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Blood Assimilation

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Looming Threat

Randy’s mother noticed that Randy was acting quite strange even though they were visiting his childhood friend, but after thinking about it for a moment, she decided to ignore this issue.

It does not matter how her son reacts in the first place. Right now, they were only going to see her old friend and nothing more.

She only thought of bringing the boy along with her since he used to always visit her friend’s house to see her friend’s daughter whom he had shared a childhood with.

But considering the girl’s aptitude, Randy might not be a match for her, if one just looked at her future prospects that is.

As a mother, she definitely wanted her son to be with a girl that he likes, but her son’s incompetence makes it hard for him to be with this girl.

With that thought, she only sighed in pity, and then she turned around before leading her children as they walked outside from the mansion.



Outside, The Parking lot.

There was an expensive looking car parked in the parking lot. This car looked not that different from the previous era’s transportation vehicles, well, the appearance of the vehicle to some extent, looked the same, but there were a few extra things added to better accommodate with the new technology.

The cars nowadays do not run on diesel, petrol, gasoline, or electricity, but instead mana or other type of energies that are feasible. Mana was the most popular energy used by most vehicles that are manufactured nowadays.

The other type of energies does not work well with modern technology but, that does not mean that there are not many ways to utilize these energies.

For example, Spiritual energy is hard to harness and only those who practice cultivation with Spiritual energy knows how to manipulate the energy to create things like talisman and concoct pills with powerful effects.

However, Magicians can also make potions and make charms for protection with similar effects even if it’s a little weaker in comparison.

And so, one can only imagine how popular magic is among people in the current world since it was relatively easier to practice compared to cultivating Spiritual energy, that needs one to have a serene, resolute and indifferent mindset.

But they all had their downsides and benefits so no one could look down on Spiritual energy. In fact, Spiritual energy cultivation was more popular among the Asians than other races like the westerners.

Nevertheless, there were some westerners who lived in the Western District who practices Spiritual energy cultivation just like there were people in the Eastern District who practiced magical arts.

At this moment, Randy’s mother, Riley grabbed the door handle of the car and there was a buzz sound indicating that her fingerprints had been scanned and after that, she got into the front of the car.

This was her personal car and the only other person who can use it was Randy’s father. If anyone else touched this car, they would be electrocuted from the magic formation designed into the car for protection against anyone who tries to steal the transportation vehicle.

After getting into the Car, she pressed on a screen that appeared on the steering wheel and then the other doors opened for Randy and Lydia.

Although just to be safe, Riley made sure that her daughter Lydia registered her fingerprints on her car, just in case the kid forgot and touched her car.

But Randy and his little brother did not have their fingerprints registered as they are considered to be grown-up by her mother.

Just like that, both Randy and Lydia entered the back of the car, and they went on their way towards Emilia’s house.


In a random building in an unknown location.

There was a figure panting loudly as he clutched his injured and bleeding arm. “Damn it! Those fuckers are so persistent! Why can’t they just give up, don’t they have anything better to do?”

The figure was a man with deep scar on his face that seemed to have been received from a fierce battle with a cold weapon.

Despite the fact that nowadays, there were healing magic or unique abilities for healing wounds accrued from a fight, and in order to prevent scares from occurring one’s skin most people received treatment right way, but this individual chose to keep the scars instead of treating it.

At this moment, this person had a fresh wound on his left arm which seemed to have been received from a type of hot weapon, perhaps a gun.

But with the size of the wound, one can only wonder what type of weapon was used since it did not look like it was from a gun just at a glance, but instead from something like an explosive instead.

At this time, the man hid in this unknown location in hopes to elude his pursuers.

“Fuck! Just how did they find me?! I thought that I was spotless with my new appearance, but for some unknown reason, they were still able to find me even with my new face. Don’t tell me, they were tracking me with some strange magic or some of those mutant abilities? Fuck! Fuck! I need to find a way out of this District before they catch up and find me.” The figure said as he walked out of the building.

He looked out and it was currently getting dark outside since the sun was setting soon, but they were still visible rays of sun light outside.

However, he could not afford to stay in one location for too long lest they track him using his blood. After thinking for a moment, he walked towards a certain direction.


On the other side, Randy and his family had arrived at their destination.

Riley and her children just got out of their car and parked their car in some secluded location that is often used by those that only wanted to park their cars for a couple of hours instead of an entire day.

She did not want to park her car in her friend’s house since they had so many cars themselves and it would only trouble them if she decided to do so.

After walking out of that location, they proceeded to walk for a while before they reached a certain luxurious looking building that is comparable to Randy’s family mansion.

At this point, Riley spoke. “We are here. I already informed Jenny that we have arrived so she should be opening the gate in any moment now.”

Sure enough, as soon as she finished speaking, the gate to the mansion opened to revealed a figure who was standing behind the gate.

This figure was that of a matured woman, who despite looking mature, she still appeared to be in her twenties. That was Emilia’s mother, Jenny and Randy’s mother, Riley’s best friend.

Jenny displayed a warm smile before speaking. “Riley, you’re here. Come inside. We had been expecting you.”

“Hi Aunt Jenny!” Lydia excited voice rang out beside Randy.

Jenny turned to the little girl before she replied. “Hi, little Lydia, how are doing?”

“I am doing fine.” Lydia replied back with her usual cheery voice.

“That’s good. Hm?” Jenny said with a warm smile on her face before noticing a person whom she had not seen for a while, and she then spoke again in surprise.

“Oh... Is that Randy? I haven’t seen you in a while. Why do you not come by anymore? Emilia always talks about how you stopped coming by to study together with her.”

Hearing these pretentious claims, Randy could only stare blankly for a moment before inwardly shaking his head in dismay.

‘Are asking because you did not know why, or is it specifically because you knew why?’

Randy thought to himself but shortly after, he displayed a slight smile before speaking in a polite tone. “Auntie Jenny, long time no see; it’s been a while since we last met. I have been busy with some things, that is why I could not pay you all a visit anymore. Sorry for not informing you before.”

Jenny was stunned by his reaction. She was sure that this little brat would avoid saying anything to her, like before. However, he was actually smiling instead as he spoke to her.

‘What is wrong with this brat? I remember he never dared to speak back to me even when I talk to him ever since two years old ago, and only nodding in response. What is with this new attitude of his?’

Randy’s mother, Riley on the other hand was surprised by her son’s calm attitude just now but she did not think much of it, as it is good that he was not acting as timid as always.

“I see... Anyway, come inside. Emilia is not home right now, but she should be back in about an hour or so.” Jenny said to them and then proceeded to lead them inside the mansion.

Randy and Lydia went in first. Riley on the other hand stayed behind with her best friend and they soon engaged in a friendly talk about various things.

Randy did not pay attention to them and only walked with Lydia as they made their way towards the door of the mansion.

Soon, they reached the door and proceeded to wait. A moment later, Jenny came over quickly and tapped her key card on the door and right after that, they all went inside.

The inside of the room was so clean and luxurious, perhaps even more luxurious than Randy’s family mansion’s living room.

There was expensive looking furniture everywhere in this room and even a multi-layered chandelier on the ceiling of the living room.

The sofas were even more eye catching as they were actually white in color with some colorful patterns on them.

The couches in Randy’s house were actually grey in color and not as eye catching as the ones in this living room.

At this moment, Jenny suddenly spoke with a warm smile on her face. “Make yourselves comfortable. I had the cooks prepare us something to eat in advance. It should be done in about an hour. Emilia should be back by then. That way, Emilia would not miss the chance to eat together with us.”

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