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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 25: Mr. Fu’s Deep Affection

Chapter 25: Mr. Fu’s Deep Affection

However, this vacation meant that she would have to delay her return to school.

When they arrived at the island, Qin Shu followed Fu Tingyu off the yacht. She stepped onto the island once again and gazed at the familiar wooden house and greenery.

When she first saw the island that was surrounded by the sea in her first life, she was struck with fear.

Now, however, her emotional landscape was completely different. When she looked around the island again, she found it to be beautiful.

It was no wonder that Fu Tingyu was willing to spend a fortune on obtaining it for her birthday, and the additional money on its reorganization.

Qin Shu followed Fu Tingyu all the way to the wooden house.

Processed wood was the selected material that the wooden house was built out of because it was not easily susceptible to the elements and the weather and was very strong. The structure and style of the house were simple but looked good.

Its surroundings were filled with grass and flowers that created a sight that pleased the eyes.

“This place is beautiful, it’s so suitable for a holiday,” Qin Shu said as she tilted her head toward Fu Tingyu. Her eyes curved upward as she smiled. “If we have time in the future, shall we come here for vacation again?”

Fu Tingyu’s eyes were deep and dark. His voice was deep and low and tinged with intense possessiveness. “What if I make you stay here forever?”

Qin Shu reached out to grab Fu Tingyu’s arm, and the smile on her face was unfaltering. “Will you stay here as well? If you do not, wouldn’t it be extremely boring for me to stay here alone? You are so busy with your company affairs. Surely you cannot travel back and forth every day? That would be too exhausting.”

Fu Tingyu was startled and his dark eyes flashed with disbelief and doubt, but there was curiosity in them too. “Babe, are you really willing to stay here with me? Even if it’s for a lifetime?”

Qin Shu nodded forcefully. “Yes, I’m willing to. Home is anywhere with you.”

Fu Tingyu gazed at her deeply as though he wanted to see through her. But after a long time, he found himself unable to confirm the validity of her words.

After a few seconds of silence, Fu Tingyu brought her to the entrance of the wooden house.

As the construction of the wooden house had been completed only recently, there had been several maids in charge of sanitizing the area, which was why the wooden floors inside the house were very clean. 𝚒𝓷𝚗𝚛𝚎𝙖𝐝. 𝒄૦𝓂

Fu Tingyu and Qin Shu removed their shoes and opened the sliding door before they entered the house.

The house was extremely spacious, like that of a courtyard house. There was a stone bridge in the middle as well as a rock garden. Even though the flowers and grass were fake, they looked very realistic.

That was especially so for the peach blossom tree in the middle of the stone bridge. From afar, it looked like it was alive.

It was a paradise isolated from the real world.

From the exterior to the interior of the house, every detail revealed the amount of effort and thought Fu Tingyu put into this project.

Qin Shu lifted her head and gazed at Fu Tingyu and her eyes were filled with delight. “Is this place your gift to me? I’m in love with it,” she said.

Fu Tingyu lowered his eyes and looked at the girl’s smile. It was as beautiful as a flower and he encountered some difficulty in differentiating between reality and imagination, but he was certain that she was smiling at him. “Yeah.”

He took her hand and led her deeper into the house and Qin Shu followed his pace obediently.

Fu Tingyu did not stop until he reached a sliding door. He reached forward with his long arm and slid the door open with his big hand. There was a whoosh as the sliding door was opened, and he led her into the room.

When they entered the room, Qin Shu saw the furnishings within. There was a large wooden sculpture standing in the room.

The wooden sculpture was carved exactly in her image. Every frown and smile was true to life. The similarity rate was minimally at 95 percent.

Even the hair and embroidery on the clothes of the wooden sculpture were exquisitely carved.

When Fu Tingyu carved this wooden sculpture, he had poured all of his love and affection into it. That was the only reason he could have carved something with such a high degree of similarity.

Even a professional artist might not have been able to carve such a perfect sculpture.

When Qin Shu walked up to the sculpture, she discovered that its height was the same as hers.

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