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Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?

Chapter 369 - 369 Dangerous Environment

369 Dangerous Environment

The spirit energy in his body poured out and flowed into the blade.

The blade, which was originally silver in color, now emitted a dazzling golden light with the nourishment of his spirit power.

The muscles on Lone Wolf’s body tensed up as he brandished the long, 20-pound sword.

In the face of Lone Wolf’s overwhelming murderous intent and layers of sword aura attacks…

The thought of retreating rose in Tiger’s heart for the first time.

However, the surging spirit power in his body quickly made him confident again.

He held the thick double-edged sword in his hand and attacked Lone Wolf like an eagle.

The sword light in his hand erupted with great brilliance, and the spirit energy shield on the surface of his body gradually became solid.

“Let’s go!”

He lowered his body slightly, then flicked his wrist and thrust his sword at Lone Wolf’s throat.

The bright blade instantly broke through the layers of light with an unparalleled momentum, as if it would not stop until it pierced through Lone Wolf’s throat.

Soon, the long sword and the thick sword met.


The sound of metal clashing reverberated.

The two terrifying spirit energies on the blades immediately eroded each other.

At the same time, a blinding light burst out in the air.

What followed was a terrifying air wave that could send anyone flying.

It was visible to the naked eye, and it spread in all directions, blowing the dust and debris on the ground everywhere.

Fortunately, there was no one else in the large open-air warehouse.

Moreover, the 11 Special Forces members were not affected by the blast because they were in the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

However, in comparison, Lone Wolf seemed to be in a more miserable state.

His own abilities were still stuck at the peak of the six-star level. Even with the help of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear, he could not face Tiger, who had advanced to the middle stage of the seven-star rank, head on.

Soon, the confrontation between the two spirit powers reached its end.

The spirit energy that Lone Wolf had poured into his long sword was being pushed back. At the same time, the Epic-grade long sword was now full of cracks as if it would completely break apart in the next second.

On the battlefield, Tiger saw that Lone Wolf was no match for him in a head-on confrontation. Not only was he being forced to step back, but his weapon was also on the verge of breaking.

He immediately followed up with another attack, and with a stomp of his feet, he attempted to strike Lone Wolf’s unprotected neck.

However, at this critical moment, Lone Wolf pounced on Tiger without dodging. It looked like he wanted to get rid of the weapon in his hand and fight Tiger in close combat.

The man’s neck was about to come into close contact with the thick double-edged sword’s blade.

At this critical juncture, Tiger actually hesitated for a moment.

He was afraid that if he did not hold back, he would seriously injure Lone Wolf.

After all, this was only a test, not a real battle between mortal enemies.

Right then, the other Special Forces members in the formation felt their hearts rise to their throats when they saw Lord Lone Wolf’s irrational behavior.

“What’s happening? Lord Lone Wolf actually took the initiative to move closer to Tiger!”

“Is this a desperate bet? Is Lone Wolf betting on the chance that Tiger wouldn’t really make a move?”

Rat, who was still transferring spirit energy to the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array, asked in surprise upon witnessing the dangerous scene.

“No… Lord Lone Wolf respects every battle, and he wouldn’t disregard the safety of his other team members for victory,” Ox immediately denied it not far away.

“Lord Lone Wolf could be out of options. After all, his weapon is about to be destroyed. It’s impossible for him to win against Tiger in his current state. He might have a chance if he fights in close combat.”

Ram’s brows were furrowed as he made a conclusion based on his analysis of the current situation. In reality, he did not understand Lord Lone Wolf’s true intentions.

Nevertheless, looking at the current situation, Lord Lone Wolf had given up the advantage of the long sword and chosen to fight in close combat. It was an extremely dangerous choice.

They were not the only ones who thought this way. The three lieutenants on the rooftop also thought the same.

Two of the three lieutenants were extremely skilled at close combat, so they knew how dangerous Lone Wolf’s actions would be.

Tiger’s thick sword was not as long as a long sword, and if the two cultivators sparring were of equal strength, the one holding the long sword would definitely have a greater advantage.

Yet, in such a dangerous situation, Lone Wolf did not choose to retreat and widen the distance between them to find a chance to counterattack. Instead, he closed the distance between the two of them and increased the advantage of the thick double-edged sword.

If this were a real battlefield, Lone Wolf’s actions would undoubtedly push him into the abyss, and his chances of survival on the battlefield would be extremely low.

In the eyes of the three lieutenants, Lone Wolf’s pounce was an extremely irresponsible act.

He ignored the danger around him and chose to close their distance by force.

If he was not careful, Tiger’s sword could very well slit his throat.

If such a situation really happened, not only would Tiger’s career be seriously affected, even the military armory and the three lieutenant generals would have to take responsibility for it.

Combined with the fact that Lone Wolf had deliberately entered the Nine-star Dragon Trapping array, he was behaving like an irresponsible Special Forces leader in Lu Yuansheng’s eyes.

It did not matter that this was just a test. If there were no problems, he would consider submitting a petition to the military headquarters to reevaluate Lone Wolf’s position as a Special Forces captain.

Of course, this was on the premise that the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear could pass the review smoothly and be mass-produced with military funds.

Otherwise, with Lone Wolf’s current disabled body, he would be honorably discharged from the military in less than two months. If that really happened, he would not need to report him to the military.

In the open-air warehouse, everyone’s eyes were wide open when they saw such a dangerous scene play out. They were afraid that they would miss what would happen next.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Tiger, who was about to pierce Lone Wolf’s neck with his thick double-edged sword.


At the same time, Tiger made a decision in his heart.

He chose to release all of his power just like before because at the beginning of the test, Lord Lone Wolf had specifically instructed them to not go easy on him during on the test field.

No matter what the result was, he had to follow Lone Wolf’s instructions!

Just as the thick sword was about to hit Lone Wolf at the center of the trapping array…

Lone Wolf’s body weirdly shifted by more than 10 centimeters in midair.

Just like that, he avoided the thick double-edged sword’s blade.

The events that unfolded in a flash stunned everyone.

Only Wu Mo, who was standing outside the open-air warehouse, understood Lone Wolf’s battle plan from the beginning.

He knew that after the thrust system had been improved, the gear could move in the air without warning, and Lone Wolf could use this feature to catch those Special Forces soldiers off guard.

He was previously worried that Lone Wolf would not be able to fully gauge the measurements to achieve the best effect, but now, it seemed that his plan was very successful.

With his rich combat experience, Lone Wolf had no trouble determining the trajectory of Tiger’s thick double-edged sword.


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