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Chapter 3: Divine Weapon Blueprint, Mjolnir!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as Wu Mo was about to enter the Divine Forging Space to take a look, his phone abruptly rang with a short ringtone.

Taking out his phone, Wu Mo noticed that there was an unread notification on the screen.

It was a message from the Divine Weapon Academy’s Professor Zhou Yan. “Students, have you all completed your Divine Weapon blueprint? I’ll go to each class tomorrow morning to collect the blueprints. In a month’s time, it will be graduation season. When the time comes, all students will be required to forge the Divine Weapon in front of the entire school’s teachers. Please make use of your time and strive to complete your task on the day of the trial!”

Professor Zhou Yan had sent a large paragraph of information in the Divine Weapon Academy’s group message. Moreover, she had even tagged all members of the group. The others who were chatting and bragging in the group suddenly stopped.

“Don’t worry, professor. We’ll definitely work hard.”

After more than ten seconds, messages from the other Forgemasters appeared in the group.

“We prepared our designs long ago. We’re just waiting for the day of graduation to show off our skills.”

“Although I’ve also finished making it, I still have to say that I hate straight-A students.”

“No matter how hard I work, I can’t compare to the big boss. It’s rotten.”

“@student Shen, please don’t spread negative energy.”

The many Forgemasters who were active in the academy’s group chat all expressed their opinions. Wu Mo quickly skimmed through the messages and could not help but click his tongue.

Most of the Forgemasters in the group were full of confidence. Some even revealed the grade of the Divine Weapon that they were going to forge on graduation day in advance. They seemed to have a lot of faith in their work.

Wu Mo thought that he was probably the only one among all the Forgemasters in the entire Divine Weapon Academy who had yet to make a move.

From this, one could see how mad his predecessor had become at that time. He did not even care about his final-year design and only wanted to forge a Divine Weapon.

Nevertheless, Wu Mo was not flustered at this moment. Instead, he was eager to give it a try.

Although he had fully comprehended the memories left behind by his predecessor, Wu Mo still had not tried forging any equipment. Now that he had an opportunity, he had to give it his all.

Putting his phone back into his pocket, Wu Mo began to think about what kind of weapon he would forge. He had lived on Earth before and had never come into contact with any weapons other than kitchen appliances. Now that he was in such a predicament, he did not know what to do.

“Forget it, I’ll go into the Forging Space and take a look first.”

Having made up his mind, Wu Mo slowly closed his eyes and focused his mind.

The next second, he noticed that all the sounds around him had disappeared without a trace.

He quickly opened his eyes and saw nothingness before him. The entire Forging Space was like an unopened universe with no boundaries.

His surroundings were pitch-black, and he could not see a single thing. There was only a workbench not far away, which was suspended in midair and emitting a faint majestic light.

Here, Wu Mo felt as if he had cut off his connection to the outside world and was engulfed by a stretch of darkness.

It was his first time entering a Divine-grade Forging Space, and he was a little nervous. However, he soon adapted to it and promptly walked up to the Divine-grade Forging Workbench.

The so-called workbench was an integrated equipment with many components.

One could construct blueprints, or directly use materials to forge a Divine Weapon on it because it had all the functions.

Right then, a golden Divine Weapon Forging Blueprint was floating on the workbench, waiting for Wu Mo to open it.

“Is it about to begin?”

Wu Mo’s gaze became firm, and he was ready to start construction according to the first Divine Weapon Forging Blueprint that belonged to him!

He used his hand to lightly tap on the golden blueprint, and the system’s voice reverberated in his mind a second later.

[Please choose the type of weapon you would like to forge from the following options.

[Blade-type, Sword-type, Long-handle-type, Ranged-type, Ax-type, Hammer-type...]

At the next moment, the golden blueprint suddenly unfolded, and different types of weapons appeared in front of him. The dazzling array of weapons almost blinded Wu Mo’s eyes.

Looking at the various types of weapons in front of him, Wu Mo hesitated for a moment. Then, his gaze gradually stopped on the hammer-type weapons.

He thought that in order to become a powerful forger, he would definitely need a suitable forging tool. Weapons could only be used on the battlefield. Meanwhile, hammers could be used as forging equipment and also for battle purposes. They had the greatest range of use.

After all, a Divine Weapon blueprint was extremely precious. If he went about it in a flashy way, it would be a waste.

After making up his mind, the painting in front of him suddenly disappeared and turned into a yellowish, ancient-looking blueprint.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, for obtaining the blueprint for the Divine Weapon, Mjolnir.

[This blueprint contains the full forging process and information regarding Mjolnir. Upon careful reading, you will be able to understand how to forge Mjolnir.]

Wu Mo approached the workbench and looked at the ancient blueprint on the screen. The dense information on it made his scalp go numb.

However, he was surprised to find that as he read, the forging-related knowledge would appear in his mind. It looked like the contents of the blueprint were directly transmitted into his mind. The magical process ended in less than a minute.

Then, the blueprint, which lay on the workbench in front of him, instantly became weathered and disappeared without a trace.

All the knowledge related to the forging of Thor’s hammer, which had been recorded in the blueprint, was carved into Wu Mo’s brain.

Wu Mo pretty much understood the entire forging process at this point. He accurately discovered that the memories his predecessor left behind in relation to forging actually contained many mistakes.

That was probably the reason why he had failed again and again to fulfill his long-cherished wish.

The forging of special weapons could be categorized into three steps: designing blueprints, forging rudimentary shapes, and tempering as well as strengthening.

The initial design step was completed with materials such as paper, pens, ink, and so on. These special materials could only be purchased within the Forgemaster academies, and the better the materials used, the more crucial the information in the blueprint.

After that, the process of casting the rudimentary shape required the use of a furnace, a mold, and a hammer for forging.

The furnace was a core item, and it was also a key piece of equipment that was prohibited from being exported by the country. Only the Forgemaster academies or large clans had it. The quality of each furnace was different, and it could also affect the strength of the rudimentary form that was eventually produced.

Molds could be bought from all kinds of shops, and it was not rare for them to be used in the shaping of Divine Weapons.

The hammers used for forging were also not controlled. However, there were very few high-quality hammers, and only large colleges or aristocratic families could get their hands on them.

The final tempering and strengthening process was more complicated, and the quality of the tools used tended to be uneven. There were strengthening scrolls, gemstones that added attributes to weapons, and blood blades. Lastly, one needed to increase the sharpness of the tools, which was more crucial.

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