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Chapter 2: Beginner Pack, Heaven-Defying Ability

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“Open the pack!” Wu Mo said emotionally.

After all, he was already at rock bottom. Unless he had the system’s help, it would be impossible for him to complete any final-year design with his own skills.

[Ding! Beginner Pack opened. Congratulations on obtaining Divine-grade Forging Space, Divine-grade Forging Workbench, and a chance to choose a blueprint for a Divine-grade Weapon.]

The system’s electronic synthesized voice echoed in Wu Mo’s mind once again. However, the Beginner Pack that the system gave him left him bewildered.

He understood each individual word that the system had uttered, but when they came together, he was extremely confused.

“Forging Space... What is that?” Wu Mo asked in puzzlement.

The system immediately explained it to him.

[Divine-grade Forging Space is a special space created by the system. In this space, the flow of time is 1% the speed of the outside world. In other words, the time you spend in a Divine-grade Forging Space is only equivalent to fifteen minutes in the real world.]

After hearing that detailed introduction, Wu Mo’s face instantly revealed a look of joy.

The special space created by the system could bring great convenience to Wu Mo.

One should know that once many high-level Divine weapons were forged, it would definitely cause a world-shaking commotion.

Even if Wu Mo had the system’s help, without the special space protecting his privacy, he would probably be captured and investigated before he could forge a Divine weapon.

After all, his current forging strength was not even comparable to a One-star blacksmith. If he suddenly forged a high-level Divine weapon, it would definitely arouse the suspicion of others.

Hence, the special space could perfectly solve this matter. However, Wu Mo was most satisfied with its feature to slow down time by a hundred times.

Forging a Divine weapon was a long trial and error process. Even a Seven-star blacksmith could not guarantee that he would be able to successfully forge a Divine weapon.

However, the flow of time in the Forging Space was only 1% of that in the real world, which meant he had a lot of time to waste in the future.

With a lot of time to engage in actual combat, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

As long as he used the Divine Forging Space properly, even a legendary Divine weapon could be forged!

Wu Mo’s eyes were filled with excitement. However, he did not forget that there were two other items in the Beginner Pack. Just the ability of a Divine Forging Space was already so heaven-defying, so would the other Workbench item not be even greater?

As Wu Mo thought of this, the system seemed to read his thoughts and immediately give him an introduction to the Workbench.

[A Divine-grade Forging Workbench can be used unlimited times in the Forging space. It can greatly increase the user’s creativity and attention. It also has an unlimited backtrack function, whereby, after a Divine weapon fails to be forged, you can automatically backtrack, and it will provide the steps and locations of the mistakes during the forging process.]


Wu Mo sucked in a breath of cold air. He searched through all of his brand-new memories, but he still could not find any Divine weapons with the function that the system had just introduced.

The function of the Divine-grade Forging Workbench was even more powerful than the legendary Divine weapons!

If the unlimited backtracking function alone were to be leaked out, most of the blacksmiths in the world would go crazy and use all means to snatch the Forging Workbench.

Up until now, all the blacksmith training academies in the world had trained their blacksmiths bit by bit through actual combat. Every failure in forging was a valuable experience.

If one wanted to quickly improve their forging abilities, they would need an endless supply of materials to practice with.

The materials needed to forge a Divine weapon could easily cost tens of thousands of yuan. Only prestigious families or even aristocratic families had the financial resources for it. Blacksmiths from ordinary families could only observe and explore it a little.

Unless one had extraordinary talent, their strength would not be able to compare to those from prestigious families.

However, the practical problems that troubled countless blacksmiths faced could be perfectly resolved by endless backtracking.

Moreover, this endless backtracking could also detect the wrong operation and parts during the forging process. It would allow blacksmiths to understand their mistakes in an extremely short period of time and correct them in a timely manner.

When Wu Mo heard about the function of the Divine-grade Forging Workbench, he immediately felt as if his blood was about to boil. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Even though he had just transmigrated, he understood this workbench’s strength based on his memory alone. The excitement in his heart could not be expressed with words.

The special Forging Space coupled with the Workbench that allowed infinite backtracks were enough for Wu Mo to raise his forging strength greatly in a short period of time!

Completing his final-year project within a month was something that Wu Mo did not even dare to think about half an hour ago. However, now that he had two Divine-grade equipment, it was no longer a difficult task for him!

Instead, he found it extremely simple!

“Hu... Hu.”

Wu Mo sat on the couch and took two deep breaths, forcing himself to calm down.

Then, he continued to focus his attention on the third reward in the Beginner Pack.

Just as Wu Mo had expected, after a thought appeared in his mind, a detailed introduction of the blueprint followed.

[The Divine Weapon Forging Blueprint is a one-time consumable. After selecting the weapon type, you will receive a random Divine Weapon Forging Blueprint.]

“It’s for a Divine weapon!”

Even though Wu Mo knew that the system’s products were extraordinary, he was still shocked when he learned that the blueprint could produce a Divine weapon.

On the blue planet, a rare Divine weapon could easily be auctioned for more than a few hundred thousand yuan. It was enough for an ordinary family to live without food or water for a few years.

A Divine weapon design blueprint would probably be priceless. It was a peerless treasure that even the Divine Arms Academy did not have.

“But I probably won’t be able to use this right now.” Wu Mo quickly reacted.

Although Divine weapon design blueprints were extremely valuable, the materials needed were also so expensive that a normal city could not afford them.

Right now, not only was he penniless, but he was also ¥2,000,000 in debt. Even if he had the skills, he would not be able to forge the weapon.

Wu Mo was sitting on the couch, looking at the translucent panel in front of him and muttering to himself.

[Do not worry, host. All the materials needed to forge a Divine weapon can be exchanged with points in the system’s store. The points needed for the exchange can be obtained by influencing the outside world. The greater the influence of the Divine weapon that the host forges on the outside world, the greater the points he obtains.]

After hearing the system’s explanation, Wu Mo was suddenly enlightened. Based on his current intelligence, as long as he made good use of the Forging Space and Workbench, he could completely forge a Divine weapon that far exceeded his current ability. When the time came, he could find a place to sell it and easily pay off the ¥2,000,000 he owed.

As for the final-year project that troubled his predecessor, it was not difficult in his eyes.

Thinking of this, Wu Mo immediately relaxed. With the system, everything would definitely develop in a good direction. In a short while, he would be able to return to being a Four-star blacksmith. He might even be able to help his predecessor fulfill his long-cherished wish!

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