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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 8: Beat Her to Death!

Chapter 8: Beat Her to Death!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chu Yuhan did not expect the two roommates to come in and hear the conversation.

Now even if she wanted to explain, it was already too late.

Seeing their shocked gazes, Chu Yuhan glared at Jian Qi and left, slamming the door after her!

The two roommates looked at each other and made their way over to Jian Qi gingerly.

“Qiqi, are you alright?”

Jian Qi shook her head and smiled. “I’m alright, no worries.”

The two roommates seemed like they had more to say, but since Chu Yuhan was their roommate and because it looked like Jian Qi didn’t want to continue with the conversation, they both returned to their bunks.

Chu Yuhan packed her bags and left that afternoon.

And so only the three of them were left in the four-person room.

Because of all the events that transpired, Chu Yuhan hadn’t been coming to school these few days.

Of course, Jian Qi didn’t bother herself with these problems.

She didn’t even have to move a finger to deal with lackeys like these.

But unexpectedly, Chu Yuhan foolishly called Jian Qi to meet up with her three days after the events at school, saying that she wanted to apologize.

Jian Qi did not bat an eye and blocked her number.

To this, Chu Yuhan continued calling her using different numbers.

If she wanted to ask for forgiveness, this was not the way to do it!

Did she have to be so obvious about her intentions?

The phone rang again and Jian Qi picked it up. “Jian Qi, just give me a chance, have you forgotten about our friendship all these years?”

Jian Qi scoffed, who forgot about it in the first place?

“Where?” Jian Qi didn’t want to be bothered anymore so she cut Chu Yuhan off before she could continue.

Chu Yuhan seemed to be ecstatic as she replied, “I’ll send the address to your phone later. Meet you at seven!”

At seven o’clock, Jian Qi arrived at the address that Chu Yuhan gave her. She looked around her surroundings to see a bar across the road and a private entertainment club to her left.

There were a bunch of gangsters and hoodlums around, making it apparent that this wasn’t your run of the mill district.

Jian Qi checked the time, and it was already five minutes past seven.

Jian Qi was about to call Chu Yuhan before a bunch of men rushed at her with poles in their hands. The one leading them was the middle-aged man that she beat up at the hotel.

His arm was still in a cast.

Jian Qi didn’t want more trouble and so she turned around to leave, only to be met with more people that surrounded her.

“Run, why aren’t you running?” The middle-aged man shouted, “F*ck, how dare you beat me up! I’m going to give you a lesson you won’t forget!”

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. It seemed that she let him off too easy last time, this time she should tear his mouth and thoroughly disable him!

Being fixed with such a cold stare, the man subconsciously shuddered and thought back to how Jian Qi beat him up back at the hotel.

But now with so many people on his side, he’d be damned if he didn’t give this girl a lesson!

“Beat her to death, don’t let her forget!” He commanded loudly.

The group of lackeys immediately waved their poles at her.

Jian Qi was about to fight back and kick them away, before...


The sound of a gunshot rang.

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