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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 30: Those Three Words

Chapter 30: Those Three Words

Since Qin Shu was not at Bright Garden, Fu Tingyu went back home for dinner.

“Tingyu, did you really send Qin Shu away?” Fu Tingyan was under the impression that his older brother must have finally decided to get over Qin Shu. Why else would he be able to bear sending her away?

Fu Tingyu glanced at his little brother and replied coldly, “She is your sister-in-law, remember to use honorifics.”

Fu Tingyan shrank back slightly. He responded in a small, indignant voice, “Do you expect me to call her sister-in-law? Didn’t you send her away?”

The Old Madam’s eyes flashed with surprise when she heard those words. “Is Tingyan speaking the truth? Did you send Qin Shu away?”

“Grandmother, she’s just on vacation,” Fu Tingyu replied.

The Old Madam set down her chopsticks and advised him, “I heard that she tried to elope with her ex-boyfriend. Yu, listen to your grandmother and let her go. You might be able to hold her back physically, but you cannot get her heart. Making her stay by your side will only breed resentment, and she might end up hurting you. Your grandmother is very experienced, I can see everything clearly.”

Fu Tingyu’s eyes darkened. He released the chopsticks in his hand and said solemnly, “Grandmother, I will never let her leave, not in this lifetime. I know that you are worried about me, but I can assure you that she is kind at heart and will never do anything to harm me.”

“There is no knowing what is in a person’s heart. When you hate someone, you are capable of doing anything,” the Old Madam said with a sigh. “I do not wish to interfere in your marriage as well, but Qin Shu’s heart is clearly not with you. I feel frustrated just watching on the sidelines.”

“Grandmother, the two of us are destined to be together in this lifetime. Yet, you’re urging me to get divorced. Do you want your grandson to grow old and die alone?” Fu Tingyu’s dark eyes were fixated steadily and unflinchingly on the old lady.

“You...” The Old Madam sighed. There was nothing she could do about her grandson either.

“Grandmother, I’m heading back.” Fu Tingyu stood up. He pursed his lips and said, “She is my life. If you make her leave, that’s equivalent to asking for my life.” After dropping this declaration, he turned around and left.

The old lady was stunned.

Fu Tingyan waited until Fu Tingyu’s long and slender figure disappeared beyond the door before he had the guts to say, “Grandmother, has my big brother been possessed by the devil? Qin Shu is just like a vixen who has stolen my brother’s soul.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Just have your dinner,” the old lady replied with a sigh even though she agreed with that comparison.

“I’m just speaking the truth, grandmother, don’t be cross with me,” Fu Tingyan said in a small and indignant voice before burying his face in his meal.


In the study room at Bright Garden, Fu Tingyu flipped the phone in his hand back and forth a couple of times, but he still did not receive any new photos from his babe.

Shi Yan stood by the side waiting for Mr. Fu’s signature. However, he had been waiting for the past half an hour to no avail. All Mr. Fu did was flip the phone in his hand repeatedly.

Shi Yan’s gaze landed on the document beneath Mr. Fu’s hands that required signing. His face was filled with worry.


Four hours later, Fu Tingyu emerged from the bathroom after a shower. There was nothing but a bath towel cinched around his waist. His muscles were distinctive, and a strong, masculine aura radiated from his body as water droplets clung to the tips of his half-dried hair.

When he got to his bedside, he subconsciously glanced at his phone and discovered a message notification from his babe. His dark eyes lit up.

“I miss you.” These three words made Fu Tingyu’s heart skip a beat. He continued to stare at those words, reading through them once, twice, thrice...

He removed the towel around his body and headed to the changing room. When he emerged again, he was in a suit.

He took big strides out of the mansion and drove to the beach.

It did not matter whether that message from his babe was genuine or not.

Regardless, it made him want to drop everything he had and go see her as soon as possible because he missed her too, so much that his heart ached relentlessly.


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