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Chapter 10: Hundred Refinements to Steel!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Wu Mo opened his eyes again, and there was only a shining workbench in front of him. He placed the materials aside and spread the casting paper in front of him.

The casting paper provided by Treasure Pavilion was obviously better than the one he had used before. The texture was much thicker, and there was also a hint of coolness coming from the casting pen. It all made Wu Mo a little uncomfortable.

“Let’s begin...”

After unscrewing the ink’s cover, Wu Mo immediately went to work.

Quite a lot of knowledge was required for an Interspatial Ring. Although it was less difficult than Mjolnir, with the inlaying of gemstones and the construction of a spatial array, it was still an enigma to Wu Mo, who did not have a blueprint.

Nevertheless, because he had a very solid foundation in forging, Wu Mo quickly finished the first stroke. Then, he entered a state of full concentration.

Casting was the only thing in his eyes.

However, that state did not last long. He soon came across his first failure.

[Ding... Backtrack successful. The previous failure was due to a problem with the host’s outline. Please continue to work hard.]

A hint of confusion flashed across Wu Mo’s eyes. However, he quickly recovered and continued to draw, gathering all the knowledge and abilities in his mind into the ink on the tip of his pen.

He did not know how many failures he would experience on the road ahead, but what he could do was take every step possible so that he would not feel the slightest bit of regret each time he drew. Even if he failed, it would not matter.

The continuous retracing allowed him to become more familiar with the Interspatial Ring’s structure, and he slowly appeared more confident. His every move was steady and calm, without the slightest hint of uncertainty.

He was not inexperienced in casting at all. He was like an old artisan who had gone through many hardships!

There was no concept of time in the Forging Space. After he repeated the process for an unknown amount of time, the casting paper in front of him finally erupted with dazzling brilliance. The Interspatial Ring outlined on the paper also seemed to have some kind of enchantment, turning into a flowing light.

“Did it work?”

Wu Mo smiled slightly. Joy spread in his heart, but he did not stop working because of it.

Putting aside the pen and ink that could still be used, Wu Mo took the casting paper and went up to the furnace on the workbench’s right.

The calm expression on Wu Mo’s face remained as he looked at the rising flames in the furnace. He did not hesitate to throw the materials into the furnace. Then, he gently pulled the bellows, allowing the high temperature to swallow the materials instantly.

The mithril turned into a pool of liquid, and the energy in the Origin Stone was successfully extracted. Wu Mo controlled the two streams of energy so that they could slowly fuse. However, the moment the silver liquid came into contact with the Origin Stone’s energy, a small explosion occurred inside the furnace. The materials within turned into a pile of black ash, which was automatically expelled from the furnace.

Wu Mo did not waste a second and immediately backtracked. At the same time, he understood the error that the system pointed out and immediately began his next casting attempt.


Time flew by quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was the next morning.

There was still half an hour left until the design order deadline.

In Treasure Pavilion’s backyard garden, a middle-aged man wearing a purple suit walked in with two white horses.

The middle-aged man was the person in charge of Guangli Trading Company, Jia Wei. He was the one who had delivered the design order to Treasure Pavilion.

The receptionist immediately brought two Four-star blacksmiths over. They had been waiting for a moment, and they were prepared to deliver his order according to the procedures.

Aside from Jia Wei, the investor, and the two Four-star blacksmiths, there were also two old men who were responsible for being guarantors.

Based on Treasure Pavilion’s rules, once the two blacksmiths delivered the goods for inspection and the investor confirmed it, no matter what happened in the future, Treasure Pavilion could not be held accountable.

In addition to stamping on the order, the two guarantors also needed to appraise the equipment to prevent both sides from raising any objections and taking advantage of loopholes.

“I’m going to West Moon City in two hours. I wonder if the various blacksmiths of Treasure Pavilion will be able to surprise me this time,” Jia Wei glanced at the two carriages of goods behind him and spoke with a smile.

The two old men with gray hair sat under the sun and waited silently.

The receptionist promptly said, “Since time is almost up, how about we let these two blacksmiths bring out their products for Mr. Jia?”

Hearing the receptionist’s suggestion, the two Four-star blacksmiths immediately nodded in agreement. They were both geniuses of the Divine Arms Academy, and time was precious. It would be better if they could save some time and attend class.

Jia Wei also nodded in agreement right away. He had not been able to sleep well for the past two days. He had been thinking about what kind of equipment he could buy, and his heart had constantly been uneasy. Now that he could see the equipment in advance, he was not going to refuse.

“In that case, I’ll start first...”

The two blacksmiths looked at each other, and the blacksmith with slightly curly hair stepped forth and immediately took out the equipment he had forged.

Then, he proudly introduced the equipment to the people around him. “I have developed a piece of Rare-grade equipment, the Wind Spirit Belt. Please have a look at it!”

The two old men with gray hair carefully took the dark gray belt. The moment they touched it, they felt a gust of wind sweep across their bodies, and their entire being became light.

“The Wind Spirit Belt I’ve forged is enchanted with an Intermediate Wind Magic Array. It can reduce the wearer’s weight and greatly increase their walking speed.”

“Boss, you just need to use it for a short moment to feel its effects! If an equipment of this level were to be put on auction, the price would be at least ¥500,000. Furthermore, there are very few equipment with the same effect on the market. Even if it was kept, it would definitely not be bad.”

The blacksmith with curly hair was a Class 2 student of the Divine Arms Academy. His name was Han Cheng. He had been promoted to a Four-star blacksmith half a year ago and had quite a reputation in the academy.

At this moment, the two old men who had vouched for him examined the belt and discovered that the energy emitted by the belt had indeed reached a rare standard. They immediately handed it over to Jia Wei.

The two old men looked at the blacksmith with admiration. For the other party to be able to forge such a piece of equipment with such constant energy before he was even 20... That was enough to show that the standard of his forging was definitely not low.

After Jia Wei obtained the belt, he put it on and used it. He immediately felt like he was being enveloped by the wind. His weight was supposed to be around 80 kilograms, but now, he felt as if his entire body was floating. He estimated that he did not even weigh 50 kilograms.

“The effects of this Wind Spirit Belt is truly not bad. I really didn’t expect this item to come from your hands. You’re a genius, young man,” Jia Wei stroked his beard and said with a smile.

Han Cheng enjoyed the admiring looks of the people around him, but he appeared humble on the surface.

“No, I still have a lot to learn in the field of forging. As long as the equipment is satisfactory to you, it will be fine.”

Jia Wei nodded. He really admired such a capable and down-to-earth young man.

However, the deal was not over yet. He immediately turned his attention to the other blacksmith.

Even though the Wind Spirit Belt’s effects were undeniably good, something still seemed to be missing...

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