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Chapter 22: The Price of Being Unreasonable!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Huh? No, store manager, are you mistaken? Wu Mo is just a piece of trash who isn’t even a One-star blacksmith. How could he be a VIP of Treasure Pavilion?!”

After some contemplation, Wei Jiaming immediately opened his mouth to speak, his tone filled with doubt.

Among the thousands of students in the Divine Arms Academy, no one had ever received VIP treatment in Treasure Pavilion. He, Wu Mo, was a nobody who had been depressed for half a year. How could he receive better treatment than him, a silver card holder? How could he?!

Wei Jiaming’s words immediately broke the silence, causing Jiang Mengyao, who was standing beside Wu Mo, to snap out of it as well.

She raised her head to look at the store manager standing in front of them and realized that he did not seem to be joking at all.

Although she found it incredulous too, deep down in her heart, Jiang Mengyao still hoped that Wu Mo was a VIP in Treasure Pavilion. That way, there would not be any more problems.

The few of them focused their gazes on Wu Mo. At that moment, Wu Mo remained extremely indifferent as he faced the manager.

He glanced at Wei Jiaming with a straight face and slowly said, “Store Manager Gao, I have no issue with the mistaken VIP card incident. However, I find that person to be rude. He’ll end up affecting Treasure Pavilion’s operations, so I think he should be blacklisted.”

There was a trace of a cold smile on Wu Mo’s face as he looked at Wei Jiaming like he was an ant.

He originally had no plans of making a move against this second-generation heir. Unfortunately, the other party had provoked him repeatedly. Wu Mo felt that if he did not do something now, he would appear too merciful.

“Yes, that makes sense, Mr. Wu. I’ll deal with him now!”

Gao Yue nodded. He immediately understood the meaning behind Wu Mo’s words. He turned his head and shouted to the back, “Security!”

When Jia Ming noticed several security guards walking toward him, he started to become anxious.

“What are you doing? I’m a silver member of Treasure Pavilion. What do you want from me?!”

Wei Jiaming took out his silver membership card and shouted at the security guards nervously.

“Hmph... I now declare the silver membership card in your hand invalid. From now on, you are no longer welcome in the Treasure Pavilions on the entire continent! Do you want to leave by yourself, or do you want me to get someone to throw you out?!”

The shop owner, Gao Yue, looked at him coldly. He had already decided in his heart.

This so-called silver member was nothing compared to the special consultant that Treasure Pavilion had signed with great difficulty!

He could expel the other guy without hesitation!

“Why?! I’ve spent millions in Treasure Pavilion. Why should he expel me? What kind of card does he have? What right does he have to drive me away?!”

Wei Jiaming was not willing to be driven away just like that. He gritted his teeth and stared at Wu Mo as he shouted hysterically.

“Why? Because Mr. Wu is a VIP of our Treasure Pavilion, and he has a platinum card, which is two levels higher than a silver card! It’s something that only a specially invited consultant can have!”

“Security... escort our guest out!”

Wei Jiaming’s pupils instantly became unfocused. He did not have time to say anything else, as the security guard who walked over covered his mouth and lifted him up.


Wei Jiaming struggled with all his might. He believed that there was still a chance for things to turn around. He could not accept being blacklisted by Treasure Pavilion.

One should know that the equipment he forged contained many high-grade materials. Only a large-scale chamber of commerce like Treasure Pavilion could supply all of them.

If he was blacklisted from now on, it would be difficult to find all the materials!

Despite that, the burly security guards did not give him a chance and threw him on the road.

“Get lost, or I’ll call the law enforcement!”

Wei Jiaming’s body was hurt all over, and he was about to fall apart. Facing the two fierce security guards, he could only clench his teeth and endure the pain throughout his body as he limped away.

Many of the customers in the queue were students from the Divine Arms Academy. A few of them had grudges against Wei Jiaming, and they took out their phones to record the process, preparing to send it directly to the academy’s forum.

On the other side, Jiang Mengyao watched as Wei Jiaming escaped with his tail between his legs. Her heart was filled with worry.

She was worried that Wei Jiaming would wait for an opportunity to exact revenge on Wu Mo. After some thought, she decided to ask Wu Mo to be more careful and not to leave the academy at night.

“Mr. Wu, I hope that others won’t disturb you anymore. Let’s not just stand here. Please follow me to the VIP room on the second floor of Treasure Pavilion,” Gao Yue said respectfully.

Wu Mo nodded. He held Jiang Mengyao’s little hand and said in a low voice, “Let’s go to the second floor first.”

Jiang Mengyao’s fair face turned a little red, but she still followed Wu Mo upstairs.

The three of them later sat down on a leather couch. Wu Mo looked at the decorations around the VIP room and could not help but exclaim in his heart.

This was even better than the reception room he had seen during his first visit. The daily life of a person with status was really different from that of an ordinary person.

“Manager Gao, I’m here to purchase some materials. I wonder if there are any items on this list in Treasure Pavilion.”

Wu Mo took out the list he had written in class and handed it to the manager.

Gao Yue took it and had a look. As he read through the list, he would sometimes frown and sometimes fall into deep thought. After a full two minutes, he spoke with uncertainty.

“Mr. Wu, of the materials listed, three are in stock in Treasure Pavilion. The other two will arrive in about three days.”

When Wu Mo heard that, he immediately raised his eyebrows. He found this branch of Treasure Pavilion quite powerful. It even had those precious materials.

“In that case, please take a look at this one. Help me prepare a set.”

Wu Mo handed over the list of materials that Jiang Mengyao had made straight away.

This time, Gao Yue only took a glance before he immediately agreed.

Although there were some rare materials on the second list, they were not too precious. They were already in stock in Treasure Pavilion.

He pressed the service bell on the table, and a beautiful receptionist in a business suit walked in a moment later.

Gao Yue gave her the order, and the receptionist immediately went down to handle it.

Jiang Mengyao blinked her big eyes and looked at Wu Mo.

She had assumed that it would take her a while to collect the materials she needed, but she did not expect Wu Mo to do it all for her. It was surreal.

She could not help but wonder if Wu Mo was still the boy she knew.

It had only been half a month since they last met, but Wu had seemingly changed. He could take charge of his own affairs, and he was mature as well as steady.

Even his courage had grown, and he was holding her hand.

In the past, Wu Mo would have never dared to do that.

“Had Wu Mo experienced something recently that caused his way of thinking to undergo a large-scale change?”

All kinds of thoughts emerged in Jiang Mengyao’s mind. She was worried and happy at the same time.

“Oh right, Manager Gao, I wonder if Treasure Pavilion has ready-made Legendary Essence?”

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