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Blood Assimilation

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Sudden Meeting

Hearing Randy’s words full of righteousness, Hong Mingyue struggled for a bit and then she responded, “I see, that will be good. And yes, you are right, we came here specifically for this man. So we appreciate you handing him over to us like this.”

She paused and thought of something and then asked, “Did you perhaps not see the breaking news and the information on the Police information interface before coming out here?”

“I did.” Randy replied without much thought.

“Huh?” Hong Mingyue raised her eyebrows in surprise.

However Randy was not done with his response just yet.

He then showed a horrified expression as if recalling something before continuing, “That was precisely the reason why I came to check on my mom’s car since we parked it in this secluded place. I was afraid that... It was prone to be stolen if the burglar was looking for a vehicle to escape pursuit; that is what I thought before coming here. I just didn’t think my bad feelings would come true.”

Hong Mingyue showed an understanding expression on her face, acknowledging the young man’s words.


At this point, Randy suddenly showed an anxious and a troubled expression, as if unsure of how to declare his thoughts, before he suddenly spoke in slightly nervous tone. “S-Since it is like this, then would I receive any reward for catching this criminal for the Police?”

Hong Mingyue was taken aback by this. Even his subordinates who were quiet this entire time audibly gasped in shock from the back when they heard his words.

“This guy... ” Hong Mingyue muttered in a low voice.

‘What kind of person think of reward right away just because they happen to a catch a criminal. Besides, why does it feel like this event was nothing to him, almost like it was a walk in a park or something’

‘Just who is this brat? How can he be so calm in front of Sister Hong? There was no display of fear on his face at all. Besides, what is up with his pretentious act? Does he think we are kids or something.”

‘How interesting, this brat probably has some ability otherwise, he would not be able to subdue that notorious burglar.’

The subordinates all showed different expressions as they thought to themselves. One was surprised by his shameless actions; the second person was surprised by his nonchalant demeanor as he spoke to their superior and the last person ignored everything else and focused on the matter at hand which was the fact that this brat might have taken down that criminal by himself; which was very surprising considering he only appears to be 17-18 years old.

After pondering about his words, Hong Mingyue found out that it indeed made sense for him to be rewarded for his actions, and also while the brat may not know this, nonetheless, he had just saved her career with him catching this criminal for them.

With that thought in mind, Hong Mingyue cleared her throat slightly and spoke.

“You’re right, since you helped us catch this criminal, the police department, no, the government would surely issue an appropriate reward for the one who aided in this operation.” She said in confirmation.

“Really?” Randy spoke in a delighted tone and then he turned his eyes to his new bracelet. After tapping some things in, he suddenly displayed the screen to the female Cop, surprising her by his actions.

Randy spoke to her with anticipation. “Since that is the case, then here is my account number and routing number, please transfer the reward to this account.”

After thinking for a bit, he added. “Also, please do not mention this to my parents. They did not know I came out here and furthermore, I do not want them to worry themselves about this event.”

Hearing his considerate words, Hong Mingyue ignored his actions just now and scanned his banking account and routing number with her own bracelet before smiling. “Alright, don’t worry, nobody would know about this, ah, but my superiors would definitely want to know who you are, so that would be impossible.”

She then narrowed her eyes at Randy to see his reaction.

Randy sighed before waving his hand and helplessly saying. “Since it can’t be helped, as long as you don’t tell my parents, I don’t mind you telling your superiors. It is not like I am hiding something or anything.’

Hearing his casual reply, Hong Mingyue appeared surprised momentarily by his way of talking but she smiled and said to him.

“Since this matter is solved. For now, I will be taking him away. You should also return home; your family might be worried about you. If you don’t hurry home, they might think you were killed by the wanted criminal.” She grinned and said in playful tone.

‘Oi, Oi, Are you kidding me? Do you really want me to die or something? Is that it?’

Randy complained in his mind but showed an amiable smile on his face and nodded when he heard her supposed concern words.

After taking a couple of steps, Randy suddenly turned around and spoke. “By the way, is it possible to receive one of these artifacts or technique books as a reward?”

“Not possible!!” The female Cop and her subordinates all responded in unison.

“Fine! Fine! Sheesh... I was only just asking. Since that is the case, I will take my leave then. Don’t forget to send the money to my account.” Randy was shocked by their response however that was only momentarily as he continued walking away after receiving their successive response.

After he had walked a few meters away from them.

One of the subordinates suddenly spoke as he could not help it.

“Who was that kid anyway?” He asked while looking at the female Cop.

“I don’t know. However, he was a very interesting young man. Although he appeared quite mischievous.” Hong Mingyue looked at the disappearing figure of the boy and muttered in response.

Suddenly she turned her eyes to the unconscious lanky man, her aura instantly changes, before speaking in a cold tone: “Anyway, we should be thanking him for catching this guy here. This bastard almost cost me my job. He should be quite lucky that he was already unconscious. If not because of that, I would’ve pounded him a couple times before dragging him away.”

“T-That’s true.” One of the subordinates responded in a nervous voice after feeling a sudden chill on his body.

This was how their team leader always acted. That aura she carries around her always makes one’s skin crawl.

One of the subordinates went and check on the vitals of the unconscious lanky man and made his report, “He seems to be unconscious; for some reason, he seemed to have lost so much blood. Which also aligns with what that kid said.”

This subordinate was very confused about this matter. Since this lanky man was a notorious burglar and an experienced criminal, how could he not know how to stop his own blood from flowing from the wounded section on his arm? Yet for some unknown reason, he fainted due to blood loss?

Hong Mingyue did not care about such extraneous details and proceeded to stare at the unconscious lanky man for a moment before declaring.

“One of you, come and carry him into the trunk of the car.” Hong Mingyue indifferently said in a cold tone.

“Eh? The trunk? Isn’t that a bit...” The subordinate doubtfully asked.

“Did you not hear what I said?” A cold glint flashed across her eyes as she spoke.

“O-Of course, right away!” The subordinate flinched, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead before hurriedly dragging the unconscious lanky man away and into the trunk of their vehicle.


On the other side.

Randy was making his way back to Emilia’s house as he pondered about what had happened a while ago.

“How strange, just what was that all about?” He muttered in puzzlement.

However at this moment, across from him, a figure was walking towards him. Randy was lost in thought, so he did not pay any attention to his surroundings as he walked. They walked towards each other up until they reached an intersection.

At this point, the figure suddenly spoke after hesitating for a while, “R-Randy?”

Hearing this familiar voice, Randy raised his head to look at the owner of the voice.

However the owner of the voice spoke again, “What are you doing here?”

“So it really was you, Emilia” Randy muttered in a low voice.

Then he purposely displayed a surprised expression before speaking in bewildered tone, “Huh? Emilia. Why are you so surprised that I am here? Am I not allowed to even walk around the streets?

Emilia was stunned when she heard this, and a moment she lowered her head, whispering in low voice, “T-That’s not what I meant; it’s just...”

Seeing her not continuing her sentence, Randy turned silent for a brief moment, sighed and then said, “...Don’t worry, I am heading towards your house but...”


The sound of a shocked voice resounded the moment he mentioned heading to her house.

Randy frowned at her reaction and then tried to clear the misunderstanding, “Don’t get the wrong idea, I only followed my mother here because my little sister was insistent that I come with them.”

Emilia inwardly sighed in relief upon hearing his explanation, her facial expression also showing clear relief, “Oh, I see; so that’s what it was.”

‘Look at her, does she hate me that much? And to think that we used to be so close with each other.’ Randy silently thought while looking at her animated expression.

After saying this, she hesitated for a bit and then turned to the right of the intersection before silently walking away.

Randy watched her departing figure for a bit before following after her since they were heading towards the same direction anyway.

They all silently made their way to the house. No one said anything to each other as they walked; at this point, the atmosphere between the two was getting very awkward.𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

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