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Blood Assimilation

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Emilia

After staying in the graviton room for about an hour, Randy moved his weary and tired body off the floor as he struggled to get out of the graviton room. One may wonder what is this guy was thinking when he decided to torture himself just to get a little stronger? But you would be wrong if you thought he was just being reckless and power craze. In fact, before coming to the academy today, Randy went out and bought some cheap potions that can heal fatigued or wounded body such as healing bruises, muscle relaxant, and different type of energy recovering potions.

Even though he had no way of telling whether he had an energy or not at the moment, but he bought them anyway as he always felt refreshed whenever he drank an energy potion, and it does not matter which type of energy potion at all. Whenever they checked his energy on the energy measurement device, it always shows a glitch and then after a while it show nothing. The only conclusion they could draw was that he had no energy compatibility, and with him not awakening his ability, it became even more apparent that he really did not have any energy at all.

After reaching the dressing room and grabbing his backpack, Randy proceeded to grab the potions and chug them down his throat with much difficulty. His hands were currently trembling from the training session just now. If not because of his willpower, he would have fallen asleep or even fainted by now. After drinking the potions, Randy could feel his muscles relaxing from the muscle relaxant potion and then his internal injuries were healed by one of the potions albeit only relieved some of the pain, since there was still lingering pain throughout his entire body. Those were just the physical body healing potions. After checking his body, he realized that he could move better compared to before. After that, he then chugged down the energy potions of different kinds; one of which was a mana potion.

“Hmm... That felt really good. I don’t know why I feel this way despite not having any energy in my body, but this feeling is so good. This is the only thing that is close to manipulating a type of energy that I have discovered. How I wish I had an energy too.” Randy said after relishing the feeling of energy coursing through his veins. Even though it was only for a brief moment, he still appreciates the fact that he can feel the energies contained in the potions that he drank. He had spent his entire allowance to buy these potions, but he does not regret it, after all what is money for, if not for spending.

“I have to get home as soon as possible before my parents start worrying and calling the academy regarding my whereabouts.” Randy dragged his exhausted body and after taking a quick shower at the training room, he left in hurry. Although he tried to move faster, but he was still really slow due to the intermittent pains felt each time he took a step forward.

“Ah... Ouch! I really shouldn’t do this again. I feel like my muscles will get damage if I do this again.” Said Randy with a pained face as he continued to move with gritted teeth despite the pain felt through each step he took.

Soon, he came down to the reception area with the elevator. When he came out of the elevator, everybody in the reception area noticed his worn-out body and expression of pain as he walks to the door leading out of the training center. Randy ignored their gazes as he stepped out of the door and made his way out. But when Randy was about to step out of the door, he noticed a familiar face in the distance with a group girls and guys as they seem to be making their way home from the academy. They seemed to be chatting about something, probably about the upcoming university entrance examination.


Although it was late, some student still stayed and dealt with their own things before heading home, so it was not unusual for students to be going home later than required. Randy steps out of the door and he approached the group of students in the distance.


“Emilia, You really are genius to have mastered your ability this quickly. I wish I was a genius like you and get to at least an intermediate level with my ability. I just can’t get grasp it no matter how hard I try.” A female student exclaimed as she praised another female student who was called Emilia.

“It’s nothing really, I was just lucky. You guys can do it too if try hard enough. From what I heard everyone had to spend different amount of time to master their abilities since we all had different abilities.” Said Emilia humbly to her friend.

“Still, you had one of the rare elemental abilities, the ice attribute element; the super rare ice element that is difficult to master, yet you still mastered it before I did with my very common earth attribute element.” The female student then said to her.

“Well... I kind of had a mentor that why... Didn’t I tell you guys about?” Emilia had a confused expression as she asked.

“You did tell us, but I think she was not here when you told us about Miss Liu... that’s not right, I think she is Miss Smith now.” Another female student interrupted as she explained the situation.

“Oh... Are you talking about the ‘Angelic Ice Mage’? She is my role model. I want to make my earth golems into angels just like she did with her ice golems.” The female student from before was excited upon hearing the other female student.

“That’s right, she is the mother of my childhood friend. She really knows a lot about ice elemental manipulation. Although we both had different energy type, since I use Spiritual energy and she uses Mana, but the concepts are still the same in terms element, so it wasn’t hard for me to understand her. She is the reason why I progressed faster in understanding my ice ability.” Emilia confirmed and she explained to her friend how she was able to gain control over her ability faster compared to others.

“That’s so lucky, I wish I had a mentor like you.” The female student expressed her jealousy at not having a mentor with more knowledge who would teach her how to control her earth ability.

“Haha... Don’t worry, you will surely master your element if you practice hard enough, it is only a matter of time.” Emilia let out an awkward chuckle as she encouraged her friend.

“I wonder if I can make it into one of the top universities with my basic control of my ability.” Said the female student.

It was at this moment that a figure suddenly approached them, arousing everyone’s attention including the boys who were also engaged in their own conversation at this moment.

“Emilia... Are you just heading home now?”

As the figure approached them, a voice followed shortly after. The female student called Emilia noticed the figure in the distance and she was instantly startled. She knew the owner of the voice; it was none other than her childhood friend...

“Randy! What are you doing here?” Emilia suddenly asked.

‘What is he doing here? Was he waiting for me?’ She wondered.

“What do you mean? I was just in the training center as usual” Randy said with a frown. He was confused by her reaction. She sounded like she got caught doing something bad.

“Oh... So that’s it?” Emilia let out a sigh under her breath. She opened her mouth to say something, but she was suddenly interrupted by one of the guys walking with them.

“What is this loser doing here?” One of the male students noticed Randy and said out loud so that everyone could hear him.

And as expected, the attention of the girls with them were aroused.

‘Loser? He can’t be that guy, right?’ All the female students thought almost at the same time.

Randy who heard what the male student said was not bothered at all and still approached Emilia. He knew how everyone thought of him in the academy, but at least, Emilia did not treat him like that.

“Brother Zhang, don’t tell me this guy is trying to steal your woman?” One of the blunt male students said after he realized Randy’s unperturbed behavior as he continued to approached them.

“Hahaha!! Does he think that he deserves her?” Another male student said with a loud laugher.

“Jeremiah! When did I ever claim to be your woman?!” Emilia suddenly rebutted when she heard what that male student said just now.

“Emilia, it was not me who said it. But I really do like you, I have told you this multiple times already... It is just you who never reciprocated my feelings.” Said Jeremiah Zhang. He was that son of the director of the ministry of education for ability users.

Emilia frowned upon hearing Jeremiah Zhang, and she spoke, “You already knew that I don’t like you, yet you keep following me around. Can’t you just leave me alone?”

She never liked this guy who only used money to get whatever he wants. She had been told multiple times by this guy that with his help, she would not have to worry about resources during her ability cultivation and she would be guaranteed a spot in one of the top universities. But she did not want to rely on anybody to achieve her goals hence why she readily refuted when Jeremiah wanted to date her.

“Just why don’t you like me? I have money, and everything else that you might need and yet... ” Jeremiah narrowed his eyes at Randy who was about a meter away from them and then continued, “Don’t tell me that you really like that loser? I don’t even want to say his name, afraid I will receive his bad luck.”

Jeremiah Zhang had never had to worry about getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. The women were the ones that come to him for things due to his money. He never had to beg any of them, and he would be able to easily get any woman that he wants and yet this girl kept refusing him no matter much he had tried, whether with money, connections or resources, she refused it all. But the more she refused his gifts the more he wanted her to be his woman.

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