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Blood Assimilation

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Lydia

“Who is it?” He asked outwardly toward the door to his room when some knocked on it, waking him up.

“Brother, it’s me Lydia. Can I come in?” The voice said as they suddenly entered the room.

“Wait!” Randy screamed at the door as he suddenly covered himself with his bed’s quilt.

Soon, a figure walked into the room. A young girl with straight pretty black hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her appearance looks almost identical to Randy’s mother except for the hair color. This was Randy’s little sister, Lydia Smith.

“Phew... That was close.” Sighed Randy as he covered his naked body with the bed cover. Right now, he was wearing nothing but his underwear and he just woke up from his sleep, so it was really not a good time.

“Eh? Brother, what is it?” Lydia said as she looked at her brother who had a frown on his face with a surprised face.

“Why did you come in right after asking whether to come in or not? What was the point of asking then?” Randy spoke in a slightly frustrated tone.


“But the door was already opened, so I decided to enter. Why would I need to wait when it was not locked?” Lydia innocently asked Randy.

“...” Randy was stunned, not knowing how to reply to his little sister. He always forgets to close his door when he sleeps, and it always bit him back like this. He would definitely close it the next time for sure.

“Anyway, you cannot come inside a guy’s room in the morning. Just wait until I say come in before you do. Do you understand?” Randy said helplessly to his little sister.

“Okay, I will.” Lydia replied in a cheerful tone. Clearly, she did not listen to anything Randy said to her at all.

Randy could feel a headache coming on. He knew that she would do it again tomorrow, but he still had to tell her even if she would not listen to him. This was not the first time they had this conversation, but she always replied with the same cheerful tone.

“By the way, why did you come into my room?” Randy turned to look at the young girl in a white dress and asked.

“Oh right, mom said that we are going to visit auntie and she said to ask whether you want to come along or not?” Lydia excitedly said.

Immediately, Randy frowned when he heard this. The auntie that his little sister was talking about is none other than Emilia’s mother.

He does not want to deal with this family. In the past, they used to be amiable towards him, but after finding out about his inability to awaken his ability, they started shunning him.

Of course, they do not do it openly in front of his parents, but after his parents are not around, they started treating him like a stranger and do not even spare him a glance.

He believes that they were the reason why Emilia had also started avoiding him too.

Lydia saw that her brother was lost in thought, and she decided to speak at this time.

“Brother, What is it? Do you not want to come with us? Sister Emilia would be there too.” Lydia said to Randy in a nervous tone.

Randy glanced at his little sister, but he did not respond to her immediately and he started thinking deeply to himself.

In fact, Randy did not want to deal with such a family that was always disparaging towards others. Just his parents being disappointed in him had him already preoccupied in his frustration, but people like this also started acting like he was some cancer that would affect their daughter or something.

Especially, Emilia’s mother, who was a good friend of his mother when they were young, who always spoke in a deprecating tone towards him whenever he was alone with them.

Randy used to frequent their house often just like how Emilia frequent their house to receive mentoring sometimes, but after coming to know the way they had started treating him, he stopped going over and chose to only speak to Emilia at the academy like a coward.

But even if he wanted to avoid those people, especially now that he had awakened his ability, his little sister seemed to have an attachment towards Emilia, and Randy could not bear to make her sad by saying that he would not go.

She was the only one in this family who did not look down on him despite not being able to awaken his ability.

Randy could argue that it was perhaps because she was innocent and that was why she was not acting like his parents and his little brother, who clearly lacks respect for him. But even so, he appreciated her very much.

Because of her, he did not give up on himself and tried hard with his training, that is, by working out every single day. With this thought in mind, Randy finally made his decision.

“Alright, I will come with you.” Said Randy with a smile on his face and then he continued to ask, “When are you all leaving?”

Listening to this, Lydia wore a happy expression on her face, and she instantly replied.

“Mom said that we would be leaving at 2 o’clock, so you should prepare before then if you want to come along with us.” Lydia said to Randy with an excited smile on her little face.

“Two?” Randy said as he looks at the time on the projected screen from his alarm clock and then he continued, “I still have about an hour and a half to prepare.”

“Go and tell mom that I will take a quick shower and come down in a couple of minutes.” Randy said to Lydia.

“Okay! You better hurry up or we would leave without you. And you won’t be able to see Sister Emilia.”

“Right.” Randy said with a bitter smile on his face. In the past, he was the one who always drags his little sister with him whenever they visit Emilia’s house, but now though, he was not feeling it. He realized that he was na?ve back then. There was one thing that Jeremiah was right about, and it was that he really did liked Emilia and maybe he still does, but he does not want to pursue her anymore after all, she has a bright future ahead of her and I was in her way of achieving that. They have to go their own separate ways and besides, her parents do not like him either, so why try so hard for something that he would not be able to have?

With his thought collected, Randy got up from his bed and went to the bathroom which was inside his room, and he brushed his teeth before proceeding to take a shower right after.


A couple of minutes later.

Randy finished taking his shower and after putting on some simple clothes, he came down downstairs. There, he saw his mother and his little sister sitting on the couch. His mother’s name was Riley, Riley Smith.

Before she was married to his father, she goes by a different name. It was Liu Lingling, which was how his grandfather calls his mother, and Riley Liu which was what his mother goes by.

Randy’s grandfather from his mother’s side was Chinese and his wife, Randy’s grandmother was an American.

As for his father, he was black and white. Due to that, Randy’s grandfather from his father’s side was an African-American and his wife, Randy’s second grandmother was an English woman.

Due to this, Randy was quarter Asian, quarter Black, and half White. As a result of that, Randy had a light skin complexion with his blonde hair in a curly form. His eyes were grey in color, unlike his sister who had blue eyes from his mother. Randy seemed like the only one with grey eye color in their family.

Even his little brother had a brown eye color from their father and curly slightly dark brown hair probably also from their father. Randy had his blonde hair probably from his mother’s side as her mother was also blonde with slight Asian facial features. But it is arguable since his grandmother from his father’s side was also blonde, but his father had a dark brown hair color instead.

Nonetheless, Randy and his siblings are not a fixed race, and so, they can fit in any race they want. And also due to this fact, they all had a light skin complexion, even though their father had a light brown skin complexion.

After walking down, Randy went to the kitchen to grab something quick to eat and after he finished eating, he informed his mother that he was done and ready.

“Let’s go.” His mother said to the both of them.

“Okay!” Lydia replied in an excited voice. She was more excited about this little outing today.

“Alright.” Randy replied briefly. He did not really care about going out today unlike his usual excited expression back in the day when they visited Emilia’s house. They had not gone there together like this for about two years now. Usually, only his mother goes there, but today, she decided to bring them along with her, and Randy wonders why that is.

His mother saw this strange behavior from Randy, but after thinking for a moment, she decided to ignore it. It does not matter how he reacts in the first place.

Right now, they were only going to see her old friend and nothing more. She only thought of bringing the boy with her since he used to always visit her friend’s house to see her friend’s daughter whom he had shared his childhood with. But considering the girl’s aptitude, Randy might not be a match for her, if one simply looked at her future prospects that is.

As a mother, she definitely wanted her son to be with a girl that he likes, but her son’s incompetence makes it hard for him to be with the girl. With that thought, she only sighed in pity, and then she turned around, walking outside with her kids.

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