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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 2: What A Shameless Woman!

Chapter 2: What A Shameless Woman!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The girl huffed, not even bothering to hide the disdain in her gaze.

With a slight quirk of the edge of her mouth, she smirked evilly with a dangerous glint in her eye before lifting her leg and ruthlessly stomping on the man’s crotch.


As his screams of pain rang through the hallways, the girl closed the door and quickly made her way to the elevator.

The middle-aged man held his hands over his crotch as he broke out a cold sweat from the pain, that stomp almost broke his treasure!

He somehow managed to reach for his phone and called a number, commanding the person who picked up. “Catch that b*tch!”

As the girl stumbled out of the elevator, she saw some men enter the hotel hastily. Looking at their malicious expressions, it was apparent that they were out to get her.

If it were before she was transmigrated, she definitely wouldn’t even bat an eye at these grunts.

But this body that she was occupying now was too weak, and she was drugged too. She couldn’t afford to deal with them lest she dies again!

The girl flipped her long hair and quickly made her way towards a woman who was checking in at the reception counter and deftly took the hat that the woman had left on the counter.

Her movements were so fast it was hard to even see how she did it.

Wearing the hat, she gracefully stepped toward the exit.

The woman had just finished her business reached for her hat, before letting out a gasp when she couldn’t find it. “Where’s my hat? Did anyone take my hat?”

The men who were already at the elevator reacted and locked onto the girl who had already made her way out of the hotel. “Quick, don’t let her slip away!”

Seeing the men follow her, she hastened her steps before seeing a man open the door and enter his car on the opposite side of the road.

She quickly ran over to the car and opened the rear door, entering it promptly.

Hearing something coming from behind him, the man turned his head towards the back only to realize a knife had been propped onto his neck. “Drive, take me to the nearest hospital!”

His pupils that were hidden by the darkness glinted coldly.

“Get off, or else I won’t hold back!” The man commanded, his voice cold but unexpectedly pleasant to the ear.

And his tone was extremely unfriendly!

The girl increased the pressure of the knife on his neck as she felt the effects of the drugs becoming stronger and consuming her rationality. If she didn’t get to the hospital soon, she couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t rape the man right there!


Jian Qi commanded as droplets of blood started dripping from the knife wound.

The man smirked and raised his hand to grab her wrist, releasing the knife from her grasp with a twist and somehow managing to turn around and pin Jian Qi’s neck with an arm while the other held the knife on her neck!

Jian Qi didn’t expect that the man she randomly chose was such a vicious character. After all, the movements that the man just did were clean and fluid with no hint of hesitation, not something that could be done by a normal man!

He was strong!

With this weak and frail body she currently had, she couldn’t possibly win!

But she had pride as a special agent, and she wouldn’t throw that away by losing here!

“Let’s take a gamble, will your knife be quicker, or my gun?”

The girl smiled seductively, her beautiful features augmented by her aura.

Even though it was the dark of night and neither of them could see the other’s faces, but they could feel the distinct cold atmosphere of having met their match.

Hearing her words, the man narrowed his eyes dangerously.

This woman stole the gun that he had on him while he stole her knife!

And at this moment, he could feel the distinct feeling of the gun pressing against a special area on his lower body...

What a shameless woman!

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