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Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?

Chapter 368 - 368 In Danger, the Exoskeleton Armor’s Super Protection

368 In Danger, the Exoskeleton Armor’s Super Protection

“Hehe, when the test is too easy, it might not be a bad idea to increase the difficulty manually.”

Su Hongyuan, who was a combat expert, could tell what Lone Wolf was really thinking.

Therefore, his expression was still as relaxed as before.

“I don’t think so. Now that the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array has been formed, even most Rank 7 beasts won’t be able to escape. Even if Lone Wolf has the support of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear, this is still a little too much.”


Lieutenant General Lu Yuansheng looked a little dissatisfied. He felt that Lone Wolf’s actions were too childish.

The battlefield was full of danger, and a single decision could seal a person’s fate.

Even he was not 100% confident that he could break through the trapping array formed by the Special Forces, much less Lone Wolf, who was only at the peak of six stars.

When it came to such an array, the stronger the caster was, the more powerful its effect would be. Lone Wolf was already at a disadvantage when fighting 12 people alone, and now he was trapped by the array.

Under such circumstances, it would be as difficult as ascending to the heavens to kill defeat Special Forces members to complete the test.

At this moment, the lieutenant generals had different opinions.

Elder Huang, who was standing at the side, felt a little conflicted when he saw this scene.

His style of doing things was always to strive for perfection. He was even more meticulous before the three lieutenant generals. If the combat test ended up being a failure because of Lone Wolf’s actions, he would be in trouble.

Not only would the three lieutenant generals have made a wasted trip, but all his efforts would also go to waste.

“This young man is too impetuous. Can’t he eliminate five members and complete the test before the array is formed?”

Elder Huang felt a little helpless. In his opinion, Lone Wolf had countless opportunities to attack in the first 10 minutes of the individual combat test.

As long as he found the right rhythm, it would not be difficult to eliminate five Special Forces members, considering their current combat ability.

If he had been even a little vigilant, he would not have allowed the other 11 fighters to complete their formation.

Now that the situation was set, they all felt that Lone Wolf had fallen into a dilemma.

The expressions of the people on the rooftop were a little complicated, and no one knew what they were thinking.

In contrast, Wu Mo, who was standing at the entrance of the open-air warehouse, was as calm as usual. He even had a smile on his face, as if he was looking forward to it.

“This time, things seem to be going in a bad direction for Lone Wolf.”

The deputy director, Cao Jianzhong, shook his head. He was also worried for Lone Wolf.

A few senior researchers had also gathered together to discuss something in low voices. Suddenly, the atmosphere around them was heavy.

Looking at the many Special Forces members who had formed a circle around him in the open-air warehouse, Lone Wolf’s expression remained calm.

He looked at the sensor watch on his wrist. It had been 12 minutes since the test began, and it appeared that he had made no progress.

However, in such a short period of time, he had completely adapted to the control state of the improved Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear through testing the waters.

“There are still eight minutes left. If you have any trump cards, hurry up and use them.” Lone Wolf looked around and said lightly.

“Do it!”

Dragon growled with a gloomy expression.

In the next moment, Tiger, who was standing behind Lone Wolf on the right, took the lead to attack with a thick double-edged sword in his hand.

He was like a ghostly figure as he charged at Lone Wolf.

The spirit energy in Tiger’s body gushed out, and with a slight shake of his wrist, four visible sword auras in the shape of a square shot toward Lone Wolf’s head, wrists, and abdomen.

The speed of Tiger’s sword was extremely fast. The thickness of the four long-range sword aura attacks showed that he had the strength of an early seven-star cultivator.

Lone Wolf knew that Tiger’s abilities had improved so quickly in such a short time because of the energy from the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

Facing an attack that was equivalent to that of a Seven Star realm cultivator, he had to be serious.

Seeing the four sword auras coming at him, Lone Wolf shouted and shook the long sword in his hand.

The first two sword auras were immediately shattered by Lone Wolf’s blade.

However, the two sword auras that were released later were extremely fast, and Lone Wolf only had time to block it with his saber.

He took his opponent’s attack head on.

Clang! Bang!

As he collided with the sword aura, everyone heard two muffled sounds coming from the center of the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

One of the two undamaged sword auras was blocked by the blade of his long sword, while the other sword aura hit his left arm.

The sword aura’s huge power forced him to take a few steps back.

Lone Wolf, who had been hit by the sword aura, only felt his left arm shake slightly. He did not suffer any substantial damage.

Even so, his heart still ached.

That was because the sword aura that was comparable to the sword aura released by a seven-star cultivator had left a clear white mark on the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear’s protective armor.

“Holy sh*t! The defense strength of this Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear is so high. Even Tiger, whose strength has broken through the limit of the seven-star rank, can’t cause any substantial damage to it with one strike,” the Special Forces member codenamed Monkey exclaimed in surprise when he saw the heaven-defying defensive capabilities of the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about. Even the Heavenly Fire Bomb couldn’t destroy the armor’s protection. Your strength has only been increased to early stage of seven stars. It’s no surprise that you can’t break his defense,” Dragon analyzed with an indifferent expression.

“Next, we will help you increase your strength to the middle stage of seven stars and try to end the battle with one strike. Before we defeat Lord Lone Wolf, everything will go according to plan. We can’t give him any more time to catch his breath.”

After giving his instructions in a low voice, he immediately activated the spirit power in his body. At the same time, the special energy stone on his chest erupted with a brilliant light.

The rest of them immediately nodded and did as they were told. All the energy in their bodies was supplied to the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

This way, Tiger would be able to use the spirit energy in the formation to forcibly raise his strength to the middle stage of seven stars.

The difference between the beginning and middle stages of the seven-star rank would become increasingly obvious.

No matter how strong the defense of Lone Wolf’s armor was, it was impossible for him to withstand the attacks of a seven-star cultivator in the middle stage without being injured.


Even if they could not defeat Lone Wolf with one strike, the nine of them could still mobilize the spirit energy in the array at any time.

When that happened, Lone Wolf would not be able to withstand their continuous attacks despite his great strength.

More importantly, maintaining the array also consumed spirit energy, so they could not afford to waste time. They had to end the battle as soon as possible.

After hearing Dragon’s instructions, Tiger no longer hesitated.

He held his thick double-edged sword upside down and rushed toward Lone Wolf at an extremely high speed.


Lone Wolf opened his eyes wide, revealing a killing intent that was almost tangible.

Faced with Tiger, who was far stronger than him, Lone Wolf did not retreat. Instead, he advanced.

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