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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 26: Smile Only at Me

Chapter 26: Smile Only at Me

How was it possible for the sculpture to be so accurate if he had not worked meticulously on it?

However, Qin Shu did not recall the man ever having measured her height.

“Is this another one of your birthday gifts for me?” Before Qin Shu had enough time to turn around, Fu Tingyu took two steps forward and planted his long and slender body right behind her.

Her back was pressed against his chest and Qin Shu could distinctly feel the man’s strong heartbeat. It gave her an inexplicable sense of calm.

Fu Tingyu’s low and deep voice rang out beside her ear, “Do you like it?”

Qin Shu nodded firmly. Her heart felt like it was filled with honey, it was an extremely sweet sensation. “Yes, I like it very much. Did you carve this personally? It looks really like me.”

Fu Tingyu took her hand and reached toward the sculpture. He guided her fingers and stroked the sculpture’s eyebrows and traced the shapes until they arrived at the eyes.

The eyes of the sculpture were curved in a slight smile.

The surface of the wood sculpture was very smooth and warm to the touch.

Under the guidance of his fingers, Qin Shu caressed the sculpture carved in her image. It was a very strange feeling, but she could genuinely feel Fu Tingyu’s seriousness in the crafting of his work and the extent of his love and affection.

“Babe, sometimes I wish you were like this wood sculpture standing in front of us. You wouldn’t think about leaving or smile at anyone else. All you would do is wait by my side obediently and smile only at me. Look at how sweetly she smiles.” Fu Tingyu’s voice was low, deep, and brimmed with intense adoration. His eyes were filled with paranoia and darkness.

Qin Shu’s heart felt like it was being tightly gripped when she recalled that she had never, not even once, smiled at him in her past life—it hurt so much that she could not breathe.

She gripped Fu Tingyu’s hand tightly and interlocked their fingers as she murmured, “Yu, I will never leave you. I will spend every day of the rest of my life smiling at you.”

Fu Tingyu smiled lightly, but it did not reach his eyes. He replied, “Babe, do you remember what you told me on Valentine’s day?”

Qin Shu was startled. In her mind, she tried to recall what had happened on Valentine’s day. When the memories came back to her, her heart was seized by another wave of pain.

Valentine’s day was also the day that they obtained their marriage certificate.

She was furious that day, which was the only reason why she sent Shen Yaohui a voice message informing him that the marriage certificate was being obtained against her will and she was not doing this voluntarily.

Subsequently, she confessed her love to Shen Yaohui, but Fu Tingyu overheard her message to him.

Fu Tingyu’s face darkened and he spoke slowly, “You said that for the rest of your life, you will only...”

“Enough, let’s not talk about it anymore, okay?” Qin Shu’s face was pressed against Fu Tingyu’s chest as tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes and landed on his black suit before they were absorbed by the material and disappeared.

She did not love Shen Yaohui at all, the only person she loved was Fu Tingyu.

What did she have to do for him to believe her?

Fu Tingyu lowered his eyes and gazed at the tear-stained face of the beauty crying in his arms. The blood in his body was stirred once again, and he was unable to suppress it even if he wanted to. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

He suddenly tightened his arms around Qin Shu and hugged her firmly as though he was afraid she would abruptly leave him. “Babe, don’t try to leave me again. You are mine, and you can only belong to me, Fu Tingyu.”

Qin Shu cried while shaking her head. “I won’t leave you, I won’t do it again.”

Fu Tingyu pinched her chin with his slender fingers and lifted it. He gazed at her tear-stained eyes and at how bright and clear they were, and suddenly leaned over...

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