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Chapter 12: Better Plan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mr. Jia, the Light Feather Backpack has passed the appraisal. What do you think about it?”

Jia Wei pondered for a moment before he raised his head and said, “I heard that there’s another Forgemaster who has accepted this design order, right?”

The receptionist immediately opened the information book in her hand and explained, “Yes, Mr. Jia. Yesterday, a Four-star Blacksmith accepted your design order. His name is Wu Mo, and he’s also a student of the Divine Arms Academy.”

As soon as the receptionist said that, many customers who were about to leave immediately turned around and walked back in. They usually did not see Rare-grade equipment more than once a month. Once there was an opportunity, they naturally did not want to miss it.

“There are more blacksmiths. It seems that the reward for this mission is huge. It actually attracted several Four-star blacksmiths to fight over it!”

“Nonsense. The cost of such a challenging custom-made order is at least ¥100,000. The cost for those that require additional effects will only be higher.”

“However, I think that a backpack that can hold half a carriage’s worth of goods is already impressive enough. Even if another blacksmith comes, it will be very difficult to top that!”

The surrounding spectators were all energized. Although they were not incredibly familiar with the field of forging, most of them were eager to become blacksmiths. They would often discuss it for hours without getting tired.

As for Jing Yuan and Han Cheng, when they heard that another blacksmith had accepted the mission, they appeared slightly shocked.

One should know that when more blacksmiths accepted the same custom order, the probability of success would become lower. They could not think of anyone in the Divine Arms Academy who, after learning that two blacksmiths had accepted the mission, would actually dare to accept it too. That was how confident they were in their own abilities!

But when they heard the name “Wu Mo,” the shocked expression on their faces became strange.

If it were another blacksmith, they might not be familiar with him. But Wu Mo’s reputation in the academy was not inferior to the top ten prodigies.

Most of the students in the academy had more or less heard of Wu Mo’s name.

The other party had become a Four-star blacksmith just two years after entering the academy. Back then, he was even more dazzling than many descendants of aristocratic families.

However, if that had merely been the case, Wu Mo’s reputation would definitely not have reached the stage where everyone knew about him. Wu Mo became well-known because he had only obtained an excellent score of seven points in his combat test!

He had become infamous in a single battle, turning into a laughingstock in everyone’s eyes. Many students had placed him at the center of their discussions.

As for his flashy operation of borrowing money to go home and forge a Divine weapon, that was something they would also discuss later.

However, it made Wu Mo completely notorious in the Divine Arms Academy. Other classes knew of Wu Mo’s name too.

Unfortunately, his reputation was a negative one.

Jing Yuan did not think that the final blacksmith would actually be Wu Mo. He did not want to waste his time on such a person, so he directly said, “If the final blacksmith on the list is Wu Mo, I don’t think everyone needs to wait any longer.”

“Wu Mo’s ‘Four-star blacksmith’ title is simply a name without substance. With his current strength that isn’t even at one star, I’m afraid that he can’t forge Rare-grade equipment!”

Jing Yuan’s words shocked many people around him.

Han Cheng, who had been feeling a little ashamed, stepped forward and added, “That’s not all. The guy called ‘Wu Mo’ hasn’t attended class for several months. I’m afraid he won’t be able to graduate.”

“I think that guy is taking advantage of you because you don’t know his character. He came to Treasure Pavilion just to get materials. I’m afraid you don’t know that he’s several million yuan in debt. A person like that isn’t reliable. I don’t think that guy will come this time.”

Han Cheng spared no effort to say all those things. The embarrassment on his face was replaced by a mocking smile.

Although his skills were slightly weaker than Jing Yuan’s, compared to that guy named ‘Wu Mo,’ he was much better.

Since he could not get the design order this time, he might as well do Jing Yuan a favor and allow him to complete the transaction faster.

After he spoke, the surrounding onlookers became extremely disappointed.

They had planned to see another Rare-grade equipment, but when they heard that the blacksmith was such a scumbag, they left without looking back.

Only seven or eight people gathered together, lamenting that people’s hearts were not what they used to be. There were liars even among the blacksmiths.

Jing Yuan glanced at Han Cheng in courtyard, feeling quite satisfied.

“Mr. Jia, this matter is not up to me alone. Wu Mo’s reputation has been tarnished for a long time. It’ll just be a waste of time if you wait.”

The receptionist at the side was suddenly in a difficult position. She was about to ask Jia Wei for his opinion again when Jia Wei opened his mouth.

“Hehe... As businessmen, we value credibility the most. Although you’ve raised a very reasonable argument, because the other party has already accepted the assignment, we still have to fulfill the contract. Since time isn’t up yet, let’s wait a little longer.

“I don’t need to be suspicious. I still understand the principle of utilizing people without suspicion,” Jia Wei stroked his beard and said with a smile.

He was indeed satisfied to be able to obtain the Light Feather Backpack, but as a businessman, he definitely could not break the contract so easily. Hence, he still insisted on waiting for the last blacksmith.

Hearing the other party’s words, Jing Yuan’s face immediately stiffened.

‘Old fool, the rules are dead, but people are alive. You clearly know that he won’t be here, yet you insist on wasting your time. You’re too stubborn!’

Jing Yuan grumbled in his heart, but on the surface, he did not make a move.

After all, according to the rules, the transaction had not come to an end. The money was in the other party’s hands, so it was not good for him to shed all pretense of cordiality. He could only stand there and wait.

Han Cheng pursed his lips. He was also a little unhappy with the old man’s words, but with his reputation in mind, he had no choice but to calm down and wait as well.

The receptionist looked at the main entrance from time to time, but after a few minutes, the last blacksmith was still nowhere in sight. The deadline for the delivery of the design order was almost up.

The few people who were watching the show outside could not stand it any longer, and they were ready to leave.

“Sigh, let’s go. I think it’s just as the two master blacksmiths said. That person called ‘Wu Mo’ won’t be coming at all.”

“I have no respect for such a person. Isn’t he wasting everyone’s time? He’s truly a piece of trash among the blacksmiths.”

“Don’t leave. I still want to see how much that backpack’s going to be sold for. If it’s affordable, I want to place an order and give it a try too.”

“D*mn! A design order like that would cost at least ¥100,000. You can try it if you want. May I ask who you are?!”

The people around began to talk amongst themselves, and the two blacksmiths became increasingly impatient.

“There are still two minutes left. Let’s see if I’m right. That guy won’t come.”

Han Cheng put the Wind Spirit Belt into his backpack and sneered.

Jing Yuan narrowed his eyes and yawned. Then, he spoke in an indifferent tone. “Looks like we can end this transaction and make plans now, right?”

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