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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 5: Secretly Photographed

Chapter 5: Secretly Photographed

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

This street was filled with pet shops. Every single shop sold pets—both common and rare breeds could be found here.

Qin Shu would go inside every shop she passed by to take a look.

She came outside today because she wanted to get a pet, one that she felt she had an affinity for.

When Qin Shu emerged from one of the pet shops, she caught sight of Shen Yaohui who had suddenly appeared, leaving her stunned.

Since this incident had not happened in her previous life, Shen Yaohui’s appearance caught her off guard before she calmed down very quickly.

If one had to describe Shen Yaohui’s appearance, they would say that he was vibrant and dashing.

There was always a warm and polite smile hanging on his face. Nobody had ever seen him lose his temper, and he was especially good at coaxing people—he was able to cheer them up with just one sentence.

Most women could not resist such a gentle and affectionate man.

Qin Shu had been bewildered by his hypocritical appearance, but the feelings she had for him were merely puppy love—they never amounted to true love.

However, Shen Yaohui was in fact a profound and scheming man. He was someone who would resort to unscrupulous means for his goals.

He deceived her with his sweet speech and honeyed words again and again, all because he wanted to obtain the equity shares she owned from her father’s company.

Afterward, when Fu Tingyu entered the picture, she was forced to break up with Shen Yaohui.

Shen Yaohui’s promise to take her away from Fu Tingyu was also merely a superficial statement. He just wanted her as his human shield. He thought that Fu Tingyu would not lay a finger on him since he cared for Qin Shu.

“Shu, you’ve lost weight again. Don’t worry, I’ll take you away from this place. I’ll take you to a place where Fu Tingyu can never find you.” Shen Yaohui’s eyes were brimming with affection. He reached out to take her hand, but Qin Shu avoided his gesture and backed off.

She mentally snickered. “A place where Fu Tingyu could never find me? Would that be in Hell?” she thought to herself angrily.

The sight of Shen Yaohui’s affectionate and heartbroken gaze disgusted her.

“I’m doing very well now, why would I want to leave? I’m a married woman now, so it’s best if you stay away from me. You have no right to take me away from here,” she said sternly.

“Shu, what are you talking about? Fu Tingyu forced you into this, but don’t be afraid of him. I’ll be able to take you away from there really soon, please believe me.” Shen Yaohui’s gaze was filled with tenderness. If not for her experience, Qin Shu would have fallen for his act.

“He did not force me into anything. This is of my own accord.” Qin Shu’s response stunned Shen Yaohui. He stared at her in disbelief, thinking about how she had never allowed him to touch her even though they had dated for such a long time.

Moreover, she hated Fu Tingyu so much. How could she possibly be doing this willingly?

“Shu, did he threaten you?” Shen Yaohui reached out again as he said those words, wanting to hold her hand.

Qin Ya, who was standing not too far away with her phone, took advantage of this situation by snapping a few photos.

Due to the angle of the photos, the situation looked like that of a reunion between the two. It was captured exactly at the moment Shen Yaohui reached out to take her hand.

She had Fu Tingyu’s contact on WeChat as Qin Shu was afraid of him, but he wanted to know whatever was going on with her. Hence, when Qin Ya asked for Fu Tingyu’s WeChat contact, he gave it to her. At the same time, he gave her a chance to do exactly this.

A satisfied Qin Ya was just about to send the photos to Fu Tingyu when she halted the process. She knew that simply sending them over just like that would seem too deliberate.

Instead, she uploaded it on her page for her friends to view. However, she changed the settings so that only Fu Tingyu could see her post, and added the following caption:

“When I saw Qin Shu and Shen Yaohui shopping together, I guessed that Tingyu must have decided to let her go...”

After uploading it, Qin Ya kept her phone and glanced up Qin Shu before she turned around and left. She did not believe that Fu Tingyu would be able to endure what she did this time.


On the top floor of Fu Enterprise, Fu Tingyu was working on a contract when he received a phone call.

The moment he picked up the phone, his younger brother Fu Tingyan’s slightly childish voice was heard saying, “Tingyu, have you checked your WeChat home page? I managed to teach Grandmother how to use it, go check it out.”

“Okay.” Fu Tingyu replied and abruptly hung up before he entered WeChat and saw one new friend request.

After accepting it, he went to his home page.

He had a few friends on WeChat. He tried refreshing the page, but he did not see any new uploads from his grandmother. Instead, he saw a photo of Qin Shu and Shen Yaohui together.

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