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Chapter 22 - Maturing

Zhao frowned and said, "Will it be dangerous, Grandma Meirin? If it is dangerous, then we don"t need to raise fish. Fish aren"t that important. What"s important is your safety."

Meirin smiled. "Master can rest assured. Nothing will happen. I am, after all, an eighth level water mage. It"s not hard to deal with a spirit beast."

Seeing Meirin"s look of confidence, Zhao could only nod. "Well, we can put that off for now. Tomorrow, we still need to organize the slaves and then look for a suitable piece of land that we can improve."

Meirin agreed. Since the Buda clan were nobles, in their eyes, the land was the key.

Meg tried not to interrupt as Meirin and Zhao discussed things. Although she was very smart, she was still too young, unlike Zhao who had lived through the Information Age. Blockhead and Rockhead, of course, also didn"t say anything during the discussion. They themselves weren"t very smart. Whatever they said was tantamount to howling at the moon.

Zhao quickly finished dinner, and after a cup of tea, he returned to his room.

Now that it was evening, Zhao was very bored. It wasn"t like there were a lot things he could play with around here. In his past life, as an otaku, he would stay awake late into the night, but in this world, he was so busy during the day that he would tire himself out to the point where he couldn"t wait to go to bed. But today, he had already slept during the day, so now he couldn"t fall asleep. Since he was wide awake, he decided to take a look at his spatial farm.

In the spatial farm, corn seedlings have grown and the radish sprouts were rapidly growing. And, fortunately, there were no insects around. Looking at those growing seedlings, Zhao"s heart felt slightly excited.

With the help of these seedlings, he hoped that he could survive in this world.

In his past life, Zhao didn"t have much ambition. He just wanted to live well. But in this world, not only did he have Adam"s body, he also had Adam"s life experience, so he knew of his hatred for the Empire. After the Buda clan"s strength was taken away, there have been thoughts of revenge.

But although he had the spatial farm cheat, it did have one big disadvantage. It lacked aggressiveness

The spatial farm was good for growing crops and for storing things, but he couldn"t use it to attack. In the Ark Continent, there were many strong experts, such as Meirin the mage, who had enough magic power to kill a thousand people. Compared to Meirin, Zhao was like a newborn baby, or even an ant. Meirin, if she wanted to, could kill him with a single finger.

Because of this, Zhao was obsessed with acting low key. If the nobles discovered his ability, they would not hesitate to kill him.

Fortunately, Zhao had all of Adam"s memories. Although Adam was ignorant about many things, he still had some common sense about this continent. Zhao wasn"t brain dead. If he tried to be too ambitious, he knew that he would be the first to die if he dared to do anything too high profiled. It wasn"t like he could become an invincible expert due to the fact that Adam drank the Water of Nothingness.

Zhao could rely on nothing but his spatial farm. But he was unsure about the space because it was something that he had suddenly gained. This made him afraid. When you suddenly gain something, you can also suddenly lose it.

This gave Zhao a sense of urgency which kept him thinking about building up his fief as soon as possible. At the same time, improving the soil of the Black Waste also made him worried. Even though they were exiled here, would that mean that the nobles would leave them alone? Not necessarily. Those guys could send people to watch them, and if they find too much movement here, the nobles won"t take it too kindly.

Sitting in the spatial farm, Zhao knew that his only choice was to be low key.

Although he knew that the space was taking care of the radishes and corn, Zhao decided to pour some water over them because he wanted to take care of the seedlings that represented his hopes.

Watering in this space was very easy. With just a thought, the spatial water from the spring rose up and drifted over the land, and then rain poured down. After the land slowly became humid, Zhao immediately stopped. He knew that pouring too much water may cause the crops to rot.

After making sure that things were alright, Zhao left the spatial farm.

In his room, looking out the window, he could see that the sky was still dark. The slaves had gone to sleep. There were no lights in the castle. Everything was as silent as the night.

In this quiet environment, Zhao"s heart slowly calmed down.

He knew that he couldn"t do anything superfluous. He had to do things step by step. Right now the most important thing was to try to feed over a hundred people. He didn"t just want enough food to get by, he wanted everyone to eat well.

Responsibility was a word that Zhao deeply felt. In his past life, he never had to face something like this. But after coming here, he was now personally responsible for feeding and clothing over one hundred people. This burden bore down on Zhao"s shoulders. So he took every step carefully, afraid that he might do something wrong.

With all this responsibility, he had no choice but to grow up and mature.

After standing quietly next to the window, Zhao went back to bed. Even if he couldn"t sleep, he could still lie down, where he thought about things like the scarcity of their supplies that couldn"t be wasted. But he ended up falling asleep.

A tone chimed and a voice echoed: [Radishes have matured. Please harvest as soon as possible]

The spatial farm tone woke Zhao up.

He sat up immediately and entered his spatial farm, and sure enough, the radishes have ripened. Also, the corn was now as tall as a man and the corn"s cobs have basically formed.

But Zhao didn"t make a move with the corn. He was waiting for the corn to mature, because once they do, he would have a ton of seeds that could be grown over a lot of ground. Instead, he immediately harvested the radishes, then planted more radish seeds after he bought a bag from the spatial shop.

Zhao then went to the corn. The corn were growing well and the corn cobs have formed. Just a little longer and they would reach maturity.

Satisifed, Zhao left the spatial farm and returned to his room. Looking out the window, the sky was slightly bright. No longer able to sleep, Zhao opened the door and went out.

The weather outside was nice. It was now April and the morning was a little chilly. Breathing in the cool air, Zhao couldn"t help but feel great.

Since it was so early, Zhao thought about his body. Adam was a noble who was ignorant about working hard, plus he often indulged himself in lust and excessive drinking. Along with drinking the Water of Nothingness, his body was very weak.

Zhao did not want to die of a disease early in his life. With such good weather, Zhao decided to go for a run to get some exercise. Even if he never becomes an expert, he could at least be a healthy person.

While he ran, the slaves woke up one after another, and when they saw Zhao running, they were surprised and wondered what the hell he was doing.

Zhao"s body was weak. He had to stop after running a short distance because he was out of breath. After slowing his breathing, he returned to the castle.

Although he ran for just a little while, he felt refreshed.

Zhao then went inside the castle, where he found Meirin, who was very surprised to see him coming from outside. Meirin did not think that Zhao would wake up so early. She thought that he was still sleeping in his room.

Zhao said hello and then went to wash his face. He then sat in the living room and waited for Meirin to make breakfast.

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