Beast was a threat to them refining the natural source, but so were the Dao Ancestors!

This way, I guess Dao Ancestor Jun Tian really had good intentions when he advised me not to come. However, it also shows his hypocrisy!

He gazed at the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss above the altar and was about to say something when the fire seed of the Huaxia civilization in his chest suddenly vibrated slightly. Fang Yuan thought about it and kept silent.

“So?” Dao Ancestor Hu Tian immediately had a black face as he glanced around with an icy glare after seeing the three Dao Ancestors trying to push the task away from themselves.

On the other hand, Patriarch Jun Tian smiled with his lips moving ever so slightly, evidently secretly transmitting his voice!

“All right... I’m willing to take the risk since you’re giving such a condition! But you have to remember to keep your promise!” Dao Ancestor Black Thorn gritted his teeth and actually agreed to whatever it just heard.

As soon as it agreed, Dao Ancestors Fang Yuan and Feng Hua were immediately in a precarious situation, and they had no choice but to nod reluctantly in the end.

“Haha... Good, those who understand the times are wise!” Patriarch Hu Tian was very satisfied with the three. “Go then!”

The three of them took a deep breath and went to the river of resentment.

The river was quiet, very different from how it was when it was being suppressed just now. Obviously, it was still savoring the blood sacrifices of the Dao Ancestors.

It was still calm after a few breaths. The Dao Ancestors fell silent.

Clearly, the Emperor Beast was not merely a wild beast. It was as cunning and as dangerous as a human, so how could it fall for such an obvious trap?

Dao Ancestor Black Thorn’s expression became ugly after seeing this scene.

Because according to the agreement, it would have to transform into the black snake and actively lure the Emperor Beast if it did not take this bait.

However, would the river of the grievences of Dao Ancestors be so cooperating?

For a Dao Ancestor like Feng Hua, the moment her body touched the black river water, it would be severely injured.

Even the two patriarchs could only withstand for as long as ten breaths. Of course, with this time, they could have suppressed the river and crossed it long ago if there were no Emperor Beast.

The black snake incarnation of Dao Ancestor Black Thorn could swim around in the black river for more than ten breaths, which was its limit.

The Emperor Beast is extremely proud. It will definitely fight back when it meets the provocation of the black snake! The two patriarchs will be able to give it a fatal blow once it can indicate the direction!

Fang Yuan gazed at Dao Ancestors Hu Tian and Jun Tian.

They might be standing with their hands behind their backs now, but they had obviously entered the state of full alert. Any sign and they would take the initiative to attack with the light of the Great Cosmological Abyss!

Sigh...” Beside him, Dao Ancestor Black Thorn sighed quietly. It transformed into the black snake and plunged into the calm river.


The scales of the black snake made a violent noise when it came into contact with the river water, and white smoke appeared.

Evidently, being in contact with the black water was not a walk in the park for this Dao Ancestor either.

Only the heaven-defying body of the Emperor Beast could stay hidden within the river of the grievences of Dao Ancestors for so long without harming its body.

Bloop! Bloop!

After the black snake entered the water, the originally calm water surface started making waves.

Dao Ancestors Fang Yuan and Feng Hua looked at each other, and they retreated to the edge of the river. They looked on vigilantly with the attitude that screamed a fellow Daoist could die but not me.

One breath!

Two breaths!


After thirteen breaths, the calm water suddenly exploded at the eastern side of the altar, and the black snake popped back out quickly.

If you took a closer look, you would find that this black snake only had half of its body intact, seeming to be cut off at the waist.


The waves soared into the sky and turned into countless black raindrops.

The Emperor Beast suddenly jumped out with its tail twitching.

“Save me!” Dao Ancestor Black Thorn shouted out for help. The two patriarchs joined forces once again, and the light of the Great Cosmological Abyss in the chaos slammed down.

However, they were a step late. The big mouth of the Emperor Beast opened, and Dao Ancestor Black Thorn disappeared without a trace.

“Evil beast!” Dao Ancestors Hu Tian and Jun Tian howled in anger. The light of the Great Cosmological Abyss transformed into a long sword and pierced straight at the Emperor Beast.


After the deafening ring, two scales fell from the Emperor Beast’s chest. It flew from the black river and landed among the group of void beast kings. It immediately got up again, as if nothing had happened.

Both Fang Yuan and Feng Hua sucked in a breath of cold air after seeing this.

The body of this Emperor Beast was just that powerful! Not only could it roam freely in the river of resentment, but it was only slightly injured after the combined attack of the two patriarchs!

Seeing this, Dao Ancestors Jun Tian and Hu Tian became crestfallen, knowing that they would have to pay a terrible price to finish off this monster even if they worked together.

Roar Roar!

The Emperor Beast roared, and the remaining void beast kings could no longer procrastinate. A thin but dense layer of blood veins appeared on their bodies. They went berserk and charged to the altar behind the Emperor Beast.

A very depressing situation happened right at that moment. It seemed as though the death of their three second-realm Dao Ancestors appeased the river of resentment so much that it maintained its calm. The translucent palms did not actively attack as long as they passed by from above without disturbing the black water.

This path that originally blocked the Dao Ancestors became a smooth channel for them.

“Damn it!”

Fang Yuan and Dao Ancestor Feng Hua glanced at each other. They could only bite the bullet and fall into the siege of void beast kings.

Patriarchs Jun Tian and Hu Tian had no choice but to join forces against the Emperor Beast.

Speaking of which, their treasure hunting this time was nearing a full-fledged defeat. So many of the Dao Ancestors had fallen, and even Dao Ancestor Feng Hua was beckoning Fang Yuan, almost begging with her eyes.

Obviously, what she meant was that there was little chance of getting the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss, and they would likely become cannon fodder if they continued, so they might as well try their best to escape.

To be honest, the Fang Yuan a moment ago would have been interested in this proposal.

But right now, he remained silent. The changes of the fire seed in his chest enabled him to keenly grasp another hidden card!

Combining the anomalies of the two patriarchs earlier and that resolve to save their energy, everything was becoming clear to him!

There’s another force coveting the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss!

Fang Yuan’s eyes brightened. Even though he was bathed in blood, he scanned the entire battlefield.

And that force... is the almighties from the Huaxia and Huxia universes on the outside!

There had always been a doubt in his mind.

Where had the almighties of the Huaxia Universe gone?

Patriarch Hu Tian and Jun Tian were the former leaders of the two sides. They had entered the Final Destination a long time ago, and the leadership had long swapped hands.

Furterhmore, their strengths were probably not lower than ordinary almighties!

Otherwise, how could they occupy the top position of the two strongest forces in the Great Cosmological Abyss?

However, they had a series of wars that turned the Huaxia Universe into a state of regressing into void for some unknown reason.

Countless Dao Ancestors should have died in that war, but there had to be some strong ones who survived.

Fang Yuan originally thought that they would be recuperating in other universes influenced by the radiance of the Huaxia civilization. However, the civilization fire seed had clearly sensed something just now.

There’s at least a second-realm almighty of Grand Xia who entered the Final Destination and is even here as well!! Fang Yuan clenched his fists tightly.

There were only two ways to enter this place. The first was by chance coincidence and following the guidance of the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss. Any Dao Ancestor could use this method.

The second method was for a Dao Ancestor with at least the power of five Dao Fruits to discover this secret with their own spirituality.

Obviously, it was very easy for any almighty to reach the Final Destination, not to mention the Emperor Xi Stone Tablet dedicated to this matter.

Perhaps, there isn’t just one party at work. There might be two groups from the top Dao Ancestors of Grand Xia in the Great Cosmological Abyss. Of course, they also want to obtain the natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss and break through the Dao Ancestors realm.

Although the probability of breaking through the Dao Ancestor realm in the Final Destination might be much higher, that did not mean that no experts existed in the Great Cosmological Abyss.

At least, the emergence of a few almighties at the Create realm was not something unthinkable for both the Huaxia and Huxia universes!

Everything else flowed naturally. After their fight, they might have been in pursuit, or maybe they took the initiative to enter the Final Destination. However, they have all lurked around silently, waiting for the chance to break through the Dao Ancestor realm.

Fang Yuan gazed at the two patriarchs in battle.

Clearly, Hu Tian and Jun Tian also felt something since they were unwilling to help previously.

And right now, the situation is clear. This is the best time! Fang Yuan gritted his teeth secretly. The situation will be set once the patriarchs wipe out the Emperor Beast!

Would the two patriarchs have negotiated any private dealings with the two parties?

Hehe... The natural source of the Great Cosmological Abyss might only be enough for one person to break through. In the face of this great temptation, even masters and disciples would turn against each other.

Furthermore, with the relationship between the former and the current leaders, solely a conflict of authority and status was enough to provoke anything.

This was also one of the reasons why the two forces had gone incognito after entering the Final Destination!

Roar Roar!

The Emperor Beast wailed as its wing was torn off by Patriarch Hu Tian.

Of course, Patriarch Hu Tian was not better off. There was a fresh claw mark on his chest that was dripping with blood.

The Emperor Beast roared, its sound vibrating all around, and the platinum blood that oozed out of the wound exuded a strong power of the Great Cosmological Abyss. It rushed forward.


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