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Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?

Chapter 366 - 366 Codename, the Twelve Zodiacs

366 Codename, the Twelve Zodiacs

The Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear had given Lone Wolf an immeasurable strength boost. From the short confrontation, the three lieutenants could see that his mobility and reaction time had also been greatly enhanced.

Shen Hongyuan, who was sitting next to the railing on the rooftop, could clearly sense it.

This was because Lone Wolf’s Special Forces team was currently stationed in North China’s Third Military Region. Bald Eagle was also considered one of his subordinates.

After more than a year of getting along, he was very familiar with both of their strengths. He had even sparred with Lone Wolf twice.


Half a year ago, Lone Wolf’s strength had been at the peak of the six-star rank. In addition, he had been in the prime of his life. In terms of speed and agility, he had been better than others. Therefore, his real combat strength had almost reached the level of the strongest person below seven stars.

Since Bald Eagle’s focus in cultivation had been different from Lone Wolf’s, he might not have been a match for Lone Wolf in close combat. However, he had more long-range moves and was even more powerful than Lone Wolf on the battlefield.

Shen Hongyuan had spent more than a year with the two Special Forces commanders. In addition, he had also sparred with Lone Wolf twice. Therefore, he knew Lone Wolf’s moves and his sword techniques better than anyone else present.

As such, when he saw that Lone Wolf had actually sent the Special Forces member flying with one strike, the shock on his face was even more intense.

Although the Special Forces member were one rank lower than that of Lone Wolf, both of them had undergone rigorous training and had rich combat experience.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for Lone Wolf to gain such a huge advantage with three moves.

Moreover, there were almost a dozen other Special Forces members helping out in the warehouse battlefield. Snake should not have been eliminated so quickly.

“It seems that we have all underestimated the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear.”

Hongyuan sighed on the surface, but the excitement deep in his eyes became even more difficult to hide.

In terms of actual combat, the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear provided Lone Wolf with a huge amount of strength and agility. It was extremely practical even on the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the 12 Special Forces members had a tacit understanding with each other. Each time, three to five of them would attack simultaneously.

There were also people on the side who were closely watching Lone Wolf’s movements. Once there was an opening, they would attack him together.

However, Lone Wolf relied on his strength that was enough to change a person’s face. He stood firm as everyone surrounded him and even had time to counterattack.

“Lone Wolf’s swordsmanship is already bold and unrestrained. It’s not a problem for him to fight many people on the battlefield. Now, with the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear and the bonus attributes, it’s impossible for the Special Forces members to finish the battle quickly.”

Lu Yuansheng’s eyes flickered as he tapped the table with his index finger and analyzed the fight in a low voice.

“They lost a member as soon as the battle started. It’s even more difficult for them to win now. They have to change their strategy.” Zhuang Zhe took a sip of tea and said with interest.

The more perfect the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was on the battlefield, the more significant their visit to the capital was.

As long as Lone Wolf could eliminate half of the Special Forces members in this battle, it would be enough to prove that the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear’s performance on the battlefield was extremely impressive.

At that time, they would jointly submit a letter to the eastern war zone’s Arms Minister, asking the military to quickly invest resources and approve mass production.

What they needed to do now was quietly wait for the results of the individual combat test.

Back in the open-air warehouse, when the other Special Forces members realized that their comrade, Snake, had been severely injured by Lone Wolf’s blade, they immediately pulled back and temporarily escaped Lone Wolf’s heavy blade.

“I’m sorry, I’ve dragged everyone down.”

Snake clutched his chest with one hand and struggled to get up. Then, he staggered out of the warehouse.

The light sensor on his wrist was still emitting a red glow and beeping to show that he was injured.

When the others saw how lonely Snake looked from the back, they felt a little upset.

Although a serious injury in this test only meant the person’s combat effectiveness was affected and there was no danger to his life, they still felt a little guilty when they saw their team member being eliminated.

Three of them who had planned to help Snake earlier could nit help but think that if they had been a step faster, they might have been able to save him.

At the same time, Snake’s elimination started a fire in all of their hearts.

Wearing the Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear, Lone Wolf’s strength was no longer in the realm that they previously knew.

His strength and speed had already broken through the limits of the seven-star rank.

He was almost on the same level as Shen Hongyuan.

In addition, Lord Lone Wolf could fly freely and surpass the limits of gravity. In terms of combat, he was like a tiger with wings, which meant they had to be 120% vigilant.

“Have you come up with a plan? I’m going to make my move.”

Lone Wolf stood on the spot with his sword in hand and spoke with a smile in his eyes.

At this moment, he felt as if he was experiencing the spring breeze and watching the flowers in Chang’an.

The improved Three-dimensional Maneuver Gear was much better than the first version in terms of comfort and control.

The feeling of being able to freely control his four limbs made him almost return to his peak a few years ago.

It was as if his right leg had never been amputated. Even the hidden injuries on his body, big and small, that had been caused by years of war, had disappeared completely.

Lone Wolf’s body felt as light as a feather, and he could exert a force of 10,000 kilograms with a casual wave of his hand.

He was like a fierce general who could hold off 10,000 enemies on the battlefield.

This wonderful, beautiful, and irresistible experience made him feel that the one month of waiting was worth it.

They noticed that Lone Wolf was about to attack.

A few of the Special Forces members not far away subconsciously took two steps back. However, they quickly realized that such behavior would lower their morale, so they braced themselves and stood their ground.

“Lord Lone Wolf is too arrogant. I won’t back down. Let’s strike first!” Dragon roared as he held a halberd.

The people around him immediately circulated their spirit energy and attacked Lone Wolf from the center, left, and right.

Seeing that the Special Forces member had made the first move, Lone Wolf grinned with a satisfied expression.

He swung his long sword gently and rushed toward Dragon without dodging.

Dragon was one of the stronger close-combat fighters in the Special Forces, although he was not a threat to Lone Wolf for the time being.

However, as the battle dragged on, the spirit energy in his body would gradually be consumed. Consequently, Dragon’s threat to him would become greater and greater, so it was a good idea to get rid of him first.

Seeing that Lone Wolf was going to attack Dragon with his long sword, the rest of the Special Forces members immediately saw through his plan. The members on both sides immediately gave up on close combat.


Instead, they activated the spirit energy in their bodies and condensed the spirit power in their swords before they attacked Lone Wolf’s unprotected head.

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