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Chapter 7: For His Sake?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Qin Shu was stunned.


She certainly did not think it was disgusting when she kissed him.

She suddenly recalled that one incident from her past life when Fu Tingyu was being domineering and bossy.

In a fit of anger, she must have told him something like that...

“In that case, you should brace yourself for the rest of your life.” The coldness of Fu Tingyu’s voice could penetrate her bones. He spoke right into her ear, his dark eyes deep and brimming with a bloodthirsty possessiveness.

Qin Shu spun around, looked up at the man before her, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed him.

Fu Tingyu’s back stiffened but he continued to stare at her coldly.

Qin Shu replied gently, “I don’t feel disgusted, really.”

It was true. She did not feel disgusted at all. Instead, it felt pretty good to kiss him.

Fu Tingyu’s eyes were calm and steady as he watched her quietly.

Observing the man’s silence, Qin Shu could not help but grow slightly anxious. “My meeting with Shen Yaohui was not planned. I just happened to run into him in the pet shops district.”

Fu Tingyu clasped her chin with his slender fingers, lifting it. He was emitting a dangerous aura as he questioned her, “Do you believe your own words?”

Qin Shu was taken aback.

Fu Tingyu reached out and tugged at his tie impatiently.

Qin Shu stood there without moving, watching him refuse to trust her words. Her expression appeared very calm, but mentally, she was flustered and very afraid.

That one incident from the past had left a shadow in her heart.

With the experience from her previous life, Qin Shu understood that the man standing before her was presently shrouded in burning rage. Trying to explain herself would only make matters worse.

Right when Qin Shu became lost in thought, the man’s breath fanned across her. His deep, dark eyes were brimming with fury, and his lips were curled mockingly. “Babe, are you willing to do just about anything for his sake?”

Qin Shu wanted to deny that, but she did not get to vocalize her words.

The door was suddenly pushed open, a young boy’s voice ringing out in an untimely manner. “Tingyu, Mr. Gu...”

The voice drew to an abrupt halt.

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