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Chapter 5: Rumors

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing her come back, Chu Yuhan made a worried expression and quickly made her way over to Jian Qi.

“Qiqi, did anything happen to you last night?” She asked worriedly, but her voice was louder than usual.

And so, people immediately started to flood the formerly empty hallway.

Everyone was here to spectate the victim of the tragedy.

Some were genuinely worried and pitied her, while some were there for laughs and wanted to see her get embarrassed...

There were many different gazes, but one thing was for sure. They all thought she had been drugged and raped!

For context, only Chu Yuhan knew about the events that transpired last night, and the news that she had been hospitalized had already been kept down by her manager at the first moment. In conclusion, the rumors could only have come from one source!

She was impressed with Chu Yuhan’s ability to spread rumors!

Without waiting for Jian Qi to reply, Chu Yuhan came closer and held her shoulders, pulling her into a hug and comforting her. “Qiqi, don’t be too sad hm? I know you didn’t want this to happen, no one could have seen it coming!”

After she finished, Jian Qi asked coldly, “What happened?”

Chu Yuhan was stunned, her expression somewhat awkward as she looked confusedly at Jian Qi’s cool expression.

It was completely different than what she had anticipated.

“Qiqi I know you’re sad, but don’t worry I’ll always be by your side. We can act like the thing that happened to you last night was all a bad dream, it’ll get better...”

“What happened to me? I’m standing here just fine, why didn’t I know something happened to me?” Jian Qi asked, her expression calm and collected like nothing had actually happened.

After all, if anything really had happened this wouldn’t be her response!

But those drugs...

And she saw Jian Qi get knocked out with her own eyes, she could not have escpaed!

So she was only putting on a front right now...

She could not let her slip away just yet!

“Qiqi, you got drunk and were brought away by some people. I felt so bad for not keeping an eye on you, or else that wouldn’t have happened.”

“How did you know I was taken away by someone?” Jian Qi asked calmly, “I went to the bar with you last night, so did you see me get brought away with your own eyes?” Chu Yuhan blinked in surprise, evidently not expecting her to reply like that.

She squeezed a smile and tried to look empathetic and worried.

“I’m sorry Qiqi, I saw you get brought away but I couldn’t catch up so I lost you... I’m so sorry...”

Seeing her pitiful expression, the other girls started murmuring amongst themselves again.

“She was raped, and yet she blames her friend for not watching out for her.”

“I know right? She was the one that got drunk and now she’s blaming someone else...”

Hearing the jeers and murmurs of the crowd, a mocking expression flitted over Chu Yuhan’s face for a split second, but then she continued her facade of standing up for Jian Qi.

“Qiqi this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have brought you to the bar with me and I shouldn’t have let you have that drink... I didn’t think that you would get drunk after only one cup... and even got...”

“I’m curious, who told you all this?” Jian Qi said, her aura like a snake staring down at an ugly toad, stunning Chu Yuhan once again.

Before Chu Yuhan could say anything, Jian Qi continued, “I got drunk from only one fruit cocktail? Chu Yuhan, make up better lies next time.”

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