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Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

Chapter 13 - Change of perception

Chapter 13 - Change of perception

Zhao Hai looked at the faces of the two men, but they remained silent. It seems that these men are not really fools. Either way, he doesn’t want to tell lies to his friends and family. Probably the only thing he can do is bring them into the farm space, so he relents, realizing it won’t be too bad since he will eventually have to tell them about the farm space anyway.

Smiling, Zhao Hai said: “All right, put down the swords, you are taking all this to seriously. I’m ready, we’re moving forward.” As he finished speaking, the trio disappeared from this place and in the next moment they appeared inside the farm space.

Blockhead and Rockhead waited a little bit and then wholly examined the place inside the space farm. They paid attention to growing radishes on the fields, while also seeing some straw huts and a pile of different things in front of a shack.

Looking over the two men who were still holding swords in their hands, Zhou Hai clapped them on the shoulders and said: “Put down your swords, they are out of place here, don’t you think so?”

At once it dawned upon Blockhead and Rockhead. Both unconsciously put down their swords at last. They didn’t dare to ignore Zhao Hai, because now his words have a prime importance for them and must be carried out.

Sensing the change in the men, Zhou Hai kinda feels that from now on they will perceive him as a true master and follow his orders.

However, he doesn’t lose himself thinking about it, instead he attentively inspects the growing radishes and the things inside of the shack, other than the fact that he has 200 gold coins now, there are no changes at all. He can remember that when it was a game the system would automatically update the farm with weeds and insects. Moreover, it was quite often then. These things are direct enemies of cultivation.

Fortunately, they were not updated, but it is still a reason why Zhao Hai should come to this space sometimes. It is not essential for him to think about the results of cultivation, the space farm reminded him about harvest time. Unfortunately, Zhao Hai can’t know about growing weeds or the appearances of insects. The space farm is not his ally in this matter.

In the present situation he can’t just guess about it, because all of these matters affect income. And if he want to think about staying alive, he will need a lot of money, much more money. It is out of the question to make any mistakes.

Blockhead and Rockhead are following close to the Zhao Hai in the same way as before, though from now on their perception has changed. Previously the duo only obeyed Green, but after coming to this place, the status of Zhou Hai has risen above Green’s status. From now on, not only will they obey Zhou Hai’s orders, they will place them above all else.

Zhao Hai doesn’t know whether this space is some kind of space magic now. In fact, all things in here obey his orders. However, the place is supposed to be leveled up from the start. His level is too low now, this fact is clear for him. Therefore, he should raise its level in the near future. After it becomes a high level, this place will wholly obey his orders.

Since he is the owner of the farm space, whatever he took into the space would automatically acknowledge him as its master. He is not a God, but his orders are absolute here. So now Blockhead and Rockhead think about him in the same way in this place.

Zhao Hai is not aware of this yet, he is just attentively examining the space farm for anything new, but there are no changes at all. The situation here is pretty normal. Although he got a level up, Zhou Hai was only presented with some seeds.

However, Zhao Hai isn’t in a bad mood. Even though he doesn’t have too much money, this amount is sufficient for one additional seeding. If Green is not here at the moment of harvest, then he will buy seeds after exchanging a part of the harvest for gold coins.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want to sow different seeds, because he doesn’t have enough knowledge about the plants of this world. He is afraid that other plants will not be sellable. If he cultivates a lot of those types of plants, he is bound to make little to no profit. He can’t allow this to happen in his current situation.

Radishes are sold quite well in this world. So the seeds of radish are the safest approach for now. Zhao Hai can’t make even a little mistake, because it will not only affect his life but the future of the Buda clan.

It is clear for Zhao Hai that he has inherited not only the body of Adam Buda or the house of Buda, but also a huge part of the responsibility. Due to this fact, he prefers stability and will have to keep a low profile. He doesn’t want to make a mistake and allow his actions to be known. If his enemies find out about it, he certainly will die.

Zhao Hai made sure that there were no changes, nodded and addressed Blockhead and Rockhead, “There’s nothing left to do here, we are going back out.”

Both Blockhead and Rockhead obey his orders now, so they don’t have anything against it. They said simultaneously: “Yes, young master!” Zhao Hai was astonished, for the first time Blockhead and Rockhead answered him as they should. He unintentionally inspected the duo, but didn’t find anything strange. He thought about exiting and at that moment they left the space farm together, appearing in his chamber.

In an instant, he observed the chamber, the door was closed so no one had entered. As Zhao Hai understood this fact he let out a sigh of relief and addressed BlockHead and RockHead: “Let’s go, we will walk out of the castle to look around. I want to see the soil of the BlackLands and also the moat, since we will soon set up a fishery there.” He said while moving with the duo outside.

In the past, BlockHead and Rockhead would stop him because Green was against Zhao Hai leaving out of the castle gates. But now they just followed him silently.

The three men came out on the castle yard, Zhao Hai inserted supplies, which were not put into the castle’s storehouses, in a barn of the space farm. At the same time, he was thinking about space and he found that supplies had been allocated and classified, also he knew the amount of things. Zhao Hai was very pleased.

Zhao Hai also found out, that he is able to control his farm without entering it. At the time, when he wants to see anything in that space, a projection will appear in front of him. Moreover, it looks like BlockHead, RockHead or anyone else can’t see the projection, it is much more convenient that way.

The trio slowly left the castle through the opened gates. Meirin and Meg are carefully watching the slaves, who are doing required arrangements in the previously deserted mine.

In truth, even if they don’t watch, the slaves will not be lazy. Zhao Hai gave them a goal, whilst they try their best, sooner or later they will not be slaves anymore. For the slaves such a purpose is the best motivation.

Meirin and Meg also noticed, that today the slaves are especially energetic. They work in such a manner that tasks, which required them to spend 1 hour previously, can now can be finished in just half an hour.

Zhao Hai will not go there, although he can trust only a few people now, Meirin is there with them. And the slaves absolutely believe in his vow, because of that he doesn’t have a reason to go there. At present he wants to see the BlackLand to understand, is it possible to use the space farm to improve the condition of its soil or not.

However, firstly he decided to take a stroll by the moat. The moat is not too wide, but it is possible to see that the moat was constructed well. You can even see that its bottom was piled with stone foundation. Therefore, no one has lived here for years, but the water is still clear.

Zhao Hai inspected the bottom of the moat. It seems like it had been constructed with the usage of two sources of water, so that the moat could repair itself. The first one is spring water, the other one is an underground river, which flows from the mountains.

In general, it is strange, that the moat is connected with an underground river. But anyway, the underground river flows into the moat from the one side, and on the other side drainage can be seen. So because the water is from the river, it can be used for a fishery.

However, at the present time building a fishery here means losses, because fish move with the flow, but the water here is from the river. If he puts fish in here, they will just flow away. It is essential to make some renovations for the moat.

Still there is another problem, the moat is connected with the drainage system of the castle. To reconstruct the moat, the drainage system of the castle should be changed too. The amount of issues is only growing.

Zhao Hai frowned, but calmly put off all of these things for now. Firstly, he wants to inspect the BlackLand. If the soil can be improved, he will have even more concerns. Such as farming, irrigation, harvest, it requires careful planning.

Agriculture looks like an easy thing, but it is quite difficult to acquire a good harvest, in addition Zhao Hai was a nerd in his world. However, he has some understandings about agriculture, he saw farming people before, also national attention had been drawn by agriculture. There were annual informative reports about farming, droughts, floods. Moreover, he liked to read history books too. Because of all these facts, he could definitely understand how difficult it is.

Also he often heard about such a term as water conservation. It had been mentioned frequently in the history of China. Emperors of different ages were concerned by this matter. However, the fief of Zhao Hai is here and from the beginning there are no such things as irrigative constructions.

It is strange that nothing grows on the BlackLand and it seems like has been the case for years. Something devastated everything in the past. Apparently he understands too little for now.

Zhao Hai was leading BlockHead and RockHead with him. At last he reached the closest area with black soil by ten or so steps. Zhao Hai slowly sat down and took a handful of soil. He is full of thoughts now.

Previously Zhao Hai had lived in an oil city to the North of China. There was pretty much the same thing as black soil, it was called oil soil. That oil soil was something like the mix of sand and oil. This matter is not ordinary at all, but the color is the same, it is black. Zhao Hai had touched oil soil and it had the same feeling as this black soil.

His heart trembled, if it is really oil soil, it will be a dead end for him. He will not be able to grow anything. Hopefully, the similarity is just how it feels to the touch.

Zhao Hai said to BlockHead: “BlockHead dig out some soil, we will carefully research it.” BlockHead agreed, took out his sword and inserted it into the land. Soon he dug out some soil.

Zhao Hai nodded a little bit: “It is enough.” After saying such words, he took a lump of black soil and placed it into the barn of the space farm. He will come back to it later and research.

Since he got a sufficient lump of black soil, Zhao Hai peeked at the huge expanse of BlackLand and unintentionally let out a sigh. It is so tremendous, but nothing can grow here, it’s just to wasteful. Hopefully, water and soil from the space farm will be able to change this. Otherwise even if they begin to grow something, it will be too slowly and everyone will know about his secret. In this case the Buda clan will perish.

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