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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 1196 - This Is Love

Chapter 1196: This Is Love

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Bo Ye was dressed in light-colored clothes. Behind her were two huge water wagons that were slowly rotating along with the flow of water.

She held onto the railing with one hand as if she was enjoying the scenery. It was also as if she was enjoying this leisurely time as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery.

If it was in the past, if he suddenly met her, he would not hesitate to go to her. He would run to her at the fastest speed possible and hug her.

He would tell her that he still could not forget her.

But now, he had no reason to get close to her.

He felt that God had blessed him with the chance to see her again.

He watched her from afar, watching her every move. Wherever she went, he would unconsciously follow her from afar.

After following her for nearly an hour, Fu Tingyan would glance at her belly from time to time. Her belly was very big, and it did not seem to be caused by fat, because only her belly was very big.

He suddenly remembered how his mother and Qin Shu looked like when they were pregnant. She had a baby in her belly?

He suddenly felt a surge of hope. Could the baby in her belly be his?

He suddenly remembered how close Bo Yin and Bo Ye looked before he left. Moreover, he also knew one thing. Bo Ye had been adopted by the Bo family since she was young, and Bo Yin had always protected her, so the relationship between the two of them was very good.

He was many times better than him.

Her belly did not look big. If it was his, it should be very big, and she should be about to give birth.

That was why he said it was not.

Hope suddenly turned into disappointment. It was like riding a roller coaster, but in an instant, it was full of ups and downs. It made him feel uncomfortable, but there was nothing he could do.

Seeing Bo Ye walk into a restaurant, he followed her and found the furthest and most remote spot to sit down. With the pillar blocking him, Bo Ye could not see him, but he could see Bo Ye.

He had been watching Bo Ye’s actions. He saw that she was puffing out her stomach. She must have been tired from walking. Moreover, her legs might have become swollen after walking for a long time.

He observed for a long time, but he did not see Bo Yin.

Why didn’t Bo Yin accompany her and leave her alone outside?

When they were eating, he took a few more glances and found that she ate very little, as if she had lost her appetite.

He remembered that when she had a cold and lost her appetite, she liked to eat sour food.

He opened his backpack and took out two green oranges. He called the waiter over and gave her an extra tip. Then, he gave her two green oranges and asked her to think of a reason to send them over.

When the waiter saw such a handsome man take the initiative to talk to her, she was willing to help even if there was no tip.

The waitress took the green orange, peeled it, put it into the plate, and then carried it over.

“Gorgeous, today we are providing free fruit.”

Bo Ye saw the orange and knew that it was sour just by smelling it. She said, “Thank you.”

Her slender fingers picked up the orange and put it into her mouth. The orange was very sour, but she felt better when she ate it.

After eating half of the oranges, she continued eating.

After eating, she picked up the remaining oranges and ate them as she walked.

Fu Tingyan had been watching the whole time. When he saw her walk out of the restaurant, he stood up as well. When he passed by her table just now, there were leftover rice dishes. She ate all the oranges, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up into a beautiful curve.

He followed her at a leisurely pace.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, she walked very slowly, stopping and walking. Sometimes, she would rest and sit still for an hour.

Several times, she looked so tired with her stomach sticking out. There wasn’t even anyone around her. He wanted to walk over and help her up, wanting to hug her tightly in his arms.

Every time he had such an impulse, he would turn his eyes away from her and try his best to restrain himself. He was no longer in his youth and didn’t care about the consequences. He thought that she needed help and needed someone to support her when she was tired, she needed someone to hold her.

At this moment, he was very clear-headed and restrained. It was enough to hurt her once, he could not do it again.

He did not know that she just liked to enjoy the scenery slowly. He didn’t want to ruin her mood by appearing in front of her.

When the sun was setting, Fu Tingyan followed her from afar. He saw her walk into the inn and stood outside. He watched her push the door away and walk into the room. Only then did he realize that she was living next door to him.

It turned out that the fellow countryman that the inn owner mentioned yesterday was her.

It was not fate, it was just a coincidence.

After closing the door, he walked into the inn and went up the stairs. When he passed by her door, he stopped and turned his head to look.

He only took a glance and did not want to knock on the door. He wanted to greet her.

He only took a glance.

He walked to the door of his room, took out the key to open the door, pushed the door open and walked in. Then, he closed the door.

Not long after, the door next door opened. Bo Ye walked out and went to find the inn owner.

“Boss, how far is this place from the hospital? Do you have a reliable taxi driver’s phone number?”

“Yes, the hospital is nearby. This is a taxi driven by my relative. I’ve been driving here for ten years. It’s safe and reliable.”

The inn owner took out a business card and handed it to her. He glanced at her stomach and asked, “You’ve been pregnant for seven months. Why are you traveling alone?”

Bo Ye took the business card and said, “It’s been more than nine months. I plan to give birth here, so I want to find a hospital and a taxi in advance.”

The innkeeper thought that she might have quarreled with her husband and came out alone. He couldn’t help but worry, “Don’t you have any relatives? How can you give birth without anyone by your side?”

“It’s okay. I’ll take care of it. Thank you, Boss.” Bo Ye took the business card and turned to leave.

The boss suggested, “It’s quite boring to go out alone. The tourist next door is from Jiangcheng. You can chat with him to relieve your boredom.”

“Thank you.” Bo Ye thanked him and returned to the door of the room. Before pushing the door open and entering, she glanced at the room next door. She didn’t know who lived there, so she didn’t have anything to say.

She retracted her gaze, walked in, and closed the door.

At night, when they were sleeping.

After taking a shower, Fu Tingyan laid down on the bed in his bathrobe. He looked up at the wall and saw that she was right next door. It felt like they had returned to the time when they were learning martial arts as they were also living next door to each other.

At night, he often found excuses to stay in her room and not come out. He would occupy her bed and take advantage of her from time to time.

Now that he thought about it, he was really young and frivolous, ignorant and fearless.

He took advantage of her bed. He knew that she was unhappy, but he refused to leave.

He knew that she was rejecting him because he wanted to kiss her.

He knew that she did not like him, but he still took advantage of her domineeringly.

Even in the end, after knowing that she was a girl, he knew how important the first time was to a girl.

He was still self-righteous, domineering, to possess, to have her.

Thinking back to all the things in the past, he wished he could slap himself.

That night, he thought about many things in the past, and did not fall asleep until midnight.

The next day, he woke up from a dream.

He had the same dream again.

He sat in bed for a long time before he got out of bed to wash up.

The meals in the lodgings were very sumptuous and well-balanced.

After breakfast, he waited for the door next door to open. After making sure that the other party had left, he opened the door and walked out.

Standing on the third floor, he could see her walk out with her stomach puffed out.

He quickly went downstairs and followed her.

On this day, he followed her to the hospital, to the maternity center, and to the milk powder store.

He did not dare to follow her in, but only watched from the outside.

He guessed that she was going for a pregnancy test to learn about confinement and what kind of milk powder the child should drink.

In the next few days, he followed Bo Ye to many places.

The driver drove Bo Ye everywhere.

He realized that following her quietly like this was like going on a vacation with her. It was not bad.

If he didn’t disturb her, she wouldn’t feel awkward, and she wouldn’t get hurt again.

These few days, he followed Bo Ye and always thought of his big brother and sister-in-law.

At that time, he really didn’t understand why his big brother had to have Qin Shu. For her, he could do anything, talk back to his grandmother, or secretly get the certificate without telling his parents.

He didn’t want Qin Shu to know that he was hurt.

He knew that Qin Shu didn’t like him, but he still trapped her by his side.

It was the same after hearing about his parents’ love. Now that he had experienced it, he understood even more.

In the end, he and his big brother were different.

He couldn’t force her to stay by his side when she didn’t like him and hated him.

He would rather look at the woman sitting happily in the gazebo. He would rather look at her from afar and see her happy.

He picked up the camera. Through the camera, he could see that she was lowering her head and patting her stomach with one hand as if she was talking to the baby. She was even smiling. The baby must have kicked her stomach.

He pressed the shutter a few times to capture those beautiful moments as a memento for himself.

Because he knew that this woman called Bo Ye was someone he would never forget in his life.

When he went back at night, he would import the photos from the camera into the computer so that he could see them more clearly.

He stared at the computer screen. She was smiling as she patted her belly with one hand.

He suddenly thought of his elder brother, who had taken his sister-in-law home when he was eight years old to raise her.

Actually, this idea was quite good.

They had grown up together since young, and their feelings for each other were irreplaceable.

This would probably be the reason why Bo Ye chose Bo Yin.


Fu Tingyan carried the camera on his back again and followed Bo Ye the whole way.

She was going to take a boat today.

Fu Tingyan also boarded a boat and followed her from afar.

She didn’t need to walk, so he wasn’t worried that she would get tired walking.

Every time he saw her walk for an hour, she would sit down to rest, rub her legs, and then go to the public restroom.

No one would carry her bag, and no one would help her when she was tired.

He would scold Bo Yin in his heart for not accompanying her out. It was already very unsafe for a girl to come out, let alone a pregnant woman? The risk factor was even higher.

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted in front, “The boat is broken.”

Then, he saw the passengers rushing to rescue the life buoys.

Everyone was wearing a yellow vest, which had buoyancy.

However, when people panicked, it was easier for them to get into trouble. The boat capsized in an instant.

Fu Tingyan saw it and didn’t care about anything else. He untied the life buoy on the boat, jumped into the water, and swam towards the boat in front.

Bo Ye was pregnant, so it was useless for her to wear a yellow vest. Her body was still sinking, and with the cramps in her feet, she couldn’t even swim if she wanted to.

Fu Tingyan swam quickly and looked at Bo Ye, who was struggling non-stop in the distance. He knew that she knew how to swim, but as soon as she fell, her body sank.

Then it was possible that her legs were cramping.

He used all his strength to swim over. Seeing that she was about to sink, he hurriedly lifted her up and swam to the side of the boat.

As he swam, he shouted, “Bo Ye, are you okay? Wake up!”

Bo Ye choked on a few mouthfuls of water. He did not have any strength left in her body. There was water in her eyes. She seemed to have heard Fu Tingyan’s voice.

Fu Tingyan did not hear what Bo Ye said. He could not help but feel anxious. He could only paddle with all his might.

When they got close to the boat, the people on the boat immediately helped. They carried Bo Ye onto the boat.

After he got onto the boat, he did not even have a chance to catch his breath. He could not wait to carry Bo Ye into his arms. Looking at her pale face, he called out a few times, “Bo Ye, wake up. Do you hear me?”

There was no response, so he placed her on the bench and pressed her lungs. Then, he gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without stopping. His face was filled with worry, fear, and other emotions.

“Bo Ye, wake up!”

Bo Ye spat out a few mouthfuls of water and opened her eyes. She was in a daze, looking at the man in front of her, Fu Tingyu.

The lifeguards had already arrived. After they rescued her, they drove back to the shore.

When they reached the shore, Fu Tingyan couldn’t wait to carry Bo Ye and run out.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll send you to the hospital immediately. You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, and the baby will be fine.”

He said as he ran, as if he was comforting Bo Ye.

Because he knew how painful it was to lose a child.

Although this child wasn’t his, he still hoped that the mother and son would be safe.

There were cars in the scenic area, and special cases needed special treatment.

Fu Tingyan carried Bo Ye into the car, and the driver drove straight to the hospital.

The hospital went to the hospital where Bo Ye had her last prenatal checkup.

Fu Tingyan did not stop for even a moment after she was sent to the hospital.

Bo Ye told him about the attending doctor she had made an appointment with, because she was very clear about her physical condition and so on.

When Bo Ye was sent into the operating theater, Fu Tingyan held the doctor’s hand and asked, “Why did she enter the delivery room and not the operating theater?”

“Of course, to give birth. Don’t you see the situation now?” The doctor was anxious.

When Fu Tingyan saw that the doctor was about to leave, he asked again, “But, can the child survive if it’s delivered prematurely?”

The doctor said, “Who said that it’s premature? It’s fine if it’s delivered a few days earlier.”

Fu Tingyan was stunned for a moment. He did not know what was going on for a moment. He suddenly thought of something like an accident and said, “If something really happens, it’s better to save the older one than the younger one. If it’s possible, I hope that the child can be saved.”

“I understand. You’re a father-to-be. You’re quite attentive. Don’t worry. Unless there’s an accident, we’ll save both of them. Don’t worry.”

After the doctor finished speaking, he walked into the operating theater.

When Fu Tingyan heard that “Father-to-be”, he was stunned for a long, long time.

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