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Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?

Chapter 367 - 367 Nine-Star Dragon Trapping Array

367 Nine-Star Dragon Trapping Array

The spirit power was attached to the weapon, and it could be turned into a material object with a gentle wave.

As long as the sword’s light and spirit energy hit the enemy, they could cause real laceration to the target. If the opponent was not strong enough to withstand the long-range attack, he or she would likely suffer fatal damage.

It was just that forming long-range attacks consumed too much spirit power. Unless it was necessary, most cultivators would choose close combat.

But of course, if they could use long-range weapons to attack, spirit energy consumption would be greatly reduced. Magic Crystal Cannons and all kinds of hot weapons that could be driven by spirit energy were good examples.

However, the hit rate of long-range weapons was a problem. Adding on the fact that they were not common in the market, only a few cultivators had long-range weapons.

Coincidentally, the dozen or so Special Forces members who were fighting in the open-air warehouse were more skilled at close combat.

Therefore, in Lone Wolf’s eyes, the long-range sword aura that they had condensed was just a toy with a gorgeous appearance.

This was because his best comrade, Bald Eagle, was a cultivator skilled in long range attacks.

If any of the Special Forces members before him were Bald Eagle, he would not be as calm as he was now. He would probably have fled like a rat.

Obviously, Bald Eagle was still on a mission issued by the military headquarters, so it was impossible for him to be there to spar with him.

Therefore, Lone Wolf did not have any concerns. He did not even look at the sword auras and light, which were shooting at him from all directions.

With the heavy blade in his hand, he had unstoppable momentum. With just two simple slashes, the defense that Dragon and another three soldiers had set up was quickly broken.

After forcing the four people before him to retreat, Lone Wolf lowered his body slightly and dodged three sword auras. Then, he calmly turned around and slashed back at them.

The edge of his blade instantly turned several long-range attacks into mush.

With the support of dense spirit energy, the Epic-grade long sword had reached a level where it could cut through iron and gold as if they were mud.

No one in the entire open-air warehouse could stop its sharpness.

Lord Lone Wolf grew increasingly audacious as the battle progressed, while the dozen or so Special Forces members had their hands full for a long time. Even so, they could not land an effective hit.

Dragon was anxious, but he could not find a good solution.

Lone Wolf was holding a long sword in his hand, and no one could enter within three meters of him.

They were also cultivators skilled in close combat. If they charged forth, it would be like hitting a rock with an egg.

“There’s another 20 minutes left. Let’s just go all in!”

“Lord Lone Wolf is too powerful. No one is going to be his match in a one-on-one fight. Let’s get into formation!”

A few Special Forces members spoke out and started discussing.

The current situation was not in their favor. If they did not take action now, they would definitely be defeated by Lord Lone Wolf.

Rather than passively defending, it was better to take the initiative to attack and fight for a way out as if they were on an actual battlefield.

“Good! We’ll use the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array that’s specially used to deal with high-ranking beasts! Let’s end this test!”

Dragon had seemingly made up his mind. The other members around him approved of his strategy and nodded in agreement.

The so-called Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array was actually a high-tier array that had been passed down in the war zone.

The goal was to use it against high-ranking beasts that were difficult to deal with on the battlefield.

The Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array made use of the advantage of numbers to concentrate everyone’s power on a fierce beast.

The standard Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array required at least nine people to complete. The more people there were, the more powerful the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array was. It could even be set up by 36 people at a time.

The trapping array’s strength was its ability to transfer part of the spirit energy in one person’s body to others at any time, forcibly increasing the strength of one or more people.

Moreover, the trapping array could also increase the casters’ agility and their combat speed. The enemy would be tired of dealing with them, and once the enemy revealed a flaw, it would be killed in one blow.

To achieve this magical effect, every caster had to carry a specially-made energy stone.

These energy stones were all produced by the military in the war zone because the cost of production was too high, and the formation required everyone to be on the same page and to have considerable combat experience.

Thus, only the Special Forces were equipped with them.

Furthermore, since the Special Forces members could receive an emergency mission at any time, everyone would carry a special energy stone with them.

It was precisely because each of them fulfilled this prerequisite that Dragon chose to use the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array to fight Lone Wolf.

After all, dozens, if not hundreds of Rank 7 beasts had died from the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

If even Rank 7 beasts with thick skin could not withstand the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array’s destructive power, Lone Wolf would not be able to last long in the array, even with the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear’s protection.

Soon, every Special Forces member on the battlefield quickly activated the special energy stones with his spirit power.

“Oh, it looks like you guys have changed your tactic again!”

Looking at the faint light emanating from their chests, Lone Wolf stood up with his sword in his hand and responded with interest.

“Hmph, enough nonsense. Get into formation!”

Dragon snorted coldly. Then, he rushed toward Lone Wolf like lightning.

Seeing that Lone Wolf was attacking again, the rest of the Special Forces members quickly dodged and closed the distance between them.

Lone Wolf knew that they were preparing an array.

However, he had no intention of throwing his sword out to mess up the formation. Instead, he stood where he was and looked at them calmly.

With a flash, the remaining 11 Special Forces members got into formation.

At this moment, nine of the members formed a nine-pointed star, with Lone Wolf’s position being at the end of the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array.

Everyone was the same distance away from him, which meant that if they attacked at the same time, Lone Wolf would not be able to deal with all of them.

The other two members of the Special Forces stood on the left and right of the array.

If one observed carefully, they would notice that there was a faint light connecting their chests.

The two Special Forces members on the left and right were responsible for transferring the energy in their bodies to the array.


The remaining nine members could use it freely. The existence of the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array was like an energy storage station.

It could help them instantly increase their strength and give them an agility bonus.

Now that the Nine-star Dragon Trapping Array had been formed, Lone Wolf, who was standing at the center, could clearly feel that the air around him had become thicker.

The nine people had firmly locked onto his aura. Unless he could force his way out of the encirclement, he would definitely be struck by a thunderbolt.

On the rooftop 100 meters away, the three lieutenant generals appeared conflicted when they saw that the 11 Special Forces members had successfully trapped Lone Wolf.

“Why didn’t Lone Wolf dodge? He clearly had enough time to leave the encirclement before the trapping array was formed.”

Seeing that the nine of them had locked onto his aura, the array was now completely formed.

The armaments commissioner, Zhuang Zhe, could not sit still all of a sudden.

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