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Chapter 8: It Was Him Again!

He held his head with one hand. It was dark and his expression couldn’t be seen clearly, but one could tell that this man was handsome. He watched the excited people dancing with his sharp eyes.

He had been drinking alone since he got into the room. It seemed that he had no interest in revelry.

He was a cold and arrogant man.

He gave no response even when the beauties toasted to him.

He was like an outsider, who was completely out of the picture, watching people’s performances.

“You mean....”

Isabella said uncertainly, “The man over there?”


Black Suit frowned and pulled White Suit. “Forget it. The man is a friend of the president’s. He is no ordinary person. Don’t make trouble.”

“But I want to hang out with him!”

White Suit shook off Black Suit and pouted, “There is no woman around him. Don’t you see that? Let me have a try. Or we can let the girl ask him out. It’s okay. Don’t you want to make friends with him? You’ve peeked at him several times! I saw it!”

Black Suit’s expression changed, but he didn’t reply.

Isabella looked at them narrowly.

Compared to Black Suit, White Suit was a bit girlish. He had his little finger slightly raised while holding the glass.

Oh! He was bottom!

Isabella suddenly understood. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Right. Everyone who comes to this place would like to chat up a woman or a man. Let me go ask him. It’s no big deal.”

“That’s great!” White Suit’s eyes immediately lit up.

“But you should also do something for me.” Isabella smiled craftily.

“What’s it?”

“Give me your business cards.” Isabella stretched out her hand, “I need to prove to my father that I have been here.”

“No problem.”

White Suit immediately gave his business card to Isabella. Then he took a business card from Black Suit’s pocket and handed it to Isabella. He whispered, “I know what you are thinking. If the man agrees to go out with us, you can go wherever you want.”


Isabella chuckled and put the business card into her purse. She took a glass of champagne and gently walked to the corner.

What a nice trade!

No matter what the man said, she would tell Black Suit and White Suit that he had agreed. And she would run away when they were busy arguing with the man!

She couldn’t stand this noisy place anymore!

Isabella was overjoyed. She sat down on the sofa beside the man. People who came here were usually bold in talking to strangers, so she went straight to the point, “Hey! My friend wants to buy you a drink. Can you go over to say hello to him?”

The man put down his hand. The stage lighting flashed.

He looked at her and met her gaze.


Isabella said in a low voice and immediately stood up. But the man grabbed her wrist.

She lost balance and fell into his arms. Then she heard a familiar but frightening voice from above her head, “Nice to see you again.”

“Last night was a misunderstanding, Sir. Excuse me!”

Isabella hurriedly explained. This man was the one that took advantage of her last night!

God! What was he doing here!

She had offended a staunch heterosexual twice in the same way. Anyone would be angered by that.

And this man was a rascal.

Isabella didn’t mean offend him. However, he was also attractive to men.

“Well. What happened before was a misunderstanding. What about this time?”

The man sneered, “Last time I didn’t tell you the answer. Now that you have come to me again, I won’t let you go.”

He stood up and threw Isabella into the big sofa.

“No! Wait! I was talking about my best friend. It’s a woman!”

For the first time, Isabella saw this young man’s eyes clearly.

He looked vicious, wild and tipsy.

She was frightened and said, “Please let go of me. Let’s have a talk!”

“Have you brought your pepper spray today?”

The man smiled coldly, “Didn’t you say that I’m a jerk? Well, I’ll show you what a real jerk is like!”


Isabella hurriedly put her hands on her skirt. The man was like a cheetah pouncing on its prey, and she was the lamb to be its food.

If she had known that this man was the devil she met yesterday, she would have gone out with Black Suit and White Suit and would not have made this trouble.

The man was violent and aggressive, so she should not provoke him.

Isabella thought for a few seconds and smiled, “Sir, a gentleman uses his words but not his force. Please let go of me. I will make up for it. Please give me a chance. OK?”

“Let go of you?”

The man sneered and forcefully fixed her wrists on top of her head. He bent down and stared at her with his black eyes. “You don’t have to pretend here. You can hook up with anyone. Now, let me tell you whether I am gay or not.”

As he finished, he approached her and pressed his thin and cold lips on Isabella’s.

“No! Stop it!”

“Wow! Hey! Check this out!”

Isabella struggled to call for help. However, people around them didn’t stop the man. And they even began to cheer...

What was wrong with them? They were inhuman! I knew they were rich. But they couldn’t abuse their power and bullied others!

Like the Smiths, they were wolves in sheep’s clothing!

“You can do whatever you want, but don’t do it here!”

She was no match for this man in strength, and nobody around would help her.

If the man forced her, she would be stripped and exposed to the crowd like a toy. It would ruin her name!

Isabella suddenly thought of her mother, Rosa, who was always covered in bruises. There was a growing feeling of grief in her heart.

‘Mom, I am really stupid.’

‘I thought I would be clever enough to avoid Carl’s nasty tasks. I’ve tried my best to avoid it. But I am now at the mercy of a fierce man...’

“I’m sorry! I made a huge mistake. I apologize!”

Isabella couldn’t stand it anymore. She pressed her legs firmly against the man’s waist and cried, “Please don’t do this to me... People are watching. Please!”

The girl was very beautiful. Her neck and cheeks turned red as she struggled. It was charming to him.

The way she spoke earlier was a little cunning and provocative, and she was dressed seductive and mature. However, he had seen panic on her face as she cried.

Her hands and feet were cold and she was trembling. She wouldn’t be able to pretend that.

He just wanted to punish and humiliate this woman who had offended him twice...

But somehow, Joseph got an unfamiliar feeling when he saw Isabella cry out in fear.

She was petite and her skin was so soft.

Joseph suddenly felt a surge of desire for this woman.

Perhaps he softened in face of her tears, or he was annoyed at her struggle.

Anyway, the man was brought back to his reason and stopped.

He took his suit jacket and threw it at Isabella.

Isabella hurriedly wrapped herself up. Joseph got close to her again and said in a low voice, “I’ll give you another chance. Remember what you just said. We’ll go to a quiet place.”



Isabella nodded in tears. She had no choice but to agree.

“Hey! Young man. Why do you stop? This girl is so pretty!” Someone who had been watching was surprised to see him stop and shouted, “You should continue... Ouch!”

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