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Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1209 Return To Russia? Better Changeyour Plans!

Sitting on the Throne of Creation, Bai Zemin moved the powerful and mysterious monument in the middle of space under the guidance of Lilith.

It was only thanks to Kali, who worked practically without rest every day for the last month, that Bai Zemin finally learned how to partially control the Throne of Creation. Although he could only make the throne do basic things like move forward, backward, or turn in different directions, it was still much better compared to before.

Surprisingly, the Throne of Creation did not consume mana or spiritual power to operate. However, this did not even mean that such an ancient and mysterious artifact could move through space, raise a shield to protect its owner from dangerous matter, and even block the terrifying void lightning just like that.

Bai Zemin could feel his mind getting heavier, his spirit tired, and his body aching as time went on.

"This fellow is too greedy." He commented with a frown.

"If you don't want it why don't you just give it to me?" Khristina rolled her eyes at his shamelessness.

She was sitting on the left stone armrest of the throne.

In fact, what Bai Zemin didn't know was that for someone of his level to even be able to sit on the Throne of Creation without dying was already possibly one of the greatest miracles known since the creation of the universe and life in it.

"Anyway, little brother Zemin are you sure about leaving all those treasures behind?" Lilith asked as she slashed her sword across the space in front of her and stepped in a moment later.

Bai Zemin made the Throne of Creation go into the crack opened by Lilith as he said, "It's okay... It was just a few low-ranked skill scrolls and treasures that are useless against soul evolvers above level 30. Putting aside the sword I made for that dimension's Bing Xue and the leather armor for the alternate version of Wu Yijun, nothing I gave them is important enough to make me divert my mind."

Little did he know that his action would end up interfering with the other dimension, particularly the alternate Earth, much more than he estimated at first. This was because Bai Zemin would never, even in his wildest dreams, even think that two girls he had not known for a long time and with whom he had not shared much would actually venture on a plot to rule everything.

Sometimes, trying to avoid a certain fate was how one arrived at that fate... After all, fate was inevitable and inescapable; only an absolute and totally omnipotent existence could write the future with its own hands.

"Still, those two babies really are very lucky." Lilith sighed, "To think that even without the existence of the Soul Record in that dimension they would still be able to learn skills from the scrolls."

"Well, they have their own souls, Lilith." Bai Zemin pointed out, "Remember that each skill scroll contains the focused records of a skill or trait of a soul evolver... If you look at it from that angle, every skill scroll is part of someone's soul."

Lilith was silent for a while, then, she looked back and asked, "Zemin, did something happen while you were in that secondary dimension?"

"Uh?" He blinked feeling confused at the sudden question, "Did something happen?"

Lilith looked at his eyes beyond the barrier, and after a few seconds shook her head, "It's nothing."

Bai Zemin nodded slowly after thinking silently, and it was at that moment when from the right armrest of the Throne of Creation a somewhat timid but mostly nervous little voice sounded.

"This... May I ask something?"

Bai Zemin looked at the blonde-haired, pale blue-eyed beauty seated next to him. His eyes glinted with a hint of joy as he calmly asked, "You are not a slave you know? You can express your thoughts and opinions with complete freedom. You should know that your importance to me is not small so, as long as you live under my rule, I will make sure you are protected, respected, and in need of nothing."

That's right, the beauty sitting on the right armrest was none other than Sylvia who had decided to follow Bai Zemin when he proposed to her.

When Sylvia told him that she never really got to know her parents, Bai Zemin somehow wasn't too surprised. This was because, while he had dismissed his theory regarding being an existence that should not exist, he still felt that Sylvia's birth was anything other than natural.

With nothing to lose, Sylvia accepted to follow Bai Zemin to a new world where she could feel safer and more secure... From a certain angle, Sylvia and Kali were quite similar in their reasons why they both decided to follow him.

She smiled wryly at his words, but when she looked into his steady eyes brimming with sincerity, she finally nodded feeling more relieved and relaxed.

"This... Then, I'll just ask without further ado." Sylvia stared at Bai Zemin with a serious expression on her face, and after several seconds, she said in a curious voice, "What are these messages I've been receiving for a while now? I feel like a character out of an MMO."


Bai Zemin finally realized that the Soul Record that ruled the main dimension was finally establishing connection with Sylvia's soul.

He gave her a quick explanation of how things were, letting Sylvia gradually absorb the new knowledge just like a sponge. Instead of overwhelming her, he would let her learn more about her new and future home before giving her more information to absorb.

Leaving Sylvia who looked thoughtful as she tried to read all those notifications to get a better understanding of herself as an existence thanks to her records being put in letters in front of a screen before her eyes, Bai Zemin looked at the black-haired, blue-eyed beauty to his left.

"What are your plans now?"

"What do you mean?" she asked, obviously feigning ignorance.

Bai Zemin didn't mind her playing dumb, "I'm asking what you will do after we return to Hero City. No, rather, what will you do after we leave Hero City?"

Only one day had passed on Earth and in the rest of the universe, so all the soul evolvers who had entered Hero City and were still alive were probably looking for treasures at this time.

Bai Zemin was not overly concerned about the safety of Shangguan Bing Xue and Wu Yijun. To begin with, he had made them both his Loyal Followers at their own request so he knew that they were both alive. In addition, Shangguan Bing Xue. Wu Yijun, Matthew Sanchez, Bai Shilin, Felix, Angelo... The group was simply too powerful to find any trouble there.

"Oh..." Khristina nodded, finally pretending to understand his question. Then, she said as if it were obvious, "I'll go back to Russia. I have work to do after all."

"Is that so?" Bai Zemin nodded. He looked ahead, and after a moment, said casually, "Well, you'll have to change your plans."

Khristina frowned slightly when she heard his words, "... What do you mean I'll have to change my plans?"

Could it be that he was planning to capture her or something? Although Khristina knew that Bai Zemin was very powerful, she was confident that if she didn't want to stay in one place there was no Lower Existence capable of stopping her.

However, regardless of whether he had the ability to hold her back or not, Bai Zemin was not thinking of capturing Khristina.

No matter what, she had saved his life in the past and he was not such an ungrateful person.

"Oh, it's just that by the time you leave Hero City, return to the surface from the deep sea, and cross over half of Asia to reach Russia, I'm afraid Moscow will have already fallen." Bai Zemin revealed in an indifferent voice as he rubbed his chin.

Khristina blinked repeatedly, then, she began to burst out laughing, "With you here and later in Hero City, who can take down Russia's most important and strongest base in such a short time? Even Shangguan Bing Xue who is the second strongest of your faction is in Hero City right now!"

If Bai Zemin was fighting in the front line, Khristina thought that Moscow might fall to the Transcendent faction. However, without him there, even if Shangguan Bing Xue was personally there to lead the troops they would not be able to do so.

Putting aside defenses such as towers and weapons, Moscow had gathered the most powerful soul evolvers in Russia!

Even knowing all this, Bai Zemin dared to say that in less than a week Moscow would have been taken down by the time she made it back to Russia?

"Well, it is true that Bing Xue is number two after me in terms of power." Bai Zemin nodded, "But, there are two soul evolvers in my Transcendent faction who can kill her very easily if she doesn't give her 200% and gamble everything against them."

"Oh, one of them is that woman called Feng Tian Wu isn't it? The other person is..." Khristina nodded indifferently at first, but then her expression changed as if she had thought of something.

"The other person is Evangeline. Evangeline is the name your younger sister uses now, by the way." Bai Zemin pointed out, still not looking her in the eye.

"You bastard! Are you crazy?!" Khristina suddenly stood up and with a swift movement pulled her dagger from her waist. Her eyes that perfectly simulated the purity and innocence of a newborn shone with the murderous intent of a fiend as she glared at him intently, "Bai Zemin, let me tell you that Eduard Valentinovich is not an easy man as you think. Half a month ago, I saw him forming some kind of pact with someone from the zombie race of those Higher Existences and his power grew enormously since then... What you said just now better be a lie, otherwise..."

To Khristina's surprise, however, Bai Zemin's expression remained unperturbed and indifferent even after hearing her reveal that the Leader of Russia had formed an alliance with the Army of Evolution.

Actually, Bai Zemin was amazed in his heart as such a thing was something he had not expected.


"You underestimate Feng Tian Wu too much." Bai Zemin spoke indifferently. Then, he gave her a sidelong glance and said in a cold voice, "And you definitely underestimate your younger sister."

He was completely confident in the strength of those two, and Khristina must have seen it in his eyes because her pupils trembled and the grip on her dagger wavered.

"Who knows, as we speak it's possible that old Russian thing's heart is being pierced by your sister's dagger."

* * * * * * *

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