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25 Only Obedient Pets Get to Eat Snacks

Isabella was surprised, “It’s just some leftover snacks from the lunch...”

“Do you know how much those snacks cost?”

Joseph snorted coldly, “You’re just here to make my grandpa happy for a few days. How can you eat and take those from my house?”


Alright, Joseph was so stingy. He had so much money, but he was a miser!

Isabella looked at the snack box in her hand, gritted her teeth and handed it back to William. “Well, I don’t want it anymore. William, can you find me a car? I’m going back to school.”

William made a quick reply respectfully, “The sightseeing car is ready and I’ve also arranged for a car to take you to school. Please follow me.”

“Who allowed you to do that, William?”

Joseph suddenly said in a strange tone.


William was confused, “Mr. Joseph, what do you mean...?”

“Just take her to the entrance of the manor by the sightseeing car.”

Joseph glanced at Isabella with a look of disdain in his eyes. “What, do you really think you’re one of the Wilsons? Turn left when you get out. There’s a bus stop. Go on your own!”

Ten minutes later.

“You pervert, Joseph. Damn you. Nobody will like you! You will suffer from impotence all your life!”

Isabella looked at the closed gate of the manor and scolded Joseph heavily.

When she thought of the cute snacks being taken away, she felt furious.

“If I go to school by bus every day, the commute would cost two.”

As Isabella gritted her teeth and walked towards the bus stop, she thought, “It would cost 60 a month. If something happens and I have to commute twice one day, it may cost over 100. No. Joseph must pay the money back to me. Otherwise, I would be at a disadvantage!”

On the viewing platform half a kilometer away, Joseph held his binoculars and saw clearly what Isabella was doing. Only when she was taken away by the bus did he withdraw his binoculars. He said unhappily, “Damn girl, she must have been gnashing her teeth and cursing me just now!”

“Mr. Joseph, it’s just some snacks from noon. It will be thrown away if nobody eats it.”

William looked at Joseph and was puzzled, “Also, why did you withhold the car assigned to Miss Isabella? Richmond Arts University is pretty far away.”

“Because she is cunning and greedy. Most importantly, she is not obedient.”

Joseph stood up and opened the pink snack box in William’s hand. He took out a piece of cake and handed it to the big parrot beside the wall. His eyes were a little sinister. “Only obedient pets get to eat snacks. Right, Cicy?”

The parrot flapped its wings and took the snacks, repeating, “Obedient! Obedient!”


Richmond Arts University.

By the time Isabella arrived, it had already been 15 minutes since the class began.

She sneaked in carefully through the back door. Jane immediately helped her, “Isabella, where have you been all morning? How dare you cut classes?”

“It’s a long story.” Isabella whispered, “I was stopped by a hooligan this morning.”

“What? Is that hooligan handsome? Did he do anything to my dear little Isabella?”

Isabella said angrily, “What are you talking about? Are we friends? Did the professor call my name this morning? ”

Jane stripped off her collar and proudly adjusted her chest, “I hit on an idea in a hurry and lured the monitor to ask for sick leave for you! Did I do well? Am I your friend?”

“Damn, where were you and David the other day when I was kidnapped in a bar?”

Jane’s eyes flashed with fear, “Those people were so terrifying that day. Didn’t you escape afterwards? Tell me, what exactly happened?”

“Well! Those two speaking at the back are disrupting the order of the classroom. You two show no respect to me. Go out and stand outside the class!”

In the afternoon, the sun was very bright. Isabella and Jane stood in a row at the entrance of the classroom, basking in the sun...


A familiar voice rang out. Outside the corridor was a tall, handsome man standing under a camphor tree.

It was a gentle figure that Isabella had dreamed about so many times.

“Lukas? Why are you here?” Isabella was excited.

“My alma mater invited me back to be the judge of the Art Competition for a few days. I happened to be free today, so I came to take a look ahead of time.”

Lukas was in a silver light suit, elegant and fashionable. He looked left and right with some doubt, “Isn’t it class time now? Why are you two standing here?”

“I heard that you are coming today. So we ran out to welcome you.”

Jane beside her smiled and said, “Isabella is looking forward to your arrival day and night.”

“Screw you. Don’t talk nonsense!”

Isabella nudged Jane and blushed at Lukas, “We were kicked out by the professor...”

“I knew it.”

Lukas smiled brightly and fondly stroked Isabella’s head. “You’re an adult now. Why you are still like a child? You just can’t grow up, can you?”

Isabella lowered her head and smiled, but her heart was filled with sadness, “I am always that little naughty girl when I was with you.”

“Then listen to me. Don’t go to places like Emperor Casino again.”

Lukas retracted his hand and said, “That’s not a place for you.”

“OK, I see.”

Isabella did not explain, because he was about to become her brother-in-law. Whether he believed in her or not, it was meaningless.

“Although your father is a bit harsh, it’s all for your own good. Don’t rebel.” 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

Lukas leaned over and whispered, “If you need pocket money or something, just come to me. There are all playboys in those places. You can’t treat them as true friends, understand?”

A trace of disappointment flashed through Isabella’s eyes, “Thank you, Lukas. I’ve remembered everything you said.”

“Then I’ll go first.”

Lukas straightened his body and half-jokingly said to them, “Stand up straight. If you don’t stand up straight, I’ll report to your professor!”

“Yes! Lukas, see you!” Jane immediately responded with a playful smile.

As Lukas walked further away, Jane pulled on Isabella’s sleeves. “Why didn’t you tell Lukas that you also participated in the art competition just now? Since you two were childhood sweethearts, he should pull some strings for you.”

“Childhood sweethearts?”

Isabella looked at Lukas’ handsome back with a somewhat gloomy expression. “Jane, don’t play such a joke. He’s getting engaged to my sister next month.”


Jane opened her mouth wide, “Lukas and your sister ... Rosy? How is that possible? Did you make a mistake?”

“How could I make such a mistake....?”

“When he was badly injured and almost became a vegetable because of that car accident, you were one that took care of him for almost year! Not that he’s recovered, he just abandoned you like this?”

“He didn’t abandon me.”

Isabella pursed her lips and said, “He’s never in love with me.”

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