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Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 1206 The Reason Behind Her Name: ...Unique Class

Several minutes later, Bai Zemin and the others sat in the main hall of the residence that the government members in charge of this base had prepared for 'Wu Yijun'.

It was necessary to mention that, given the identity of 'Wu Yijun' being not very different from that of a princess of ancient times, the place that had been prepared for her was considerably luxurious for which there was plenty of space to move around freely.

"People who are born into big families sure have it easier." Khristina commented with a faint smile on her face as she felt the softness of the couch she was sitting on, "At first at least, that is."

Although Bai Zemin saw that 'Wu Yijun's expression was not particularly pleasant after hearing Khristina's comment, he did not say much about it. At the end of the day, what Khristina pointed out was an undeniable reality; he knew it better than anyone else since he had been born into a family that couldn't be more normal and had seen from his position how others enjoyed better treatment just because they were lucky at birth.

"If you have a problem with that then why don't you better complain to life and fate?" 'Wu Yijun' couldn't help but voice her thoughts, even if she knew that the woman sitting in front of her was powerful enough to kill her in an instant.

"Oh, I have no problem with the way things are, pretty little princess." Khristina smiled gently as she said softly, "I began to weave my own destiny with my own hands at a very young age. I only hope for your sake that your grandfather and father can continue to take care of you... A beauty like you would have a hard time living in a world like this you know?"

"That's enough." Bai Zemin shook his head, "I don't understand. Why are you fighting with her? It hasn't even been a month for them and the scale is way smaller than ours."

Khristina slowly stopped smiling, and after a long moment, she nodded slowly and softly, "I guess.... I guess I'm a little jealous. Evolution ruined a lot of plans I had in mind and about to carry out, but humanity here might be able to overcome the zombies and mutant beasts, unlike us."

"We didn't lose." Bai Zemin gazed at her with a serious expression and pointed out in a firm voice, "We are still fighting and have regained many lands that were taken from us. When I become Emperor I will make sure that humanity returns to the top of the food chain, but I will also make sure that humans do not make the same mistakes of the past."

"Emperor, uh... King of Kings." Khristina looked at the ground with a lost expression on her face, almost as if she was imagining a peaceful world where mutant beasts and other races lived in peace with humans, "Sounds like a good dream..."

'Shangguan Bing Xue', 'Wu Yijun', and Sylvia watched and listened in silence.

Actually, the three of them had understood a thing or two after seeing 'Xun Tian's power and after hearing his conversation with the woman named Khristina... but it was hard to accept such a thing, so the three of them were still waiting for a firm explanation that would reveal the truth.

Finally, Bai Zemin looked at 'Shangguan Bing Xue' who seemed to be the most focused on this whole matter.

"Ask me whatever you want. I will answer if I can answer your question and I will tell you if I don't know the truth to your doubt."

'Shangguan Bing Xue' nodded slowly. After a moment, her first question rang out in the middle of the room.

"What is your real name?"

" ... Straight to the heart isn't it?" He smiled ironically, as answering that question would bring countless others. Still, his reply was honest: "Bai Zemin. That's my real name."

"Bai Zemin?" Sylvia stared at him with wide eyes, "Bai Zemin like, Bai Zemin?"

"Bai Zemin is Bai Zemin." He nodded.

Looking at the three of them one by one, Bai Zemin said slowly, "Both myself and Khristina are existences that should not be in this place. It is precisely because we should not be here that our scale of power is completely out of league when compared to the world you were born into."

"... I- I don't understand." 'Wu Yijun' shook her head softly as she murmured, "You... are you Bai Zemin? Like, the Bai Zemin we all know?"

Instead of answering immediately, he pulled out his most precious treasure; a simple old photograph portraying a family of four, two females and two males.

"From a certain point of view, you could say that the Bai Zemin you knew from before is a different version of me. Although my appearance has changed greatly because I have evolved so much after absorbing the vital records of other existences you should still be able to see some similarity, shouldn't you?"

"Ah... Now that you mention it..." Sylvia opened her eyes wide as she finally realized why she felt like she had seen him before.

"But... a different version of you?" 'Shangguan Bing Xue' looked at him in shock: "Could it be that parallel universes do actually exist?"

Bai Zemin nodded, and with a bitter smile he slowly explained the situation.

"I come from a different dimension than this one, the main dimension and the main universe. In my dimension, Earth is millions of times more dangerous than this Earth, and although I dare say I am the most powerful existence right now, there are still beings that could kill me if I am careless. Shun, the one I killed before is an example."

"Th- Then why do I feel so close to you? A- Are you in a special relationship with my self from your dimension?" 'Shangguan Bing Xue' quickly pressed further, clearly anxious to know the truth.

"You mean if your self from our dimension has a particular relationship with him?" Khristina let out a giggle, "Girl, your self from our dimension is in love with him. She is the second in command of the Transcendent faction, the strongest faction on Earth that took back all of China in less than two years even though the main group is composed of people who used to be ordinary students. Of course, she's also Bai Zemin's right-hand person and probably the person he trusts the most since they have shared life and death on many battlefields. "

"In love..." 'Shangguan Bing Xue' muttered with her eyes wide in shock.

Although she wanted to say that such a thing was impossible, the fact that her heart was beating more vigorously as she spent more time with him suggested otherwise.

Besides, her other-dimensional self was the second-in-command of such a powerful faction and the person Bai Zemin trusted the most...

Bai Zemin glanced at Khristina as if to warn her not to speak too much before continuing softly, "Although I don't know why you seem to be partially affected by how the Bing Xue I know feels about me, my theory is that it is possibly due to the dimension I come from being the primary one while this dimension is only a secondary one or even lower than that."

'Shangguan Bing Xue' nodded slowly, but she still seemed to be too stunned. She clearly needed time to digest everything she had just heard before asking for more information.

"Me!" 'Wu Yijun' suddenly stood up and asked in an anxious voice, "What is my relationship with you?"

"Ah? But you have no relationship with him." Khristina pointed out with a pout, "The one who has a relationship with him is the girl whose name is Wu Yijun but she lives in a different universe from the one you live in."

Bai Zemin's left eyelid twitched repeatedly as he looked at Khristina and he couldn't help but feel very much like throwing her over his lap to slap her ass red.

"You... you're really trying your luck." He said softly.

Khristina coughed and nodded as if she got the point.

She just couldn't help but want to tease him a little after finding out that he wasn't as bad a person as the reports in Russia said but was actually an ordinary young man who didn't act like a Leader at all.

Bai Zemin looked at 'Wu Yijun' and slowly began to explain his relationship with Wu Yijun, as only then could the girl from this dimension understand why her heart felt so anxious lately.

Maybe then she could move on by understanding that those feelings did not belong to her.


Alternative Earth, Beijing University.

A senior student held the kitchen knife in his hand as he stared with trembling, terrified eyes at the group of zombies outside the two-story building across the street.

It had been 6 days since he had last eaten anything and he was going crazy from starvation, so before his energy hit rock bottom this student decided to risk it all on a single roll of the dice.

"You can do it, you can do it..." The young man muttered like a broken recorder as his whole body trembled.

Finally, the young man gritted his teeth and was about to come out of hiding when a strange tearing sound drew his attention.

But, when he looked up into the sky he couldn't believe his eyes.

A huge blood red crack over 100 meters high had opened up in the dark sky, and from within the blood red brilliance, a female silhouette stepped out with small steps filled with elegance.

"Ah... Ah..."

Seeing such a sight of a person standing in the sky and coming out of nowhere, the young man loosened his grip on the knife without realizing it.

The sound seemed to attract the attention of the zombies as they slowly began to crawl in his direction.

"Finally. It took me almost 1 whole day to find this place even with a path already marked."

The figure in the sky had her eyes closed as she mumbled to herself and finished reading the notifications flashing in her pupils.

When the last two notifications flashed in her pupils she opened her eyes, revealing two beautiful deep red rubies.

[The energy of this dimension is different from mana].

[Thanks to the special trait of your Lilith Unique Class you can now use spiritual power. Current energy types: 3/3.]

"Well, that's one less requirement for the Seventh Order." Her lips curved slightly as she looked off into the distance. Then, with a lot more joy, she whispered, "I found you."

* * * * * * *

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