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Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1175 - Mayhem

Chapter 1175: Mayhem

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dust and rubble flew everywhere.

A small pit appeared in the ground with a purple sword in the middle of it.

“It really is you. I knew things couldn’t be so coincidental...”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath, brushed the dust off his body, and immediately saw the smiling face of Xu Junzi. “Looks like... both of you are in cahoots, and it isn’t the first time you’re committing robbery and murder, right? Aren’t you afraid of Dao Ancestor City’s sanctions?”

“Dao Ancestor City?” Xu Junzi smiled disdainfully. “Let this humble person teach Fellow Daoist something. As long as it doesn’t occur within the walls of Dao Ancestor City, the higher-ups won’t care about any fights...”

“Today, either you die or I die!” Shan Jun shouted and aimed his arrow at Fang Yuan.

“Your actions are simply too... crazy...”

Given the intelligence of Dao Ancestors, this trap should not have been so shallow, but Fang Yuan suddenly thought of something.

These two Dao Ancestors must have been driven crazy by the Final Destination, and only death could give them peace.

Be it Fang Yuan’s death or theirs!

“In that case...” Fang Yuan smiled, knowing that his ploy to lead the snake out of its hole was too casual. Fortunately, his enemies took the initiative.

He drew his long saber. “I can spare your lives if you stop now!”


A sudden moon appeared in the sky as he struck.

Shan Jun was staring blankly at the longbow in his hand when the moonlight fell upon him, and his longbow broke in half with a loud ‘clack’.

“The power of five Dao Fruits?!” Xu Junzi’s eyes flashed, and he seemed to realize something. “You hid your true strength earlier? Shan Jun, don’t hold back!”

A layer of platinum light appeared on his body. It was the secondary power of the Great Cosmological Abyss!

After all, he had stayed in the Final Destination for quite some time and had accumulated a large number of void pills through robbing others and his own savings. He had ingested them day and night before finally reaching the Save realm.

The so-called ‘Save’ was the ability to save the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss within your body and release it when needed. Some talented Dao Ancestors could reach this realm by exploring slowly and having an ample supply of void pills.

However, the application of this power was different from Dao Ancestor power.

For example, Xu Junzi, who had about the power of two or three Dao Fruits, dared to compete with Fang Yuan after releasing the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss!


On another side, Shan Jun roared, tore his shirt, and pounced forward with the appearance of a two-headed tiger.

“Sure enough. Those who dare to play tricks on other Dao Ancestors must have some tricks up their sleeve!”

Fang Yuan’s thought moved, and a cyan light enveloped his body.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The weight of his body seemed to disappear as he seemed to turn into a paper figure before the fierce tiger. He fluttered with the wind, becoming unreachable by the claws of the tiger, as he flew backward.

Shan Jun could not reach him even though he pounced at him again and again.


Fang Yuan dodged and avoided an arrow containing the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss.

“Shan Jun, we’ll definitely be killed by him in the future if we don’t kill him today!” Xu Junzi gnashed his teeth and glanced secretly at the city.

“You want to slip into the city to save yourself? Seems different from what you said!” Fang Yuan smiled and wiped his hand on the body of the saber.

Whoo! Whoo!

A platinum light enveloped the saber.

“You-you’re also at the Save realm? Why? Why did you deliberately lie to me yesterday then?” Xu Junzi was shocked and angry at the same time.

“To be precise, I wasn’t at the Save realm when I arrived. I comprehended it thanks to your hundred-odd void pills...”

“Hundred-odd pills?” Xu Junzi immediately recalled their trade yesterday, and he had a bitter taste in his mouth. “An ordinary Dao Ancestor might not have any improvement even if they swallowed a thousand void pills!”

“Perhaps... it’s because I’m different?” Fang Yuan smiled and slashed with his saber. White light flashed in the air.

Shan Jun stopped in shock as his huge tiger heads fell off. Blood spattered wildly.

In fact, Fang Yuan had not told the truth.

He has been thinking about the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss since he was in the outside world, and the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss remained on his two Dao Fruits, so he understood it rather deeply.

With this as a foundation, coupled with coming to the Final Destination, he had improved his insights and knowledge, especially with the baptism at the stele forest yesterday that was very rewarding.

In addition, the hundred-odd void pills that Xu Junzi had generously provided him with springboarded him to a breakthrough.

“After all, void beast flesh can’t be consumed in bulk like void pills, which is why it’s more valuable than void beast flesh...”

Fang Yuan nodded inwardly, only to see Xu Junzi running to the city gate without a word.


His escape route was suddenly blocked by a stone wall. He could only turn around and look stiffly at Fang Yuan. “What do I have to do for you to let me off?”

“How interesting... You’re still putting up a final struggle...”

Fang Yuan stepped forward. His saber seemed to gain a life of its own as it drew an arc and hit a purple light flying.

That purple light was wrapped up in white light and suspended above Xu Junzi’s head, showing its flying sword body.

“Compared to Shan Jun, a Dao Ancestor who has reached the first realm has a lot of tricks!”

Fang Yuan sneered. If he had been careless just now, he would have suffered from the flying sword. “But now... you have no more chances! Kill!”

“Die!” Xu Junzi made the flying sword land in his hand, expanded the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss, and transformed into an afterimage.


Their figures passed by each other and then stopped in their tracks.

Fang Yuan touched his cheek that had a streak of blood on it.

Behind him, Xu Junzi’s body split into five pieces, spraying blood all over.

“Ah...” Fang Yuan exhaled a long breath, feeling a strong sense of surreality.

The Dao Ancestors that he had to unleash all of his power to seal in the outside world died so easily here?

“It seems that this is also a special part of the Final Destination. A Dao Ancestor is truly dead once they die and has no hope of resurrection? Is this a place of hope or a grave for Dao Ancestors?”

Fang Yuan pursed his lip and looked at the corpses of the two Dao Ancestors.

Suddenly, with a glance at the corner of his eye, he picked out a platinum crystal from the pool of blood.

This crystal was octagonal and as clear as a diamond, but it had a platinum light source in the middle.

“This condensation of the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss in Xu Junzi’s body... is worth at least a thousand void pills...”

Fang Yuan stored away the spoils of his battle and exhaled. “This Final Destination... is truly cruel...”


An earthshaking sword light appeared just as he was about to pack up and return to the city.

The sword light rose to the sky like a platinum mountain range, flipped over, and fell onto the city wall with tremendous force.


The light of all sorts of arrays flashed, and a huge gap was cut out of the city walls.

The figures of many flew out, looking alarmed like stray dogs.

“Dao Ancestor City... was cut by a sword?” Fang Yuan found it incredible. “This requires at least the power of ten Dao Fruits and being an almighty at the Create realm?”

Those who could accomplish this feat had to be at peak Dao Ancestor and could continuously extract the power of the Great Cosmological Abyss from this place itself.

A Dao Ancestor at the first realm would have to be stingy about every use of power. This was the instinct of every Dao Ancestor.

“Why would someone that powerful fight in Dao Ancestor City?”

Fang Yuan retreated fast, puzzled by the turn of events.

In between the cross-fire, his thoughts were on Wang She and the changes of the outside Huaxia Universe.

“Dao Ancestor City has existed for a long time. Moreover, conflicts won’t break out suddenly. There has to be a reason, and it’s most likely a Dao Ancestor that has just entered the Final Destination! I just don’t know if it’s Wang She or someone else...”

The strengths of the original forces were in balance, and they would not easily fight. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

Something that could topple the fulcrum of all parties was definitely a contradiction between the Huaxia and the Huxia universes, and it was most likely triggered due to a foreign Dao Ancestor.

“After all, not all Dao Ancestors can be indifferent to everything like Yi Bo...”

Fang Yuan stood still and watched the battlefield.

“Leave now!”

“Seriously, why are Dao Ancestor Hu Tian and Dao Ancestor Jun Tian fighting? Are the two forces going to war?”

“These two are at peak Dao Ancestor and the second Create realm. There is infinite power between them, and ordinary Dao Ancestors will die immediately. Not good, the others are fighting as well!”



Even more figures fled from Dao Ancestor City.

Occasionally, some unlucky ones were swept into the battle and immediately vaporized.

“This brother!” Fang Yuan stopped a Dao Ancestor dressed in black Daoist robes. “What’s happening in Dao Ancestor City?”

Sigh... It’s Huaxia and Huxia’s strife...” The Daoist shook his head. “Those events happened outside, so why bring it to the Final Destination?”

The so-called external hatred is probably just a spark. The root cause must be a contradiction in this Final Destination. Otherwise, why would they fight so easily and put themselves in danger so lightly?

Fang Yuan had no choice but to retreat with the other Dao Ancestors as the battlefield expanded.


A clear and crisp sound suddenly came from the sky.

A multi-colored brilliance turned into a meteor and fell not far away, turning into the corpse of a Phoenix as large as a mountain. A trace of white light condensed outside its body.

“I recognize it... It’s one of the most powerful from the Huaxia Universe, Dao Ancestor Five Elements!” a Dao Ancestor murmured and then suddenly sprinted toward the corpse.

The other Dao Ancestors did the same, as though they just woke up from sleeping.

“All of them are vultures...” Fang Yuan could not hide his contempt at this scene.

The condensation of Xu Junzi was akin to a thousand void pills, so just how valuable would this be?

Not to mention, they might even be able to enter the second realm and reach heaven in one step!

With such a massive profit lying in front of them, no reason nor logic could stop the madness of these Dao Ancestors!

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