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Chapter 7: Materials Worth Millions

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Even though he had fallen into such a state in the past few months, Professor Zhou Yan never gave up on him.

Despite his skills not being as good as before, he remained stubborn and stopped attending class for a long time. Professor Zhou would often call him to ask about his current situation.

Over the past few years in the academy, Professor Zhou Yan had always taken care of him. If it were not for her, Wu Mo would have been stripped of his Four-star blacksmith status long ago. He might even have been expelled from the academy.

Wu Mo knew that Professor Zhou Ya must have been under a lot of pressure in the academy because of him.

“Don’t worry, Professor Zhou. I’ll definitely return to my peak within this month!”

Returning to his seat, Wu Mo thought to himself. Now that he had the help of the Divine-grade Forging Space, he would definitely be able to achieve a high level as long as he used it properly.

“Alright, next, you guys need to review the content of the strengthening segment. In twenty minutes, a professor will let you witness actual combat. Meanwhile, I’ll send your documents for review. Once that’s completed, each of your designs will be registered with copyright.”

After Zhou Yan left them with those words, she carried her document bag and walked out the door.

The voices that had disappeared filled every corner of the classroom once again following the professor’s departure.

Wu Mo selectively filtered out the unbeneficial conversations, then lowered his head and began to make plans for the future.

A month later, he would be required to produce Mjolnir on the spot. That meant he needed to master the two major steps of rough casting, as well as tempering and strengthening, in a short period of time. He also needed to gather all the necessary materials to make a Divine artifact.

Even though it was extremely difficult, Wu Mo’s determination in forging the thunder god’s hammer.

He was doing it not only because forging a Divine weapon was his predecessor’s last wish, but also because he understood in his heart that a hammer with a strong texture was the foundation to become a great blacksmith.

If one wanted to do a good job, one needed to sharpen his weapon. Wu Mo understood that very well.

To create a Divine weapon, one could use the Divine-grade Forging Space and Forging Workbench to execute the rough casting and tempering steps. However, the materials were a difficult task for the current Wu Mo!

If he could not gather all the materials, he would not be able to use the workbench to improve his forging skills. Therefore, he needed to focus on the materials this month!

Thinking of this, Wu Mo focused his mind and tried to check through the system for the materials needed to forge Mjolnir.

The system sensed his thoughts and immediately provided him with the results at the next second.

[The materials for forging Mjolnir are as follows: Blessed Mithril x10, Violet Thunder Origin Stone x1, Legendary Essence x1, Clear Cyan Mound Stone x1, Centennial Serpentine Wood x5. You require 170,000 points to redeem them.]

Hearing the system’s notification, Wu Mo’s face darkened, and he felt like crying.

Out of the five materials listed by the system, only two had been mentioned before.

The cost was so high that it made one’s hair stand on end...

Wu Mo made a rough estimate. Even a kilogram of ordinary mithril usually cost more than ¥200,000, and those with the “Blessed” prefix could not even be found in his entire academy.

As for the Legendary Essence, it was so rare that only large-scale chambers of commerce had it in stock. Moreover, it could be sold at crazy premium prices. It was an extremely popular material and sold for at least ¥3,000,000 in auctions!

After all, in order to forge a legendary weapon, Legendary Essence was indispensable to the weapon’s soul!

As for the Origin Stone and the Centennial Serpentine Wood, Wu Mo had never heard of them. But he did not have to think to know that they would cost at least ¥1,000,000.

Therefore, Wu Mo only made a rough estimate. If he wanted to obtain all the materials for Thor’s hammer, it would definitely cost him over ¥6,000,000.

At that moment, Wu Mo somewhat understood how his predecessor could owe ¥2,000,000 just from forging weapons.

A high-level Divine weapon was simply a bottomless pit that burned money!

Right now, he was also facing the predicament of not being able to afford the materials, so he needed even more funds.

Moreover, he did not even have the opportunity to borrow money. He was already in debt, and he had been blacklisted by those institutions that lent money a long time ago.

If it had not been for his identity as a blacksmith, those money lenders would have already come looking for him.

“This is going to be difficult...”

Wu Mo looked at the table that had many marks carved on it and gradually fell into deep thought.

If he wanted to forge a Divine artifact, he had to get a huge sum of ¥7,000,000 within a month. Sadly, he was so poor that he only had around ¥600 left. There was no way at all.

Just as Wu Mo was about to get lost in his thoughts, a bold idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

If he wanted to earn money while he studied, a part-time job should be a good option!

After all, back when Wu Mo was studying on Earth, he had earned most of his tuition fees from a summer job. Due to his hardworking character, he had never relied on anyone else ever since he became an adult.

Furthermore, he was now a blacksmith. With his current status, earning money should not be too difficult!

Wu Mo narrowed his eyes slightly. He felt that he could put this idea into action.

After all, the courses in the blacksmith academy were not compulsory. There were also many students from average families who would look for opportunities to take part-time jobs.

The most suitable part-time job for a blacksmith was one that entailed a trip to the major chambers of commerce to take orders for building equipment. However, the job required a higher level of individual skills. Generally, a blacksmith with skills below two stars would not be able to accept any job.

Thinking of that, Wu Mo immediately stood up from his seat. He picked up his coat and walked out of the classroom.

That was his personality. Once he had a good idea, he would quickly get into action.

Since he was about to graduate, there was no point in cramming everything at the last minute. Instead of observing the professor’s combat class, he might as well go out and find a job. He would be able to learn more.

When the surrounding students saw Wu Mo leave the classroom without any hesitation, they were all astonished.

“This fellow doesn’t even attend classes. This is simply too outrageous.”

“Hehe, he still dares to skip classes now. When the time comes for the graduation assessment, we’ll teach him a lesson!”

The crowd expressed their disdain for Wu Mo’s actions of skipping classes. How could a blacksmith who did not have any desire to learn combat forge a powerful weapon?!

Be that as it may, since the academy did not force students to attend classes, they could do nothing but verbally condemn him.


On the other side, Wu Mo produced his Divine Arms Academy identification card and successfully exited the academy’s gates.

Looking at the stream of people coming and going, he directly walked toward the chamber of commerce located near the academy.

The Divine Arms Academy was located at the center of the city. Its surroundings were well-equipped with facilities, and there were even two large-scale chambers of commerce in the city. Small shops lined up on either side of the street, so even though it was only 8.00 am, it was still extremely lively.

Wu Mo chose to go to one of the two large chambers of commerce, Treasure Pavilion.

Treasure Pavilion not only sold weapons with spirit energy, but it also had all kinds of armor and props. It also held auctions on a regular basis, and it was famous. That was also the reason why Wu Mo chose it.

Wu Mo glanced at the plaque hanging on the door. There were three large words written on it in calligraphy. They spelled, “Treasure Pavilion.”

The place was bustling with people. The decorations inside consisted of carved beams and painted pillars, which displayed a magnificent scene. Wu Mo composed himself and immediately walked in.

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