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Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 19: Life is Like a Play: Excellence of Acting is Paramount!

Chapter 19: Life is Like a Play: Excellence of Acting is Paramount!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Coco didn’t mind what she said—his attention attracted by the red and somewhat swollen patch on her head.

“Did you bump into a wall?”

Coco’s brows knit together in worry as he instructed an assistant, “Go get some ice!”

Jian Qi laid on the chair passively as Coco rubbed her head worriedly.

“I suddenly feel like these three months are going to be quite fun!” Jian Qi said teasingly, her eyes flashing with interest.

“What’s going to be fun?” Coco asked in confusion.

“Oh, nothing.”

He retracted his hand and stared at this girl that he didn’t seem to be able to understand anymore.

Thankfully, the assistant got the ice quickly.

As Coco applied the ice onto her forehead gently, he tried to make small talk, “I told you to look through the script yesterday, are you done with that? Please don’t forget your lines and give the director a bad impression from making such a basic mistake...”

“I forgot. Let me see which scene we are shooting today?” Jian Qi interrupted calmly.

Coco’s hand that was holding the ice gripped a little tighter as he gazed at Jian Qi coldly. “Are you kidding with me?”

Not believing her statement, Coco took the script out from her bag.

Flipping it open, it was painfully clear that the script was untouched!

In the past, Jian Qi had always made notes and scribbled all over the script when she studied for it, so it was apparent that she hadn’t even looked at it!

“Baby, are you giving up?”

Jian Qi smiled warmly. “Calm down, I said that it was a parting present, so it would be a surprise instead of a fright, but...”

She thought of the man that joined the crew in disguise.

With his ability and the intensity of the gunfight then, he would definitely be the cream of the crop in the military. What did he want to investigate in this crew?

If there were something wrong with this crew, then this drama would be ruined!

Jian Qi took over the script and scanned it promptly.

This sort of memorization wasn’t even a challenge for Jian Qi. Back when she wanted to apply to join the FBI, she had more than enough practice!

In ten minutes, she scanned the part she had to shoot today four times.

This sort of acting was a breeze for a spy like her that was always out on special missions!

As the saying goes, life is like a play. The excellence of acting was paramount!

The reason a person that lived on the edge of a knife like her could survive was not only through sheer ability but also an affinity of acting and disguising herself!

Just like the man that was not even three meters away from her right now!

He was disguising himself and going undercover too.

Coco was about to remind Jian Qi about some essential points in the upcoming shoot, but he saw her looking over to the other side of the room.

Coco looked over along with her, then furrowed his brow.

He forgot that Acting Emperor Qiao was her idol!

But could this girl not stare so unabashedly? She had an image to keep. After all, she was already a familiar face in the industry. How could she be such a fangirl!

It was apparent that Coco got it wrong. Jian Qi’s gaze was on Acting Emperor Qiao’s assistant that was wearing a cheap denim shirt.

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